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Britain, European Union fail to agree on starting date of Brexit negotiations

Macron and May are also expected to discuss the need for closer cooperation at the European level to fight terrorism, which they discussed at the G7 in Italy and at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels late last month. EU's chief negotiator says Britain risks not getting a deal as the clock ticks down . Foster said her party would go into the talks "with the national interest at heart". Lire la suite »

USA military tests ballistic missile interceptor in California amid North Korea threat


North Korea warned yesterday it was prepared to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) at any time, as the United States successfully tested a system created to intercept them. Navy Captain Jeff Davis, acknowledged that the military had the rogue nation on its mind in carrying out Tuesday's test. According to the plan, a 5-foot-long "kill vehicle" released from atop the interceptor zeroed in on the ICBM-like target's mock warhead outside Earth's atmosphere and obliterated it ... Lire la suite »

Lady Brexit meets Monsieur Europe: May, Macron to have talks

Macron's comments that it was not too late for Britain to remain inside the European Union came as May faces a tug-of-war within her own party over her Brexit strategy, following a disastrous snap election which she called. Macron and May had met at the President's Elysee Palace a little earlier to discuss business ahead of the start of Brexit negotiations next week. May traveled to Paris on Tuesday to hold talks on counterterrorism measures and Britain's departure from the European Union. Lire la suite »

Another One of Ivanka Trump's Suppliers Is Accused of Underpaying Workers


Ivanka Trump's brand has said the 2017 Chinese trademarks were filed defensively, to protect against squatters using her name. Three quarters of the factory's 2,759 workers are women. For example, aiming for between 58 and 92 garments every half hour, when the actual number produced is usually between 27 and 40. The factory fire people right before Ramadan in order to keep from having to pay the "religious holiday bonus", only to rehire them a month later. Lire la suite »

Authorities seek 2 escaped inmates after 2 guards killed


The prison bus was transporting about 33 inmates to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center in Jackson, when the two inmates somehow entered a secure section of the bus about 6:45 a.m. Department of Corrections Commissioner Greg Dozier told reporters: "We lost two of our fellow officers, two of our kin". Said Dozier: "We will find them and they will pay the price". Lire la suite »

N.Korea Lobs Missiles into East Sea


Nevertheless, he called the test a provocation and said Tokyo would not tolerate such actions. The launch comes a day after Moon suspended the deployment of a controversial USA missile defense system, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD ) system, pending an full environmental assessment. Lire la suite »

China appreciates Panama's recognition of one-China policy


Panama's Vice President and Foreign Minister Isabel de Saint Malo (L) and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi drink a toast after signing a joint communique on establishing diplomatic relations. The Taiwanese government has since closed its embassy in Panama City and ended all aid programs in the Central American country. Taiwan reacted furiously to the latest move. Lire la suite »

Faria leads Rays to 8-1 rout of Blue Jays


And he has lost his last six outings against Tampa, including three this season. Estrada (4-5) exited with one out in the fourth after yielding two singles - and retiring just four of the last 12 hitters he faced. The only damage against him came on an RBI single by Ezequiel Carrera in the seventh inning. Estrada was saved by a double play in the second after loading the bases on three consecutive singles with one out. Lire la suite »

Trump pushes public works agenda, health care on OH visit


The president was met on the tarmac by "two of the victims of the Obamacare catastrophe created by Democrats" - Raya Whalen and Dan Winthrow - and their families. 'The last statewide insurer in the great state of OH is leaving, ' Trump said. "We love Ohio", Trump said. " was supposed to be close, it wasn't close", he said of his 8-point defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton on November 8. Lire la suite »

Iran says Tehran attackers had been to IS bastions Mosul, Raqa


Suicide bombers and gunmen struck at the heart of Tehran on Wednesday, attacking the two most important symbols of the 1979 Iranian Revolution - the Parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic. Iran denounced Donald Trump's reaction to the attacks as " repugnant " after the United States president said the nation was reaping what it sowed. Lire la suite »

Germany and France say Britain could change its mind over Brexit

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron exuded more positivity, saying that the door is still open for the remain in the European Union . Major internet companies have failed to live up to prior commitments to do more to prevent extremists from finding a "safe space" online she said, and they will look at creating legal liability for internet companies if they fail to do so. Lire la suite »

