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Imprisoned Warmbier leaves North Korea, NBA Rodman arrives

He was detained when as tour group prepared to leave North Korea , charged with engaging in allegedly anti-state activity. Otto Warmbier has been medically evacuated after being in a coma for months, according to his family. The statement further claims that Rodman is in the "very rare" position to be both friends with Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, and President Donald Trump . Lire la suite »

Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies collusion with Russian Federation


Tom Cotton's (R-AR) remark that Democrats went "down lots of other rabbit trails" in their lines of questioning as Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee . He did not say he was using executive privilege, but rather adhering to longstanding tradition of Justice Department leaders not revealing private conversations with the president. Lire la suite »

The OnePlus 5 Camera May Sport A Monochrome Sensor


There seems to be nothing new in terms of design as the back of the smartphone was teased by OnePlus itself on Twitter in the last week showing the design partially. It will be unveiled globally on June 20 , and two days later in India on June 22, which means it is just a matter of days before a glimpse of the device is available. Lire la suite »

Emmanuel Macron's party wins big in France, projections suggest


By 5 p.m. local time (1500 GMT), 40.75 percent had cast their ballots, the lowest turnout in the 5th Republic, compared with the same time of day in the first round of 2012, when the figure stood at 48.3 percent. Macron's party are contesting 526 constituencies out of a possible 577. The final, second-round vote takes place next Sunday. The Republicans would become the largest opposition force with 80-100 seats, Elabe projected. Lire la suite »

Key takeaways from Attorney General Sessions' testimony


I need to be correct as best I can. That includes the man who hired the special counsel and would have to do the firing. Each time the attorney general was reminded during Tuesday's hearing that the president had publicly admitted the Rosenstein memo was nothing more than pretext, Sessions bobbed and weaved. Lire la suite »

Jeff Sessions To Testify Before Senate Intelligence Committee

There are lots of questions for Sessions. Sessions is likely to be asked about his conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and whether there were more encounters that should have been made public. But the top justice official agreed to the open hearing after Democrats on the committee pressed for it. Mr Trump had himself attributed his dismissal of Mr Comey to the Russian Federation investigation. Lire la suite »

Russia links a 'detestable lie', says Sessions


Sessions was adamant he never had a third meeting with the Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. If he did have a conversation with the ambassador, it was "certainly nothing improper". "A very simple question that should be asked is did Donald Trump or any of his associates in the campaign collude with Russian Federation in hacking those e-mails and releasing them to the public?" the Arkansas Republican said during Sessions' hearing before the panel. Lire la suite »

Sessions calls accusations of Russian Federation collusion an 'appalling lie'

He says the suggestion he was "aware of any collusion with the Russian government to hurt this country which I have served for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie ". In his testimony on Tuesday, Sessions addressed media reports that he may have had a third previously undisclosed meeting with Kislyak at Washington's Mayflower Hotel past year. Lire la suite »

Do you know the history of Flag Day?


In succeeding years, Flag Day continued to be honored in growing pockets across the nation. The day has evolved to be a time Americans can reflect on the flag and what it has symbolized over the years. Until 1912, flag makers had not set the order of the stars, which meant they had discretion to make unusual arrangements. President Eisenhower signed an executive order on January 3, 1959, which provided the arrangement of the stars in seven rows of seven stars, staggering the stars ... Lire la suite »

Reasons for Firing Comey Were 'Lies, Plain and Simple'

No collusion, no obstruction. Trump's modus operandi when facing unpleasant accounts of his behavior is to deny it, to attack the character (s) of the source (s), to completely mischaracterize the account, to claim that his own behavior as described was not a big deal (e.g., "locker-room talk"), and to just claim vindication in general terms. Lire la suite »

Five takeaways from Jeff Sessions' testimony to senators

In the gaggle on Air Force One on Tuesday, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said the President wasn't able to watch "much of it", but from "what he did see and what he heard, he thought that attorney general Sessions did a very good job and in particular was very strong on the point that there was no collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign". Lire la suite »

