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Syrian activists: At least 7 killed in Raqqa air strike


It is claimed that the leader of ISIS was killed during a heavy artillery raid on Raqqa , the Islamic State-occupied city in Syria, reports the Mirror . The city has always been seen as a prize by multiple parties to the Syrian conflict, including the government, Russia, Turkey and the US-led coalition bombing IS since 2014. Lire la suite »

Judge won't dismiss Michelle Carter case; defense begins calling witnesses


Mr Roy was found dead in his pickup truck in a K-Mart auto park on 12 July 2014. Verronneau, under cross-examination, said Carter could have deleted some cell phone messages she had sent Roy. She also contacted a friend when she learned that investigators were looking through Mr Roy's phone. The troopers and the pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Roy's body also testified on Thursday. Lire la suite »

Trump says Qatar funds 'high level' terror

In a day of mixed messages and chaotic diplomacy, Tillerson emphasized the economic, humanitarian and military damage he said the blockade was inflicting. Saudi Arabia has said Qatar needs to cut ties with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, if it wanted to end its isolation. Lire la suite »

London Bridge terror attack could have been much worse


Mr Malik added that there are people who want to cause divisions, adding: "But standing here today with all of those around us demonstrates one week on that that's not going to happen". "The attack in London Bridge and people enjoying a Saturday night out with friends was an attack on the spirit of London ". Eight people died in addition to the attackers , and almost 50 others were hospitalized. Lire la suite »

British PM Theresa May makes no change to top ministerial team


However, Mrs May insisted that, as the leader of the largest party in the new parliament, she had a duty to act in the "national interest". But in the frenzied final few days of the campaign, with the polls narrowing, Johnson was pushed into the limelight, making a strongly worded speech attacking Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, and introducing May in some of her final pre-election appearances. Lire la suite »

Trump breaks silence, calls Comey a 'leaker'


He further denied ever asking Comey for his "loyalty", contradicting Comey's detailed allegations in his sworn testimony. Although Donald Trump's political opponents believed that former FBI Director James Comey's testimony would sink the United States president, those expectations have not been met. Lire la suite »

Qatar says state news agency was first hacked in April

Turkey had initially stayed neutral in the dispute involving Qatar but soon became more assertive in its support for Doha . They said they would take a hard line on funding extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar. "But they can be addressed immediately". "Having internal Arab messes like this escalate and get more complicated makes it pretty clear that the Arab world is far away from solving other issues like Palestine or Iraq or even the relationship with Iran". Lire la suite »

Iran's Supreme Leader: Attacks Will Increase Hatred of US, Saudis

Hamas said in an official statement that it condemns "the terrorist attack that occurred today in Tehran and injured parliamentarians and Iranian symbols". It says four attackers launched Wednesday's assault on parliament, which has wounded at least eight people. The ISIS media wing, Amaq, claimed "fighters with the Islamic State" carried out the assault. Lire la suite »

New Jersey voters go to polls to replace Gov. Chris Christie


Gov. Kim Guadagno , who was twice elected on the ticket with the term-limited governor, has gone to great lengths to try to highlight their differences. He will run against Republican Mark Csizmar, a former Member of the East Brunswick Police Department who sought election to the Town Council last fall. Lire la suite »

Le fils de Kadhafi aurait été libéré par les rebelles libyens


Seif Al-Islam a été libéré vendredi soir , " correspondant au 14 du mois de ramadan ", en application d'une loi d'amnistie promulguée par le Parlement établi dans l'est du pays, rapportent les médias métropolitains. Tout comme l'ex-chef des renseignements Abdallah Senoussi, Seif al-Islam fait de même l'objet d'un mandat d'arrêt émis par la Cour pénale internationale (CPI). Lire la suite »

Le créateur de la pizza hawaïenne est décédé


Les clients de Panopoulus dégustent leurs pizzas avec de la sauce tomate, du jambon et des ananas. Elle est encore aujourd'hui très critiquée, mais la pizza hawaïenne a obtenu un appui de taille, celui du premier ministre Justin Trudeau par la voie de son compte twitter. Lire la suite »

Russia, Qatar to discuss Middle East crisis

As his top advisers sought to defuse an escalating crisis in the Middle East, President Donald Trump on Friday doubled down on his criticism of Qatar, a key USA ally, calling it a longtime "funder of terrorism at a very high level". While Mr Tillerson said Qatar must respond to its neighbours' concerns, he also urged the others to take action against extremists within their borders. Lire la suite »

Get Ready for a Whole New iOS 11 App Store

The portrait mode now works in low light and supports True Tone flash and OIS. And Apple has already foreseen the downside to such a speedy refresh rate: reduced battery life. "Advances in technology must also be accompanied by enforcement and tough penalties for those who break the law, to ensure that drivers have the expectation that if they use a mobile phone behind the wheel, they will be caught and penalised". Lire la suite »

