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House committee issues subpoenas; Comey OK'd to testify

Comey's associates have said Comey told them that Trump asked him at a January dinner to pledge his loyalty to the president and, at an Oval Office meeting weeks later, asked Comey to consider ending an FBI investigation into Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn . Lire la suite »

Netanyahu: No interest in escalation over Gaza power spat


Hamas has sought to soften its image in recent months with a new policy document somewhat easing its stance on Israel while still not recognizing the country. Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007 after a violent conflict with the Fatah party. "[The U.N. must] strongly and unequivocally condemn Hamas [and formally classify the group as] a terrorist organization". Lire la suite »

North Korea blasts Trump as 'silly,' 'ignorant' over Paris Accord withdrawal

The governor, as well as the state's county mayors and state representatives gathered in Honolulu to sign two bills and a mayor's agreement in support of the Paris agreement , according to a press release . Canada's commitment is to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions to 30 per cent less than they were in 2005 by 2030. Former President Barack Obama and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shake hands as the USA formally joins the Paris climate agreement in 2016. Lire la suite »

Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia discuss Qatar crisis

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin just days after Qatar's foreign minister was in Moscow to discuss the crisis in Gulf ties. Despite the country being at the centre of a diplomatic crisis which has seen Qatar cut off politically - and economically - from neighbouring Gulf countries, organisers were unworried, said the source. Lire la suite »

Golden State Warriors Win NBA Finals Over Cleveland Cavaliers


As LeBron told Kyrie Irving after the Finals ended on Monday, the Cavaliers will likely try to become champions again next season. Overcame a 63-point performance from Michael Jordan in a first-round sweep of Chicago, but had to settle for beating Houston in the NBA Finals after the Rockets knocked off the hated Lakers in the West finals. Lire la suite »

La force anti-EI s'approche de la vieille ville de Raqa — Syrie


Les Forces démocratiques syriennes (FDS), une alliance de combattants kurdes et arabes qui avait lancé en novembre une vaste opération en vue de chasser l'EI de sa " capitale " en Syrie, ont pénétré pour la première fois le 6 juin dans cette cité septentrionale conquise par les jihadistes en 2014. Lire la suite »

UK prime minister, N Ireland party to hold alliance talks


Sir John said any return to violence was "somewhat down the road" but said it was "very important there is a honest broker" in Northern Ireland and only the United Kingdom government could take that role. The Daily Telegraph reported cabinet ministers have opened back-channel talks to senior Labour lawmakers to secure a cross-party agreement on Brexit. Lire la suite »

White House Staffers Are Reportedly Freaking Out Over Robert Mueller's Possible Firing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is to appear Tuesday afternoon before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is conducting its own inquiry into the matters before Mueller. Other Trump supporters homed in on the sequence of Mueller's job interviews. In his first public appearance as a newly minted member of Trump's personal legal team, Sekulow declined to rule out the possibility of Trump firing Robert Mueller , who was appointed special counsel to investigate links between Russian ... Lire la suite »

Enquête sur le patrimoine du député de Corse Rocca Serra (LR)


Joint par téléphone, Camille de Rocca Serra affirme, pour sa part, qu'il "s'agit d'un problème purement technique concernant l'évaluation d'un terrain familial reçu en héritage, au départ constructible au regard du plan local d'urbanisme (PLU) de la commune mais que j'ai ensuite déclaré au prix du terrain non-constructible du fait de l'annulation du PLU en mai 2011. Lire la suite »

Accused federal contractor victor pleads not guilty, denied bail

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Justin Garrick said in an affidavit that victor admitted she copied a classified report containing top-secret information and mailed it to an online news organization. He added: "Everyone in America knows what she looks like at this point". If Winner's prosecution becomes "this big thing where we're not going to tolerate leakers", Winner-Davis said, her daughter won't receive a fair trial. Lire la suite »

North Korea releases US student Otto Warmbier

Rodman has received the red-carpet treatment on each of his past visits but has been roundly criticised for doing so during a time of high tensions between the USA and North Korea over its weapons programs. The North has occasionally jailed U.S. citizens and released them only after visits by high-profile political figures including former president Bill Clinton. Lire la suite »