Inmates kill prison guards during bus transport in Georgia

Also on Monday, a decorated, 15-year veteran Arkansas police officer was shot during a traffic stop in a town about 90 miles (140 km) northeast of Little Rock. DOC officials said early Tuesday morning that the men "are extremely unsafe". We have no idea where they are. They then carjacked a passing vehicle and disappeared. Lire la suite »

American student released by North Korea is in coma

Warmbier's parents said in a statement Tuesday that he had been freed by the Communist state but had to be medically evacuated because he was in a coma . Richardson, a former Democratic congressman, U.N. Ambassador, U.S. energy secretary and ex-governor of New Mexico, welcomed Warmbier's release but said "we are deeply concerned regarding his health". Lire la suite »

Iran's Khamenei Says Attacks Will Fan Hatred Toward US, Saudi Arabia

The funerals for those killed began on Friday morning in Tehran with a ceremony in parliament, with President Hassan Rouhani in attendance. Iranians walk near a billboard bearing portraits of late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (R) and Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran on June 8, 2017 one day after twin attacks in the capital. Lire la suite »

AG Sessions to face questions on Comey firing, Russia


There was some uncertainty about whether the hearing would be open or closed, but Sessions apparently requested it "be public", according to the Justice Department. Sen. It is not yet known whether the hearing will be public or closed. That remark came after revelations emerged that Sessions had met with Russia's ambassador to the USA last year, despite testifying under oath during a confirmation hearing that he "did not have communications with the Russians". Lire la suite »

Inmates shoot, kill 2 correctional officers in Georgia

They are armed. They are unsafe. "They need to surrender before we find 'em", he added later. After escaping, the fugitive pair carjacked a green 2004 four-door Honda Civic with Georgia license plates. The guards killed in the incident were both sergeants and veterans of the corrections department. Deal said of the officers: "The selflessness and courage of these two fearless souls will not be forgotten, nor will their sacrifice and service". Lire la suite »

Trump's attorney general: Russia collusion claims a 'detestable lie'

Testifying before the same panel last week , Comey, without being specific, said he had information about Sessions related to Russian Federation that he termed "problematic" to the investigation. A concurrent probe is also ongoing in the House. He is set to testify hours after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared in the Senate and said he's seen no basis for firing Robert Mueller , the former FBI director he appointed as special counsel to oversee the Russian Federation ... Lire la suite »

Putin dismisses US claims about Trump, Russia and elections

Putin , in an interview on NBC's new program 'Sunday Night,' with Megyn Kelly , fired back at assertions that Russian Federation had meddled in the election, at times getting noticeably agitated with the line of questioning. "That's the extent of my acquaintance with Mr Flynn", he added. "I asked him all about Jared Kushner , President Trump's son-in-law, and what connections they have had and what they have discussed, and I asked him specifically about somebody else very much in the ... Lire la suite »

Georgia releases names of slain prison guards


The Putnam County Sheriff's office confirmed to 11Alive in Atlanta that two prisoners being transported were able to overpower the guards on the bus before killing them and escaping. The names of the prison guards weren't immediately released. Police have not revealed the identifies of the murdered corrections officers. But he said they are "relatively certain" the two men are outside Putnam County by now. Lire la suite »

Government to pay damages to 1905 Manus Island detainees in class action


According to Australian newspaper The Age , the Supreme Court of Victoria was told this morning that the parties had reached an in-principle agreement to settle a class action brought by the law firm Slater and Gordon. The exact figure for compensation will be revealed at an 11.30am press conference, but ABC reported on Tuesday that each person detained on Manus could receive up to $150,000. Lire la suite »

Virginia Democrats vying to be face of Trump resistance

We expect that today may be the day that voters in Virginia wake up to the fact that there is a primary election on June 13, which is indeed tomorrow. There's still time to vote in Virginia's primary election. Still, Perriello touted his good relations with the popular former president, using video from the old re-election rally in a series of ads. Lire la suite »

Mattis to decide troop levels in Afghanistan


Now 8,400 American service members are serving in Afghanistan, advising Afghan forces and conducting targeted counterterrorism operations. Some U.S. "All I can tell you is that unless we get a strategy from you, you're going to get a strategy from us ". Despite the uncertainty about USA operations in Afghanistan, though, American troop presence is still an insurance policy against another 9/11, Mattis told Sen. Lire la suite »