New iPad Pros & iOS 11 Updates will Increase Productivity


This means you will miss out on vital new features and security patches. According to 9to5mac , this function does have range limits to keep neighbors or passersby from spamming your phone with prompts. The enormous dock provided by iOS 11 can be filled with numerous apps and can be swiped bottom-up if you have to switch apps. Apple's iPhone 8 is still months away from being revealed but the USA technology giant may have given a glimpse of what's to come. Lire la suite »

British Prime Minister Theresa May's Top 2 Aides Quit

Republicans used the build-up to the Iraq War to keep the US Congress in 2002; and despite the fact that the war was already a disastrous failure by 2004, it helped George W. Could you tell us a little bit about the Democratic Unionists? "And eventually Harold Wilson managed to form a government". Its majority depends on the caprice of 10 Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland. Lire la suite »

British election leaves UK's path more muddled

Senior members of the ruling Conservative party had reportedly made the departure of Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill a condition of allowing May to stay on after losing her parliamentary majority in Thursday's vote. With all 650 seats declared, the Conservatives had won 318 seats , the Labour Party had 262 seats, followed by the pro-independence Scottish National Party on 34. Lire la suite »

Trump accuses ex-FBI chief James Comey of lying

A day later, Trump accused Comey of lying under oath, saying, "frankly, James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said, and some of the things that he said just weren't true". "Lordy, I hope there are tapes", Comey said during his testimony Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of these events? Trump branded Comey a "leaker" for indirectly providing to reporters the contents of memos he wrote after their private ... Lire la suite »

Democratic Unionist Party agree 'confidence deal' with Conservatives


Beleaguered British Prime Minister Theresa May is appointing new members of her government after several of them lost their seats in Parliament in this week's general election that proved disastrous for her Conservative Party . The opposition Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn took 262 seats, gaining 30. "The reason for the disappointing result was not the absence of support for Theresa May and the Conservatives but an unexpected surge in support for Labour", Timothy said in an ... Lire la suite »

Will your iPhone or iPad get iOS 11? Here's the full list


The company also launched a new iPad Pro model and, even though you didn't actually see it presented on stage, a new iPad accessory also hit Apple's online store. "Products like Amazon's Alexa have been on the market for a while, and the significance of Apple's announcements this year are not that they introduce anything especially new". Lire la suite »

Trump to Comey: 'Good luck,' I'll be too busy to watch


A majority of people who voted for President Donald Trump want someone in the White House to get the boot (and, no, we're not talking impeachment, although plenty of people want that as well). Spicer's counterpart Sarah Huckabee Sanders also lamented the media obsession with the tweets and celebrated them as a way for Trump to speak directly and unfiltered to his followers, but regretting that the media obsesses "over every period, dot". Lire la suite »

Affaiblie, Theresa May toujours en recherche de majorité

Affaiblie après son revers aux législatives, la Première ministre britannique Theresa May a conclu samedi un " accord sur des grandes lignes " avec le petit Parti unioniste démocrate nord-irlandais (DUP), qui devrait lui donner une courte majorité pour gouverner. Lire la suite »

Use-of-force expert: Minnesota officer justified in shooting

Kapelsohn said three-eighths of inch of the butt of the gun was left below the lip of the pocket. In contrast, he told the Ramsey County jury it typically takes an officer about five-tenths of a second to react to such a threat. Had Yanez not shot, Kapelsohn said, a gunfight could have erupted between Castile, Yanez and possibly Yanez's police partner who was on the other side of Castile's vehicle that night. Lire la suite »

'Will Trump Regret This?' President Vows to Testify Under Oath

Mr Comey told Congress under oath he believed he was sacked to influence his investigation into the Trump campaign. Karl: And you seem to be hinting there are recordings of those conversations. I don't think you did anything wrong. He added, "Again, I take the president's words". There's no "hey I'm hoping ". The committee's chairman, Rep. Lire la suite »

Its tough when de Villiers doesn't perform, says Miller


Hope would even reside on JP Duminy, the second-most experienced cricketer in the team, who too has been struggling to contribute. He is a good guy with a good heart. In hindsight, when you look back, maybe you think of phases that we could have accelerated, but I don't see that as a major issue. "If it doesn't happen, then so be it". Lire la suite »

Beleaguered British PM May appoints new ministers

Labour won 262 seats in the general election , but the Conservatives remain the largest party in Parliament with 318 seats. (Lord Buckethead ran against her and did not do well.) The party that gets the most seats then puts together a government and the leader of the party becomes the Prime Minister. Lire la suite »