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Tehran terror attack mastermind killed


Alavi said the operation was carried out by security forces on Saturday in collaboration with the secret services of neighbouring countries, reports Efe news . "We possess documents and information showing the direct supports by the U.S. imperialism for this highly disgusting stream [IS] in the region which has destroyed the Islamic countries and created a wave of massacres and clashes", Fars news agency quoted Izadi as saying. Lire la suite »

AU chair calls for 'dialogue' in Gulf crisis


Qatar Airways also stopped its flights to the four Arab countries in response to the UAE's Etihad, Emirates, FlyDubai, EgyptAir and Bahrain's Gulf Air suspending flights to Qatar . " Qatar conducting business as usual throughout all its upstream, midstream and downstream businesses and operations, and in all activities across all of QP's world-class facilities", a statement read. Lire la suite »

DUP 'could exert significant influence in hung parliament'

Sinn Fein members are said to be absolutely fuming this afternoon with the astonishing news that out of nowhere, the leader of the DUP Arlene Foster may well become the Deputy Prime Minister. Suddenly that situation looks very different. The 292,316 votes which the party polled (despite not even standing a candidate in Fermanagh-South Tyrone) are by far its biggest ever electoral endorsement and a 30% increase on its vote in March. Lire la suite »

DUP set to support May as United Kingdom left with hung parliament


The focus was immediately on Ms Foster's wish-list and any Brexit concessions for Northern Ireland as her party prepare to talk to the Conservatives over the weekend. Meanwhile, Labour, which had been written off by critics as all but unelectable, surged to 261 seats, up 29 from its tally in the 2015 election . " Other personnel issues are for other days", she said. Lire la suite »

Qatar says sanctions violate global law


Click on the video link below to get the full story. Qatar shares control of a vast underwater gas field with Iran , which lies on the other side of the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia in particular has multiple firms representing its interests in the U.S. "US President Donald Trump said he was prepared for arranging a meeting of the conflicting parties in the White House". Lire la suite »

Trump says Comey's 'leaks' are more prevalent

Mr Comey did not confirm that he believed he was sacked to prevent the investigation, but he said accusations that the FBI was in disarray were "lies, plain and simple". On Friday, Trump indicated that he was willing to do that, a highly unusual step for a sitting president and one fraught with legal hazard. Republican Senator Susan Collins called on Sunday for Trump to "voluntarily turn them over" to the Senate Intelligence Committee and to the special counsel, Robert Mueller, ... Lire la suite »

Third London Attacker Identified, Was Known To Authorities


Eight people were killed and dozens wounded. "And this happened in England, absolutely". Counter-terrorism police said Butt had been investigated, but that there was no evidence he was planning a deadly, suicidal assault. Sunawar Ali, its chairman, said he was "shocked" and "very sad" to hear of Redouane's actions. The couple married in Ireland in 2012, but O'Leary never converted to her husband's faith, and they recently split up, with one woman who knew the couple saying there had ... Lire la suite »

Disgruntled ex-worker killed 5, then himself


He did not appear to belong to any type of subversive or terrorist organization, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said. According to Sheriff Demings, the Orange County emergency call center received a call at approximately 8:03 a.m. Lire la suite »

Peace returns to Mandsaur, Chouhan ends fast


The Chief Minister, who was on fast amid the ongoing farmers' crisis in his state, broke the fast by drinking coconut water. On Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's fast, Natarajan said, "He is the CM, what is the need to fast instead he should call a cabinet meeting and pass a proposal on the demands of the farmers". Lire la suite »

Police reveals the identity of all three London terrorists


After three deadly attacks in less than three months, police said they could hardly keep tabs on 3,000 people on the terror watch list and 20,000 who have been on the intelligence radar in the past, even with sweeping new surveillance laws, particularly for online communications. Lire la suite »

Hate group rallies against Islamic law in dozens of USA cities


Citizens around the country banded together Saturday for a nationwide anti-Sharia law protest which ended in fighting and multiple arrests. A similar scene played out in a park near a NY courthouse, where counter-protesters sounded air-horns and banged pots and pans in an effort to silence an anti-Sharia rally. Lire la suite »

