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Two US soldiers killed in attack by Afghan soldier

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the insider attack in the volatile district of Achin, saying it was carried out by an infiltrator. In a statement from Washington, the Pentagon didn't provide details about what led to the deaths of the US soldiers. Lire la suite »

Northern Ireland Party to Back UK Conservatives Without Coalition Deal


May said that they have a "strong relationship" with the DUP and that she intended form a government which could "provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country". "We will be looking for the very best deal for Northern Ireland", he told the BBC . Confident of securing a sweeping victory, May had called the snap election to strengthen her hand in the European Union divorce talks. Lire la suite »

Royaume-Uni: une alliance DUP-conservateurs suscite l'inquiétude à Dublin

Cependant, un communiqué publié dimanche en provenance de Downing Street stipule que les négociations sont toujours en cours. Dans une séquence symbolisant le chaos politique dans lequel est plongé le Royaume-Uni depuis jeudi, Downing Street a d'abord annoncé samedi qu'un accord de principe avait été trouvé avec le DUP, petit parti protestant ultra-conservateur devenu indispensable aux conservateurs pour avoir une majorité au Parlement. Lire la suite »

Concerns increase about John McCain's health after Comey hearing


After previously stating that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch's now famous tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton led him to make an independent announcement regarding Hillary Clinton's email probe, James Comey revealed during his public testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Lynch has also asked him to downplay the investigation. Lire la suite »

Merkel says European Union ready to start Brexit negotiations

It's too early to calculate the impact on the Brexit negotiations, but a hung parliament could lead to softer terms for the UK's exit from the EU-and, some would argue, could ultimately benefit the United Kingdom in the long run. We want to do this quickly, respecting the calendar. Other EU leaders have expressed concerns the failure to win a majority may make negotiations even more hard. Lire la suite »

Trump Says He'd Testify That Comey Lied About Loyalty Demand

The key issue before the committee was whether Mr Trump sought to obstruct the investigation in nine conversations with Mr Comey this year, leading up to his dismissal of the FBI chief. I'm not going to say "I want you to pledge allegiance". "I'll tell you about it over a very short period of time", the president said". Trump cited that, as his outside lawyer has as well, as evidence that there was no collusion or obstruction in his administration. Lire la suite »

Trump strikes back, says Comey lied


This thing will have more seasons than Game of Thrones. "Look, I've seen the tweet about tapes ", Comey said . He asserted that nothing in Mr Comey's testimony to the Senate pointed to collusion with Russian Federation or obstruction of justice. Lire la suite »

Police first responder describes bridge attack


Butt, a 27-year-old Pakistan-born British citizen, and his two accomplices, Rachid Redouane , 30, who claimed to be Moroccan-Libyan, and Youssef Zaghba , a 22-year-old Italian national of Moroccan descent, were shot dead by armed police eight minutes after the first emergency call. Lire la suite »

NBA Live 18 revealed, free demo coming in August


Through these matches, players will earn new gear and upgrade aspects like shoes and other accessories. Described as a "dynamic career journey", you'll be able to create your own player identity and follow your own path. But there was a time when 2K and EA Sports' NBA Live series were duking it out for the title of Best Hoops Game in the World. In an effort to include a variety of play styles, NBA Live 18 will feature standard NBA-style games as well as five-on-five street games which, ... Lire la suite »

Nintendo and Microsoft will take on Sony during gaming's biggest week


We're expecting huge declarations from Nintendo , Microsoft, Sony , and other huge makers, however here are the real declarations we're as of now focusing on. This is a logical suggestion by the analyst on a financial level, but one must also consider the lack of good will that this would also display to customers. Lire la suite »

Kuwait says Qatar is 'willing' to hold dialogue

A senior UAE official followed on Saturday by calling Qatar "duplicitous", alleging in a series of tweets that its funding of militants had sown chaos and violence throughout the region. The diplomatic crisis, the worst since the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq and the subsequent Gulf War, has seen Arab nations and others cut ties to Qatar, which hosts a major United States military base and will be the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Lire la suite »

'Illegal': EU Warns Israel Over Settlement Expansion Plans

Counting plans and tenders, Peace Now said 7,721 units had been advanced this year, nearly triple the number for all of 2016, which amounted to 2,699. While the majority of those are for pre-existing homes, some will be built in the first new official settlement in some 25 years, Peace Now said. Last month, Mr Trump visited Israel and the Palestinian territories, meeting both Mr Netanyahu and Mr Abbas and seeking what he called the " ultimate deal ". Lire la suite »

Does Google need to launch its own version of the iPad Pro?


