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Marie-Maude Denis "dégoûtée" par les pratiques de la SQ

La journaliste était alors soupçonnée, comme cinq autres journalistes et cinq policiers, d'avoir divulgué des informations obtenues au moyen de l'écoute électronique visant l'ex-président de la FTQ, Michel Arsenault, dans le cadre de l'opération Diligence portant sur l'infiltration de l'industrie de la construction par le crime organisé. Read More »

European Union and United Kingdom officials hold 'talks about talks' on Brexit

Meanwhile, talks are continuing between the DUP and Conservatives, to secure the support of the DUP's 10 MPs in steering government business, including crucial measures on Brexit, through the Commons. That's why we're ready to start very quickly. "I can't negotiate with myself", he told the Financial Times . France's Macron said the EU's door was still open for Britain as long as the negotiations were not finished, but that it would be hard to reverse course. Read More »

Karnataka Legislative Council chairman faces no-trust motion today


Kondaiah as well as Pratap Chandra Shetty are in the race along with V.S. Ugrappa and Motamma who aspire to become council chairperson. A no-confidence motion has been moved by the ruling Congress party. In the history of the Legislative Council of the Karnataka Assembly, which was established in 1907, there has never been a situation where a no-trust vote had to be moved against the Council chairman. Read More »

Tillerson faces strong pushback on diplomatic budget cuts

Lindsey Graham (R) introduced the Taylor Force Act, which would cut U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority if it continues to provide monetary support to the families of those who commit acts of terror against Israelis and others. "They are not going to be stopped". The measure sets up a process for Congress to review changes in sanctions, puts into law actions previously established via presidential executive order, imposes new sanctions on Russians found guilty of human rights ... Read More »

Singapore ranks 7th in global innovation index


Malta has retained the 26th position in The Global Innovation Index ( GII ) 2017 obtaining a score of 50.6 out of 100. It is the seventh consecutive year that Switzerland leads the rankings, Francis Gurry, director general of WIPO , told the briefing, adding that this is "quite an outstanding performance". Read More »

Minecraft is getting a graphics upgrade

Mojang announced during Microsoft's E3 conference that almost all versions of Minecraft are now cross-platform. All in all, it looks like Microsoft is continuing to do a good job with Minecraft . "This means when you buy Minecraft , you're buying a game that can you can play with friends across devices". The only exception to Minecraft is the Minecraft : Java Edition, which is the original game which was brought out for PCs. Read More »

'Sickened by despicable act': Sanders condemns supporter's shooting of GOP congressman

President, for being an [expletive] you are Truly the Biggest [expletive] We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office ". A neighbor told a Washington Post contributor that Hodgkinson hadn't lived at the house for "quite a while". Before Robert Lewis Dear allegedly killed three people after opening fire on a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic, he'd faced domestic violence accusations by two of his ex-wives. Read More »

AG Jeff Sessions Called Out by Oregon Senator

And he avoided answering the key question raised by Comey's testimony: What did Sessions learn about the Russian Federation investigation between February 10 and March 2 that made "his continued engagement in a Russia-related investigation problematic?" "Our judgment, as I recall, was that he was very close to and inevitably going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons". Read More »

Illinois Republican: Shooter Contacted Our Office 10 Times in Past Year

A photo in front of the downtown Belleville post office captures him protesting tax policy, criticizing President Ronald Reagan. A Facebook account that appears to belong to Hodgkinson is filled with anti-Republican and anti-Trump posts, as well as expressions of support for former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (the page has since been removed). Read More »

Shooting of gun-rights congressman fires up both sides of debate


Law enforcement officials have identified the suspected gunman in the early Wednesday shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise as James T. Hodgkinson. "Any time we need anything, we go to Steve and he makes it happen", Abraham said. He "was treated and released having sustained a minor injury during the incident", Capitol Police said in a statement . Republican Representative Dave Brat of Virginia told reporters at the Capitol that Congress should consider allowing members to carry guns to protect ... Read More »

UT alum shot at Congressional baseball practice appears on Today Show

The gunman opened fire, injuring five, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise . "He's a patriot. And he's a fighter", Trump said . Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., also responded on social media: "Prayers for Rep. Multiple outlets identify the deceased gunman as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of IL. Hodgkinson's Facebook page is largely political. His picture is a caricature of Bernie Sanders as Uncle Sam and his feed is filled with anti-Trump sentiments. Read More »

