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Apple launches ARkit development platform at WWDC 2017


The best features of the forthcoming iOS 11 , a 10.5 inch iPad Pro and enhanced MacBook and iMac computers. Apple says it's giving more emphasis to sound quality, not just smarts. One thing to note is that these features may come with iterative updates or be limited to later hardware . So if your favourite app stops working when iOS 11 is released, you should probably blame the person who built it, rather than Apple . Lire la suite »

Scotland will be independent by 2025, says Sturgeon


They've lied to people - this is a straight fight between Labour and the SNP and anyone who says it's not doesn't know anything about this constituency. This was a shambolic performance from a clueless Prime Minister. Ms Sturgeon said she expects to be "judged" on her education pledge at the next Holyrood election, arguing her party was taking action. Lire la suite »

Police official IDs UPS warehouse shooter


Police are now conducting a search of the building, they said. Police said they recovered two firearms from the UPS facility, including the murder weapon, which they described as an "assault pistol". Although the suspect was wearing a UPS uniform, investigators have yet to confirm he was an employee. Residents were warned to avoid the area because of heavy law enforcement activity. Lire la suite »

Fuite de documents dans Libération: le ministère retire sa plainte pour "recel"


La semaine dernière, " deux ministres ont envoyé des signaux extrêmement préoccupants quant à la manière dont ils conçoivent l'indépendance des médias et la protection des sources, ou plutôt leurs limites", soulignent les SDJ. "Il est inacceptable que des journalistes puissent, en démocratie, être considérés comme pénalement suspects de n'avoir fait qu'une chose: leur métier", a ainsi déploré Reporters sans frontières (RSF). Lire la suite »

Face à un braqueur, cette caissière ne se démonte pas


Elle est même allée plus loin en lui demandant s'il n'était pas derrière un braquage commis ici même quelques jours plus tôt. Cathy Stafford: " Je ne sais pas ce qui m'a pris . Interviewé par les médias locaux, Cathy Stafford a reconnu qu'elle ignorait ce qui lui avait pris de tenir tête au braqueur. " Je crois que je fais des choses que je ne devrais pas et je dis tout ce qui me passe par la tête ", explique-t-elle hilare à la chaîne WKBN . Lire la suite »

United States lawmaker, others in hospital after shooting at baseball practice

Scalise was one of five people shot by James Hodgkinson early Wednesday. While authorities haven't yet a motive, Hodgkinson, who has a history of criminal violence, had volunteered for U.S. Hodgkinson, a home inspector from IL, had several minor run-ins with the law in recent years and belonged to a Facebook group called Terminate the Republican Party . Lire la suite »

Ivanka Trump Calls for National Unity After Virginia Shooting

Capitol Police , first responders, and colleagues". According to President Donald Trump , Hodgkinson died hours late from injuries sustained when Scalise's security team returned fire. "I see a rifle, then I see a little bit of a body and then I hear another "blam" and then I realized that there's an active shooter", U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, told CNN Wednesday morning. Lire la suite »

Trump makes surprise visit to hospital where Scalise is being treated


Incidents at the Capitol are more common, even though the ornate tourist attraction is ringed with heavily armed Capitol Police and metal detectors at every entrance. "We are united in our anguish". "We continue to be in disbelief that he would be part of this heinous attack", the family wrote . We are with her and with the entire Scalise family. Lire la suite »

Suspect In Shooting Of GOP Congressmen Identified As James Hodgkinson


Mr Trump was the one to reveal that Hodgkinson had died from his injuries in the "very, very brutal assault". An infrequently updated Twitter account identifies him as a home inspector. "If a person has an annual income of more than $10 million, he should be proud to be an American and proud to live in a country that would allow this kind of income, and proud to pay his fair share of taxes". Lire la suite »

Basketball diplomacy in North Korea as U.S. student is released

Otto Warmbier was sentenced to hard labour for attempting to steal a propaganda sign while on a visit. The Warmbier family said North Korean officials told the US envoys that soon after his trial in March 2016, their son reportedly became sick with botulism, an illness caused by a toxin, and fell into a coma after being given a sleeping pill, according to the Post. Lire la suite »

Trump visits hospital treating wounded lawmaker

Scalise dragged himself off the infield leaving a trail of blood as colleagues rushed to his assistance. His social media presence indicated he was strongly opposed to Republicans , including US President Donald Trump . Scalise was shot in the hip while fielding balls near second base. While some members of Congress are granted off-site security detail, the extent to which Capitol Police are present at events outside Capitol grounds is not clear. Lire la suite »

Sessions cites Department of Justice regulation in recusal from Russian Federation probe

