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Clinging on to her job, Britain's PM May appoints new ministers

The Prime Minister's former communications chief Katie Perrior, who left Downing Street when the election was called, hit out at the two aides' "rude, abusive, childish behaviour". By winning 12 additional seats in Scotland, Ruth Davidson played a significant part in helping Theresa May to stay in Downing Street. The resignations came as May worked to fill jobs in her minority government. Read More »

IPhones To Block Texts While Driving With iOS 11 Update


And, what do you know, Apple went ahead and did just that, alongside other relevant announcements concerning upgrades for macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Meanwhile, filmmaker Peter Jackson's game studio Wingnut AR demonstrated an augmented reality experience on an iPad. Read More »

Tories and DUP to agree 'confidence and supply' deal

The Labour leader, whose party gained 262 seats in the General Election , up from the 232 secured by Ed Miliband in 2015, says he plans to oppose the Queen's Speech in an attempt to bring Theresa May down. May earlier on Saturday lost her two closest aides as she struggled to reassert her leadership after a crushing election setback. EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger said it could be possible to discuss closer ties between Britain and the EU than May had initially planned. Read More »

Watch The Moment Jeremy Corbyn's Hive Five Went VERY Wrong


A British author ate his book during a live TV show after his prediction that the opposition Labour party would poll less than 38 per cent votes went wrong. "I was surprised that Jeremy Corbyn got 2 percentage points more than I had expected and I did say that I would eat this book", the pundit admitted on London-based SkyNews, adding, "Two percentage points make a big difference and I am a man of my word". Read More »

British premier strikes tentative deal with Northern Ireland party


She called the early election with her party comfortably ahead in the polls in the hope of increasing her majority and strengthening Britain's hand in exit talks with the European Union . Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said she had demanded a "categoric assurance" that gay rights would not be affected by a deal with the DUP, which strongly opposes marriage equality. Read More »

Iran kills mastermind behind Tehran attacks, arrests more

Iran says the attackers, who were all killed, had fought for the IS group in Syria and neighboring Iraq. Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said on Saturday that the terrorist commander who masterminded the Tehran attacks has been killed. Read More »

Britain votes: 6 takeaways from the UK's general election


The identities of party donors are normally withheld in the Northern Ireland under legislation dating from the Troubles, three decades of nationalistic and sectarian conflict that ended in 1998, but the DUP yielded to growing pressure in February when it revealed that the donation came from CRC. Read More »

Theresa May's best hope, DUP opposes abortion, same-sex marriage

May's two closest aides Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill quit after coming under intense pressure from Tories following the election result . May announced on Friday she would seek to form a minority government with the help of a small Northern Irish party, the ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ). Read More »

Ambassador Haley to Visit UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and Israel

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley hailed a "new day" for Israel at the global body today as she held talks with Israeli leaders in Jerusalem. During the visit, Haley met with top officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom she discussed U.S. efforts to reform the Council, and "recognized that much work remains until Israel is treated fairly in all United Nations fora", according to a readout of the meeting provided by her office. Read More »

Theresa May To Form UK Govt With Right-Wing Irish Democratic Unionist Party


The Conservative Party has depended on Irish politicians before: Prime Minister John Major relied on support from the Ulster Unionist Party to shore up his tiny majority in 1992-1997. According to its election manifesto, the DUP supports the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, but on the provison that the border with its neighbor, EU member Ireland, remains "frictionless". Read More »

Theresa May, fragilisée, sacrifie ses lieutenants — Royaume-Uni

Alors qu'elle espérait obtenir une majorité renforcée pour peser dans ses négociations dans le cadre du Brexit , la première ministre britannique a perdu la majorité absolue. Et il a augmenté le score du Labour de plusieurs sièges, alors que tout le monde lui prédisait une amère défaite. Elle s'est coupée des citoyens ainsi que de ses opposants - puisqu'elle a refusé systématiquement de débattre avec Jeremy Corbyn -, mais également du pays en refusant de répondre à un certain nombre ... Read More »

UK police name two London attackers, say one investigated before

Police shot and killed all three. British police on Monday has named two of the three terrorists who carried out the London Bridge attack as Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane , reported local media. "How can you say something sensible about things that are absolutely senseless?" There are 500 current investigations involving 3000 potential suspects. Read More »

Démission des deux chefs de cabinet de Theresa May — GB

L'ancien maire de Londres a démenti en assurant qu'il était "à 100% derrière Theresa May ". "Nous pouvons confirmer que le Parti unioniste démocrate nord-irlandais a donné son feu vert au principe d'un accord pour soutenir le gouvernement conservateur", a déclaré le porte-parole de Downing Street, ce samedi. Read More »

Three killed, two wounded in Utah shooting


He says the family is reeling from the loss of two loved ones and critical injuries to another son. Resident Colby Corbett was in his backyard waiting for his eight-year-old son to walk home from school when he heard 20 to 30 gunshots within a few seconds. Read More »

Apple limiting how many review pop-ups apps can show


Apple also said that it has paid out nearly $70 Billion to developers in the last 9 years and this doesn't account the ad revenues that most of the free apps make. The alert can only be presented three times a year (and this is enforced by the system). Users are also given more control about whether they want to be asked to review apps at all. Read More »

Dems Aren't Happy Clinton Is Blaming Them For Her Loss

Karoun Demirjian of the Washington Post argued that it would be more productive for Clinton to take responsibility for her loss before she addresses the problems she thinks the party should fix. The "irony of her bashing our data: *our* models never had" Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania "looking even close to safe ... her team thought they knew better", he said. Read More »

Theresa May to form fragile government after United Kingdom election debacle

Britain has been plunged into political chaos after a shock result in Thursday's general election that saw the ruling Conservative Party's majority wiped out. Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston said on Twitter: "I will always oppose the death penalty & would resign if others imposed it". Polls in mid-April showed the Conservative Party ahead of Labor - sometimes by double digits. Read More »

Six-day war: Israel protesters mark anniversary with demo against occupation


The Palestinian foreign ministry said in a statement: "Netanyahu wants to cut off the momentum of USA and global efforts to resume negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis". The state of Israel grew in both land mass and spirit during the Six-Day War in June 1967, but an ethical dilemma has stuck with the country over how to handle the Palestinian question. Read More »

McCain Explains Iffy Performance During Comey Hearing

Speaking to reporters for the first time since 18 million Americans watched Comey's testimony before the Senate, Trump called the former FBI head a "liar" and said he never asked him to drop an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn over his contacts with Russian Federation. Read More »

Brazilian President acquitted in illegal campaign funds case

The political turmoil in Brazil - that began with the push past year to remove Rousseff from power for violating budget laws - has reached a fever pitch. Temer's approval rating is hovering around 9 percent and he has a tenuous hold on his ruling coalition. But among the political and business elite he was tolerated, partly because he was trying to push through pension and labour reforms which, they say, were vital to revive the country's economy. Read More »

European Union tells May 'no time to lose' on Brexit talks

Mr Juncker added that Brussels wanted the talks to start, saying: "As far as the Commission is concerned, we can open negotiations tomorrow morning at half-past nine. "This is not only about the United Kingdom, but also about the future of Europe". She had, he said, " played with fire" in binding Britain to the two-year deadline for Brexit talks and had now "got burned". Read More »