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Apple's new iPad Pro is the best tablet


Our tests, so far, reveal that's very much the case, with the new chipset proving incredible quick, especially for graphics. He is also fanatical about football which makes it all the more odd that he should support Stockport County. That means iOS 11 will be compatible with the iPhone 5S and newer models, the 6th generation iPod Touch, the iPad mini 2 and newer, the 5th generation iPad and newer, and all iPad Pro models. Lire la suite »

Trump "100%" willing to testify under oath

With Republicans in control of Congress, the prospects of their impeachment of their party leader appear slim. Trump abruptly fired Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on May 9, later admitting that the Russian Federation probe was on his mind at the time. Lire la suite »

House, Senate investigators request for Trump tapes, Comey memos

In response to a question, Comey declined to say whether he thought Trump's conduct amounted to obstruction of justice, saying it was up to Special Counsel Robert Mueller to make that determination. Tillerson had called on the Arab nations to immediately ease their blockade on Qatar. The president had previewed his attacks against Comey in an early-morning tweet that broke his previous day's silence on his favorite social media megaphone. Lire la suite »

Comey testimony another step on the path to Trump's disgrace

Collins said that she supported issuing a subpoena to obtain the tapes if they exist, but noted that it would probably come from special counsel Robert Mueller , who is leading an independent investigation into Trump and Russian Federation, rather than from the Senate intelligence panel. Lire la suite »

Is The British Pound Still Falling? Election Brings Uncertainty To English Currency


May's statement on working with the Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) followed a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, where she asked the monarch for permission to form a new government. In 10 days the United Kingdom goes into negotiations with the European Union , and thanks to this election result it goes in weakened and unstable - the worst possible negotiating position. Lire la suite »

Fire Emblem Warriors Adds Fire Emblem Fates Characters

The female version of Corrin, Nohr's Prince Xander, and Hoshido's Prince Ryoma will all be a part of the cast. Basically, it's a Fire Emblem game, just without any turn-based strategy battles. Even more so if you've played Hyrule Warriors as well, making Fire Emblem Warriors the second time that Nintendo's partnered up with Koei Tecmo for an army-decimating brawler. Lire la suite »

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to publicly answer questions on Russia probe


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is preparing to face former Senate colleagues over his role in the controversy around ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. "I took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning". Jeanne Shaheen. She asked about news reports suggesting that President Donald Trump was already thinking about "terminating" Robert Mueller from his position as special counsel. Lire la suite »

Hopes rise for softer Brexit after poll shock

The turmoil started when May chose to hold snap elections to gain more seats for her party, which already had majority in parliament, to strengthen her position in the upcoming Brexit talks scheduled for June 19. Brexit minister David Davis has insisted the approach to the European Union divorce had not changed, but at the meeting with lawmakers yesterday, May recognised that a broader consensus needed to be built for Brexit and made clear she would listen to all wings of the party on ... Lire la suite »

" "Le bébé " belle au bois dormant " qui dort depuis un an — Anya


Des dizaines de tests ont effectué mais tous se sont révélés négatifs. Les médecins précisent qu'en dehors de ce syndrome, la fillette est " en bonne santé ". Pour tenter d'avoir une réponse à ses questions, la famille a lancé un appel aux médecins du monde entier. Aujourd'hui âgée d'un an et demi, celle que l'on surnomme " la belle au bois dormant " passe ses journées à dormir. Lire la suite »

UK leader holding alliance talks with NIreland party chief


DUP MPs are meeting to discuss the situation and the party has said it "will act in the interests of the whole of the United Kingdom", according to Sky sources . Pensioners are expected to get back their annual winter fuel subsidy and a guaranteed annual pension increase, and May will have to abandon a much-derided plan to subject the elderly to means testing in return for health-care services. Lire la suite »

US basketball star Rodman flies to North Korea

Asked whether he was working on the release of detained Americans, he said , "that is not my goal right now". Two Ohio senators are denouncing North Korea after a resident of their state was said to be in a coma after being released from a prison in that country. Lire la suite »

MP Farmers stir: Congress MLA Shakuntala Khatik booked for inciting violence


Police sources said, a case has been lodged against both the leaders and some others for inciting violence, making disruptions in government work and other sections. The Congress leader was seen in the video repeatedly inciting people to accompany her to burn down the nearby police station, whereas a police official was seen requesting the MLA to calm down. Lire la suite »

Reported hate crimes in Canada rose five per cent in 2015: StatsCan


Police reported 1,362 criminal incidents across Canada motivated by hate, a 5% increase from the previous year. That year, there were 62 such incidents reported in the region. Although Jewish Canadians still experience the highest incidence of religion-related hate crimes, the number declined to 178 in 2015 from 213 the previous year, whereas crimes again Muslim Canadians increased. Lire la suite »

Trump says travel ban ruling comes at 'dangerous time'

On Monday, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against a revised version of the executive order, using the president's tweets against him in making their decision. The court said the president was required to consult with Congress in setting the number of refugees that would be allowed into the country in a given year and could not decrease that number mid-year. Lire la suite »

Suspected NKorea drone photographed US missile-defense site


The drone had taken photos of a golf course in Seongju, North Gyeongsang, where the Thaad batteries is partially installed. A suspected North Korean drone had taken photographs of an advanced USA anti-missile battery in South Korea before it crashed on its way home, the South Korean military said on Tuesday. Lire la suite »

Des discussions secrètes sur un "Brexit doux" — Grande-Bretagne

Même son de cloche à la Commission européenne, où le commissaire européen et négociateur en chef de l'UE pour le Brexit , Michel Barnier, a exhorté ce mardi le Royaume-Uni à ne pas "perdre de temps". Or s'il est pour la sortie de l'UE, le DUP reste attaché, comme nombre de Nord-Irlandais, à l'absence de frontière entre l'Irlande du Nord et la République d'Irlande. Lire la suite »

USA envoy to Qatar Dana Shell Smith to quit


The ambassador gave no details if her resignation is related to the Qatar diplomatic crisis or this is part of a normal rotation of diplomats. Shell Smith did not say why she was stepping down, if she was staying within the diplomatic service or who would replace her. Lire la suite »

Toronto man wanted for 2nd-degree murder, sexual assault


Few details about that investigation have been released. He is also wanted in connection with a murder in Thunder Bay this year. On Tuesday, police released the name and photo of Michael Cleghorn. Members of the public are advised to not approach Cleghorn and that he should be considered armed and risky. Anyone who sees him is being advised to call 911 rather than approach him. Lire la suite »

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman arrives in North Korea

Former U.S. basketball superstar Dennis Rodman on Tuesday arrived in North Korea, saying he will try to "open the door" at a time when regional tensions remain high over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs. While the aware of the current visit, Rodman is acting as a private citizen. On Tuesday, South Korean military officials told reporters that a North Korean drone found last week had taken photos of a recently installed US -made antimissile system. Lire la suite »