Professor eats his pro-Brexit book after election stunner


Labour went on to poll 40% - and Mr Goodwin has now dined on his new book, entitled " Brexit ", on live TV - marking one final triumph for Labour supporters . "Two percentage points makes a big difference". Appearing on Sky News yesterday, he was asked if he is a man of his word, to which he replied: "Well indeed I am". Lire la suite »

The New XBOX Has Been Revealed And It's Next Level Awesome


Xbox One X will come with a 1TB hard disk drive and a UHD Blu-ray drive. On paper, it's significantly more powerful than the Xbox One and Xbox One S. It's a form of antialiasing that renders a higher resolution image then outputs a downsampled image to fit the display, which results in fewer jagged edges and cleaner graphics. Lire la suite »

No pressure from Trump administration on Russian Federation probe — Intelligence chiefs


Mueller might not be at Wednesday's hearing, but with Rosenstein and McCabe in the room, questions of how the federal and Senate investigations will co-exist are likely to come up. Again, Coats decided not to act on the request. National Security Agency director Mike Rogers and Intelligence director Daniel Coats testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning. Lire la suite »

India and Pakistan join SCO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed SCO summit in Kazakhstan's Astana , where he pitched for coordinated efforts to counter the menace of terrorism . Pakistan and India were enjoying the status of observer along with Afghanistan and Iran before becoming full members. The news of their murders was made public ahead of the SCO summit held on June 8-9 in which India and Pakistan were admitted as members. Lire la suite »

A mix of pride and anger at LGBT rights marches across US


Making a federal case out of bathroom use is silly, but when you've got nothing else to hate Trump for, it will do in a pinch. "Capital Pride has consistently demonstrated that it is more interested in accommodating the interests of Metropolitan police and of corporate sponsors than it is in supporting the very communities it supposedly represents", the group said in a statement seen by the LA Times . Lire la suite »

Jets' Lorenzo Mauldin accused of attacking man at NY club


The plaintiff reportedly is seeking unspecified damages from Mauldin, 24, and another man, Reginald Cook, who allegedly "acted in concert" by "pushing, grabbing and/or restraining" Lopez. Mauldin's lawyer, Mitchell Schuster, responded to the allegations against the Jets player. It's unclear how he was able to identify Mauldin as his alleged attacker. Lire la suite »

Trois candidats élus au premier tour


La forte abstention n'a pas favorisé les victoires au premier tour des législatives mais plusieurs candidats sont déjà assurés de siéger à l'Assemblée nationale, dimanche soir. Wallis-et-Futuna a élu un député au premier tour, il s'agit du candidat divers gauche Napole Polutele , qui a obtenu 50,24% des voix. Après l'annulation des résultats des élections de 2012 dans la circonscription, Napole Polutélé s'était présenté aux législatives partielles en 2013. Lire la suite »

Afghan Soldier Kills Three US Soldiers in Nangarhar

The so-called "green-on-blue" attacks, i.e. when Afghan soldiers or police turn their guns on global troops, have proved to be a major problem for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation soldier fighting alongside Afghan forces. According to the spokesman Attahullah Khogyani of the Nangarhar province governor , where the incident occurred , the USA servicemen were killed by a soldier of the Afghanistan armed forces. Lire la suite »

Sydney Wakes To Heavy Fog


But there are still planes taking off and landing, and Sydney Airport is advising passengers to check with their airline for any delays. Drivers have also experienced poor visibility, with low-lying areas in the city's south and west including Camden experiencing the worst of the fog. Lire la suite »

Julie Bishop Confirms Two Australians Killed In London Terror Attack

The dead include a Canadian charity worker, an Australian nurse and a French bistro worker , while the injured came from a variety of countries including Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain and New Zealand. Detectives appealed for information about him after he was reported missing. Sara's mother, Julie Wallace , recently flew out to London to look for her. Lire la suite »

Afghans mourn a day after massive truck bombing kills 90


The explosion occurred near Zanbaq Square close to the embassies of Germany, Turkey and Japan and in front of the National Directorate of Security compound. Numerous casualties appear to have been people on their way to work or school and office workers in nearby buildings. This month, another attack targeted a convoy of foreign troops near the US Embassy in Kabul , killing eight people. Lire la suite »