Say hello to BMW's new 6 Series crossover


In the 5-Series, it's an excellent drivetrain, so we expect it to be stellar in the 6-Series. The 6-series GT does 0-60 in 5.1 seconds-0.3 slower than a comparable 5-series, likely due to the GT's almost 400-lb weight gain. The new model keeps its predecessor's frameless doors and its large, liftback tailgate but the boot is 110 litres bigger than the 5 GT's, at 610 litres with the 40:20:40 split rear seat up or 1800 litres with it completely folded down. Lire la suite »

Minecraft is Finally getting Cross-Play on Consoles and PC

Lastly, when asked whether PlayStation has shut the door completely on the cross-platform play feature for these two games (possibly for all other games in future)? In the years since Microsoft purchased Mojang and Minecraft for $US2.5 billion the playerbase has only grown, with more than 55 million monthly global users as of February this year. Lire la suite »

Paris et Alger veulent renforcer leurs liens


L'Algérie et la France ont, notamment depuis 2012 sous la présidence de François Hollande, une parfaite entente sur le règlement politique des crises au Sahel et en Libye. Concernant la Libye, les deux pays souhaitent "une solution politique qui intervienne le plus rapidement possible", a expliqué M. Le Drian, dans une déclaration à la presse, qui n'a pas été autorisée à poser des questions. Lire la suite »

Paris police shoot hammer attacker at Notre Dame


Officers later discovered the man was carrying a hammer and kitchen knives, as well as a student identity card indicating he was from Algeria. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said the attacker cried "it's for Syria" as he went after the officers. Lire la suite »

UK PM Thersa May and DUP have largely agreed support deal

The DUP leader declined to give details of what she termed a "positive engagement with the Conservative Party ", but said she would be travelling to London late on Monday for discussions with her team of 10 MPs before a meeting with Mrs May at Downing Street on Tuesday. Lire la suite »

L'Union européenne s'ouvre aux Ukrainiens


Porochenko au côté du président slovaque, Andrej Kiska". Dans l'objectif de renforcer les liens entre l'UE et l'Ukraine, M Porochenko espère que des lignes ferroviaires et davantage de vols low-cost soient mis en service avec des villes d'Europe. Lire la suite »

Britain's May in tough talks on forging governing alliance

May appeared contrite, sought to apologise for her failed election gamble and gave an explanation of what went wrong. Speaking on BBC Radio 4 over the weekend Jonathan Powell, former chief of staff to former Prime Minister Tony Blair (and chief British negotiator during the 1998 Good Friday Agreement) noted that allying with any party in the highly divided political landscape of Northern Ireland was one that past governments had avoided for a reason. Lire la suite »

Hands on with OneDrive On-Demand Sync for Windows 10


The current solution will download any synced file, whether you want it to or not, which takes up disk space and ruins the whole idea of cloud-based files. And you're covered in both your home and professional life since it works with your personal and work OneDrive, as well as your SharePoint Online team sites. Lire la suite »

Ricardo Martinelli, l'ex-président du Panama, arrêté à Miami


Martinelli a été arrêté lundi à son domicile dans le sud-est des Etats-Unis. La justice panaméenne le soupçonne entre autres d'avoir fait surveiller illégalement plus de 150 personnes en utilisant des fonds publics. Il est accusé de corruption et d'avoir espionné des membres de l'opposition lorsqu'il était au pouvoir. Le Panama a demandé aux Etats-Unis l'extradition de M. Lire la suite »

Winners and losers from the United Kingdom election

Corbyn, however, insisted that there must always be an alternative and, in a contest against a plainly uncomfortable prime minister, this was enough to make it a memorable night for Labour. Brexit negotiations are supposed to begin in less than two weeks. In a campaign in which the eventual (for the time being) victor talked endlessly of "stability", the British political scene remains anything but stable. Lire la suite »

E3 2017: Days Gone Demo Features Zombie Bear

It seems the zombies aren't the only thing to fear in the world of Days Gone , as Deacon spends most of his time dealing with other humans. He's a drifter and a bounty hunter who loves a sense of adventure. Days Gone pitches itself as survival horror, and as such the music and pacing of the Days Gone experience elicits the style of unsettling, pervasive fear one might expect. Lire la suite »