Pakistan welcomes Putin's offer to mediate between Islamabad, New Delhi


The Foreign Office has said that Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir are showing complete disrespect to the Holy month of Ramazan, and martyred more than 25 Kashmiris including children and injured over 200 mostly students using pellet guns. Relations between India and Pakistan worsened after several terror attacks including one on an Indian military base in Uri and also on an Indian air force base in Pathankot. Read More »

Judge rejects request for new charge in Ohio police retrial


Tensing, who is white, is charged in the 2015 traffic-stop shooting of an unarmed black motorist, Sam DuBose. Hamilton County Judge Leslie Ghiz (giz) said it's the prosecution's job to include the charges it wants in the indictment. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters told WCPO-TV just before the retrial he thought the judge might add a lesser charge. Edward Lattyak, firearms expert with the Hamilton County coroner's office, shows Sam DuBose's red hat with a bullet hole, during the ... Read More »

Minecraft gets cross-play multiplayer on Switch

As a part of the update, Minecraft is ditching any special brandings associated with Minecraft for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch , mobile games or VR- they'll all just be known as Minecraft . Whenever cross-platform play has come up in the past, Microsoft has insisted that the ball was in Sony's court, and it appears that is true: Speaking with Eurogamer , PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan said Sony's reasoning for holding out was about money. Read More »

President Trump Slams Report of Obstruction of Justice Probe


Until now, it was examining Russia's alleged efforts to tilt last November's presidential election Mr Trump's way and whether the winner's campaign was involved in any way. Under current Justice Department regulations, such a firing would have to be done by Attorney General Jeff Sessions' deputy, Rod Rosenstein , not the president- though those regulations could theoretically be set aside. Read More »

Putin says Russia ready for constructive dialogue with USA

What is then the difference between the Federal Bureau of Investigation director and [Edward] Snowden? "Then he's not a head of an intelligence service, he's a human-rights activist". The fact that Putin is a grandfather was only revealed a few days ago in a new Oliver Stone documentary. When asked if sanctions imposed by the USA had any drastic impact, he said that while they did have some impact, they had the converse positive effect of forcing the country to become a producer and ... Read More »

Chuck Schumer Mocks Trump After Cabinet Meeting

The remarkable display prompted ridicule from top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer , who posted a satirical video of himself meeting with staff. Though many haven't let this unusual occurrence go unnoticed, some dubbing it "the weirdest cabinet meeting ever", by far the best response to the whole cringeworthy fiasco came from New York Senator Chuck Schumer , who shortly thereafter shared a video mocking it. Read More »

Belleville man identified as Alexandria shooter

Scalise was fielding balls on second base when he was shot, Flake said. "I just praise him", Duncan said. He would be there, he promised, and joked: 'If you're not sure which one I am, I'm the one coaching third on crutches'. "He was a sitting duck". Rep. Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican who used his belt as a tourniquet on Scalise, was asked by a reporter at a local ABC station whether the shooting had changed his mind on the guns in the United States. Read More »

North Korea releases jailed USA citizen Otto Warmbier


Warmbier is a University of Virginia student from suburban Cincinnati. Two ambulances met the plane on the runway to transfer Otto to the hospital. The NBA Hall of Fame player arrived in Pyongyang for a four-day visit the same day Warmbier was released. Read More »

Local congressman narrowly avoids shooting at Virginia baseball field

Multiple outlets identify the deceased gunman as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of IL. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is among the wounded and now in surgery. Filous said she saw the shooter hit a uniformed law enforcement officer, who she said was later evacuated by helicopter. "Congressman Scalise is a friend, and a very good friend", Trump said. Read More »

SC congressman believes he saw, spoke to Alexandria shooter

House Majority Whip wounded in shooting in suburban D.C. "The baseball thing is kind of a fluke. I had no idea the guy would be violent or anything", DeSantis said in an interview with The Palm Beach Post. The lawmaker - the only SC member of the team and who left practice early - described in detail how he interacted with the suspect who later died from his wounds after launching a massive display of gunfire. Read More »

Putin: Russia has climbed out of recession

Putin has already participated in 14 programs - ten times as president and four times as prime minister. He was re-elected in 2012. Putin said Russian Federation is ready to offer Comey political asylum if he's prosecuted, adding that in leaking details of the talks, Comey was acting as "a human-rights activist" like Snowden. Read More »

President Trump's maybe-nonexistent White House tapes, explained

The issues related to so called secret tapes came up in days after U.S. President Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey . Still, its not a definitive answer: While the Secret Service has handled such recordings for other presidents, including Richard Nixon, it's possible another agency is now doing that. Read More »