Users weren't thrilled about the frequent tracking, especially after it was discovered that the app was sometimes requesting location data long after a ride had ended; the company eventually claimed this was due to the optional extension that lets users hail a ride with Apple's default Maps app. Lire la suite »

Apple Set To Expand Siri, Taking Different Route From Amazon's Alexa


At this point, you'll be given the option to restore or update; choose update. Are these unannounced iOS 11 features things that you might use regularly? But once iOS 11 is widely available, you can filter to your heart's content without worrying if whatever app you're using has the security capability to protect your nudes. Lire la suite »

Google Pixel XL 2 specs leak via GFXBench


We might not know the candy nickname yet, but we can be sure that this is version 8. The phone would sport a 5.6 Inch display which would land in Phablet and Tablet categories. Of course, all that being said, there's still one very big reason not to buy a Pixel or Pixel XL right now... the Pixel 2 is thought to be a matter of months away. Lire la suite »

Cavs Put On Historic Performance in NBA Finals Game 4 Victory

A classic turn of events Friday in Game 4 of the NBA Finals makes the Golden State Warriors' 3-1 advantage as shaky as it was in last season's championship series. "I kind of liked the aura and what we had going on", Smith said. The early-clock defense on this possession is fine, stoning a Richard Jefferson drive, but there's just no bounce on the back-side. Lire la suite »

Protesters arrested outside Russian parliament


The State Duma voted overwhelmingly to adopt the second hearing of a bill that would allow Moscow City Hall to pull down entire neighborhoods. The redevelopment project, arguably Russia's largest, has rattled many in Moscow who see the plans as an encroachment on their constitutional rights and do not want to move. Lire la suite »

British Prime Minister Theresa May's two most trusted advisers quit


But the ballot-box humiliation has seriously - and possibly mortally - wounded her leadership just as Britain is about to begin complex exit talks with the European Union . The voters didn't give it to her - nearly 60 percent of those who voted Thursday rejected the Conservatives. And the former Shadow Home Secretary also refused to say whether or not she would serve on the Labour front benches under Mr Corbyn. Lire la suite »

SNP victory in Scotland would 'triple lock' second independence vote

Here, our correspondents take you through what you need to know about the SNP's vision for Scotland's future. It says a second referendum would be held at the end of the Brexit process. The SNP, which won 56 of parliament's 59 Scottish seats at the last election in 2015, has said Scots should get another say on independence once the terms of Britain's European Union exit are clear. Lire la suite »

British leader reaches tentative deal to shore up rule

May's aides, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill quit on Saturday following sustained criticism within the party of the campaign. Although Corbyn's labour party did not win the majority in these elections but the revolutionary politics he ushered in is not going anywhere now, as the weekly Economist says "Labour party now belongs to Jeremy Corbyn and Blair era truly ended on June 8". Lire la suite »

Egypt's El-Sissi praises Trump's stance on Qatar

It's the worst diplomatic crisis to hit Gulf Arab states in decades. The State Department had said the USA learned only at the last minute about the Arab nations' plan to cut ties. The mixed messages extended to the Pentagon, which issued a statement reaffirming Qatar's critical role as a military partner to the USA and expressing concern that the deepening instability would hurt the US-led campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Lire la suite »

London Bridge attack: Terrorists hired white Renault van from Harold Hill


Where are they from? "Where might the attackers have bought them from?" the Met's counter-terrorism command chief Dean Haydon said, calling on the public to contact police if they had any information on the weapons. Haydon said the men may have been planning even more bloodshed if they made it back to the van. The three men had added bags of building gravel and several chairs - possibly to suggest a reason for having hired the van. Lire la suite »

L'Iran a envoyé cinq avions de produits alimentaires au Qatar (responsable)


LONDRES, 11 juin (Reuters) - L'Iran a envoyé quatre avions cargos chargés de vivres au Qatar et a l'intention d'acheminer cent tonnes de fruits et légumes par jour vers Doha, ont rapporté les autorités iraniennes. L'Arabie saoudite a fermé sa seule frontière terrestre du Qatar, par laquelle transite 40% de l'approvisionnement alimentaire de l'émirat. L'Iran chiite et l'Arabie saoudite sunnite s'opposent sur toutes les crises régionales, notamment la Syrie, le Yémen, l'Irak, Bahreïn. Lire la suite »