But the parameters of his recusal reemerged as an issue of controversy last month after Trump abruptly fired Comey, citing the recommendations of Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein. "It's my judgment that it would be inappropriate for me to answer and reveal private conversations with the president when he has not had a full opportunity to review the questions and to make a decision on whether or not to approve such an answer", Sessions said. Lire la suite »

Details about suspect in congressional baseball practice shootin


Euille worked out at the local YMCA (next to the baseball field that was the site of the attack ) and realized Hodgkinson, who was showering at the Y every morning, was living out of his gym bag. Sanders said the gunman apparently volunteered on his campaign. "He was this union tradesman, pretty stocky, and we stayed up talking politics", Orear told the Post . Lire la suite »

Iran Arrests 41 Suspects Involved in Tehran Attacks


The seven persons were affiliated to terrorist groups, the police added. A senior official, who also asked not to be named, said the attacks would push Iran toward "a harsher regional policy". "We have to accept the fact that terrorists and sponsor countries led by Saudi Arabia have lined up against the Iranian nation". Iran had denounced US President Donald Trump's reaction to the attacks in Tehran as "repugnant" after he claimed that Iran was reaping what it sows. Lire la suite »

Matt Jones' agent asks for his client to be released


But in a 20-17 loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 7, Jones suffered a crucial miscue in the second quarter with a fumble into the end zone. Between injuries and Robert Kelley's rise in performance, Jones would be made inactive for the final nine games of the season. Lire la suite »

The Gunman Who Attacked Republican Members of Congress Has Died


House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise has been shot during a baseball training (file photo). According to both congressional and law enforcement sources, the shooting appears to be a "deliberate attack". "It would have been a massacre without them". Police in Alexandria, Virginia have said they are investigating reports of a shooting involving multiple people at a baseball practice on Wednesday. Lire la suite »

Trump Under Investigation for Possible Obstruction of Justice, Report Says

Trump is not the only one under scrutiny, Barrett said: Investigators are also looking into the finances of Trump associates. Former FBI director James Comey testified last week that soon after he was sacked in mid-May, he asked a friend to share the contents of a memo in which he described a conversation with President Trump that Comey had found troubling. Lire la suite »

USA lawmakers show unity after shooting of colleague


The gunman , a 66-year-old IL man, fired repeatedly at the men playing on a baseball field in suburban Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington , D.C. Members of Congress were practicing for a game that was scheduled for Thursday night at Nationals Park. "In some ways, that's what democracy is all about". Lire la suite »

Sessions Testimony: Senators question Attorney General on Russian contacts


Sessions said allegations that his meetings with Russian officials during the campaign somehow amounted to collusion with Moscow in a bid to undermine the election were an " appalling and detestable lie ". Sessions said he did not mislead Congress because the encounters were part of his job as a USA senator, not as a Trump campaign representative. Of course, the real question is he talked about, he said the president asked me to write a memo about Comey. Lire la suite »

Over 60M PS4 Consoles and 487M Games Sold — Sony

It is the first Uncharted game to not feature Nathan Drake as the headliner. As always let us know what did you think about Sony's E3 press conference and what the future may hold for Sony and the PS4 by commenting in the comments section below. Lire la suite »

Jury deliberations begin in Cosby sexual assault trial

Allred said McMonagle is trying to distract the jury with minor details. She filed a police complaint in January 2005 after moving back home to the Toronto area, and then sued Cosby in March 2005 when the local prosecutor decided not to charge him. Lire la suite »

Multiple People Shot in Del Ray Section of Alexandria


He later died after being shot by Capitol Police. It did not identify the victim. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Ill ., who was gunned down by police to end the shooting at Simpson Field in Alexandria, Va., appears to have maintained two Facebook pages , each replete with profane anti-Trump posts and glowing praise for Sanders. Lire la suite »

Trump calls for unity after GOP baseball shooting

If Scalise had not had Capitol police officers with him, the carnage surely would have been worse, he said. Two lawmakers said Hodgkinson asked "whether it was Republicans or Democrats that were out there", before the shooting. Alexandria police said a suspect in the shooting was in custody. Palazzo is on the Republican baseball team but was not at practice because he was doing a radio interview. Lire la suite »

Polanski rape victim wants case ended

Braun's aim at Friday's hearing is to unseal testimony about the 1977 plea deal and use it as evidence to get European authorities to rescind the global arrest warrant against Polanski. That finding starkly contrasted Geimer's uncontested claims that she was drugged and repeatedly tried to ward off Polanski's advances before he forced her to have anal sex to avoid a pregnancy. Lire la suite »