Jeff Sessions hearing on Russia, Comey

Sessions defended himself in remarks Tuesday to the Senate Intelligence Committee against Democratic allegations that he gave misleading testimony about his contacts with Russian officials during his confirmation hearing. There are none, Sen Wyden, there are none", Mr Sessions insisted, his voice rising. Rumors have recently circulated that the president may seek to sack Robert Mueller , the special counsel appointed to head the high-stakes Russian Federation investigation following ... Lire la suite »

Trump Friend Claims President Toying With Firing Mueller

Legal experts say the president still has authority to fire Mueller, who was appointed to investigate Russia's meddling in last year's presidential election, even though the special-counsel statute that existed when the Watergate cover-up was being investigated was changed after the long investigation of the Clinton presidency. Lire la suite »

New photos show flat tires on Tiger Woods' car during DUI arrest


Woods said, "No" when asked if he had been drinking. According to TMZ , medications listed on the report include Solarex, Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx with a note that he had not taken Vioxx this year. He was by himself and wearing his seat belt. Tiger Woods is seen confused and slurring his speech in dashcam footage of his DUI arrest released Wednesday, USA Today reported . Lire la suite »

Borough Market is reopening this Wednesday


Donald Hyslop, chair of the Trustees of Borough Market released a statement on the market's official website, saying it is "essential" to return to "at least a semblance of normality". In order to bring forward the reopening of the Market, staff reportedly worked throughout last weekend. 'Starting on Wednesday, every person who comes here will be making a difference. Lire la suite »

Sessions testifies on Capitol Hill

Senator Sessions passionately defended President Trump. He said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would appear before the subcommittees. Wyden then asked about whether signing the letter for Comey's firing violated his recusal from the Russian Federation investigation. Lire la suite »

Donald Trump Jr.: There's 'no ambiguity' in my father's orders

TRUMP: I would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you. "There's no ambiguity in it, there's no, 'Hey, I'm hoping, "' Trump said . "Totally illegal?" Trump tweeted . In a statement following the testimony, Kasowitz accused Comey of leaking "privileged" information. The leaks created a political firestorm over whether Trump pressured Comey to drop an investigation into contacts between Russian officials and Michael Flynn, who briefly served as Trump's national security ... Lire la suite »

Two men to be charged with deadly Oakland warehouse fire


Ghost Ship was known as a safe haven for local artists. Mr. Almena was arrested in Lake County and Mr. Harris in Los Angeles County. Almena was the leaseholder and founder of the hive-like artists' collective at the warehouse, known as the " Ghost Ship ", where revelers had gathered on the night of December 2 for party when the warehouse went up in flames, claiming the lives of 36 people. Lire la suite »

Refugee who lost fingers in cold allowed to stay in Canada


Iyal had argued he would be jailed, tortured or killed if he returned to his home country. They were not dressed for such an excursion, and suffered severe frostbite before being noticed by a trucker after crossing into Canada. The agreement between the US and Canada forces asylum seekers to make a refugee claim in the first safe country they arrive in, with few exceptions. Lire la suite »

Volvo Says Polester Performance Arm May Become The AMG Of Electric Vehicles


A auto based on the SPA platform, which underpins the SUVs Volvo XC60 and XC90 as well as the V90 estate and S90 saloon models, is likely to break cover first some time this year, the report added. Making it suit a sports vehicle as well may well be pushing it too far. What we do know is, the future is electric, and Volvo, together with Polestar have their eyes set on the market share now held by Tesla. Lire la suite »

Cosby trial jury begins first full day of deliberations today

In July 2015, a judge unsealed Cosby's deposition in that 2006 civil lawsuit. He is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, each of which carries a possible 10-year sentence. Cosby's alleged fondling of Andrea Constand , her state of unconsciousness and her lack of consent. "She said one thing yesterday, another thing today. Lire la suite »

Microsoft Wins Xbox Class-Action Fight at US Supreme Court


One option would be to pursue your individual claims to final judgment and then appeal the denial of your class certification motion - even if you were to win on your individual claims. Under that strategy, the plaintiffs respond to a denial of class certification with a voluntary agreement to dismiss their claims. The district court granted the joint dismissal motion and plaintiff then appealed the class certification denial order. Lire la suite »