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Sean Spicer says 'no comment' when asked about Trump taping Federal Bureau of Investigation director

In a morning tweet, he declared it was essentially impossible for those charged with speaking for the White House to get things right all the time . The veiled threat added to the storm over Trump's abrupt firing of Comey . Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, however, described Comey as an impediment to congressional investigations. Lawmakers have asked for a briefing about Comey's firing from Rosenstein. Lire la suite »

Arctic Is Changing as U.S. Mulls Climate Policy, Tillerson Says

Tillerson signed the document. In his opening remarks at the Arctic Council meeting on Thursday, Tillerson acknowledged the U.S. government is "currently reviewing several important policies, including how the Trump administration will approach the issue of climate change", but insisted the administration would not "rush" to decide. Lire la suite »

Things To Know About This Year's May The Fourth Star Wars Day

Forty years later, the Star Wars phenomenon shows no signs of stopping, with yearly films and bi-coastal Star Wars lands coming to Disney's parks in 2019. Retailers are offering several deals for movie themed items. The renowned composer said the universally-recognisable Star Wars theme is similar to playing a classical piece like Beethoven's Fifth. Lire la suite »

President open to war games with China in Sulu


Leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ( ASEAN ) have welcomed the progress made in negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) during their summit, saying the giant free trade pact will boost global trade. Lire la suite »

Trump warns Comey not to 'leak' conversations

These reasons contradicted the White House's assertions - and even the widely-disseminated termination letter Trump sent Comey - that the dismissal was based on the recommendations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who criticized Comey's handling of the email investigation into Hillary Clinton past year. Lire la suite »

What is Wanna Decryptor and how does it work — NHS cyber attack

However, NHS Digital, which runs the services' cyber security, said they were not specifically the target of the attack. We're not confirming where they are, but there was a limited impact. A year ago the Government established the NCSC to spearhead the country's defences. The National Cyber Security Centre said it had detected 188 "high-level" attacks in just three months. Lire la suite »

'It takes up the whole river!' US ports welcome giant ship


Ford. The ship is the largest vessel ever to call on the U.S. East Coast. The 1,200-acre Garden City Terminal features 26 ship-to-shore cranes and 146 rubber-tired gantry cranes - more than any other US terminal. The giant ship navigated the Savannah River at high tide Thursday morning to ensure it would fit. The canal authority initially thought two or three larger ships would pass through each day, he said, but the daily average has been almost six. Lire la suite »

Massive, fast-moving cyberattack hits as many as 74 countries

The attacks seem to be derived from a Windows exploit known as EternalBlue. The US Department of Homeland Security's computer emergency response team said it was aware of ransomware infections "in several countries around the world". Although it won't do any good for machines that have already been hit. A wave of serious ransomware attacks is spreading around the world - and the virus might have sprung from a leak in the US government. Lire la suite »

Central Intelligence Agency establishes unit focused on North Korea threat


He and Xi agreed to exchange special envoys soon and Moon said he also planned to send a delegation to Beijing to discuss the North Korean nuclear problem and the Thaad deployment, according to Yoon. As KCNA announced the allegations last week, it also said North Korea was embarking on a campaign to root out suspected foreign agents. North Korea's missile tests in 2016, including a space launch that put a satellite into orbit, have shortened its pathway toward a reliable intercontinental ... Lire la suite »

British hospitals, Spanish firms hit by cyber attacks

One official said "American companies may fare better than those overseas because they are better at cyber hygiene". Later in the day, security software maker Avast put the tally at 57,000 infections in 99 countries. Russian Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk confirmed that there was a ransomware attack on its computers. The Shadow Brokers released Eternal Blue as part of a trove of hacking tools that they said belonged to the U.S. Lire la suite »

National Health Service Cyberattack Hits English Hospitals, Hackers Demand Bitcoin

Routine appointments had been cancelled and ambulances were being diverted to neighbouring hospitals. Images that were posted online of the NHS pop-up look almost identical to pop-up ransomware windows that hit Spain's Telefonica , a powerful attack that forced the large telecom to order employees to disconnect their computers from its network and to resort to an intercom system to relay messages, according to Bleeping Computer . Lire la suite »

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits 99 Countries

Cybersecurity expert Ralph Echemendia called WannaCry, "the biggest Ransomware attack of all time". The Guardian reported that more than 45,000 attacks in 74 countries had been logged by close to 6am AEST today, including the UK, US, South America, Europe, Russia, India, and China. Lire la suite »

Bid to revoke Obama-era methane rules fails in US Senate


The law gives Congress about 60 days to vote by a simple majority to overturn rules, a lower-than-usual threshold to pass legislation in the Senate, where 60 votes are often needed. " The rule could impede US energy production while reducing local and federal revenues ", said API Upstream and Industry Operations Group Director Erik Milito. Lire la suite »

Massive ransomware attack hits 74 countries

In Spain, some big firms took pre-emptive steps to thwart ransomware attacks following a warning from Spain's National Cryptology Centre of "a massive ransomware attack". It said the attacks were carried out with a version of WannaCry ransomware that encrypted files and prompted a demand for money transfers to free up the system. Lire la suite »

Trump, China reach preliminary trade agreements on beef, poultry


The deals are the first tangible results of trade talks that began in April after US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Florida. manufacturers and lead to higher unemployment, suggesting the improvement in relations since the first meeting between the two leaders was largely symbolic. Lire la suite »

President Trump Says Michael Flynn Is 'a Very Good Person'


Collins then asked how Yates was an opponent to Trump if she was the Acting Attorney General whom Trump chose to keep on. He's dismissed FBI and congressional investigations into his campaign's possible ties to the election meddling as a "hoax" driven by Democrats bitter over losing the White House. Lire la suite »