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Baccalauréat 2017 : À vos copies !


Les candidats libres représentent, quant à eux, un total de 89.425 élèves de l'effectif global, ajoute le ministère. Ceci, en plus 41.460 surveillants et 40.000 professeurs assurant la correction d'environ 3,6 millions de copies. Loi effective depuis septembre 2016. Enfin, en ce qui concerne les sessions de rattrapage, elles se dérouleront les 11, 12, 13 et le matin du 14 juillet 2017 pour la section agriculture. Lire la suite »

Turned up to iOS 11 - what's new in Apple's latest system


F YOU'RE one of the remaining people still rocking an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, Apple has confirmed some bad news for you. Apple also announced new Macintosh computers, new versions of MacOS, watchOS and tvOS, along with providing a preview of an intelligent speaker that will show up in December. Lire la suite »

Three US soldiers killed, one wounded by Afghan soldier

Three U.S. Army soldiers were killed and another was wounded in an attack by an Afghan soldier for which the Taliban has claimed responsibility. Islamic State , or Daesh as it is generally known in Afghanistan, has established a stronghold in the region, which borders Pakistan. Lire la suite »

New iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac India costs announced

Can you tell which MacBook is the new one? IMac Pro with the Vega GPU delivers up to an fantastic 11 Teraflops of single-precision compute power for real-time 3D rendering and immersive, high frame rate VR. The hardware in the new iPad Pros will help too. While it's true that the new iPad Pro failed to transition to the brand new OLED technology that the iPhone 8 will have, its LCD manages to hold its own still. Lire la suite »

In UK, May strikes deal to prop up Conservative government


Anand Menon , professor of politics at King's College London, said her lack of a majority made it far more likely that Britain would leave the European Union without a deal. DUP Leader Arlene Foster recently denied the party was homophobic. The government now funds the cost of care homes for people who have less than £23,250 in savings and income. Lire la suite »

Iran arrests 8 after attacks on parliament, Khomeini shrine

Abe said he strongly condemned the attacks and described them as a despicable act of terrorism against the people of Iran . He said: "These agents who were supporters of the two terrorist groups, and had full coordination with them, were arrested and they were delivered to Tehran's judicial and security authorities". Lire la suite »

Survivor says grocery store killer saw her but spared her

There was one witness at the scene who was not injured, police spokesman Ryan Tarkowski said . In a recent writing, Stair expressed "extreme loneliness", a sense of detachment from the world and frustration at not being able to make or keep friends or relationships, Mitchell said. Lire la suite »

Sessions to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee


Sessions noted that several lawmakers on those panels had said they meant to ask him about the Russian Federation investigation, after testimony by former FBI director James Comey before the intelligence committee Thursday. Sessions was scheduled to discuss the Justice Department budget before Sen. So we were convinced - in fact, I think we'd already heard the career people were recommending that he recuse himself, that he was not going to be in contact with Russia-related matters much longer. Lire la suite »

Backed forces announce 'great battle' to capture Raqqa

The Pentagon on Tuesday said "hundreds" of USA troops were involved in the military campaign to recapture the city of Raqqa from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). "In addition to warplanes, there are coalition forces working side by side with the Syrian Democratic Forces", Silo said. The commander of the Raqqa campaign, Rojda Felat, told Reuters that SDF fighters were attacking the al-Mishlab district at the city's southeastern outskirts, confirming an earlier report by the Syrian ... Lire la suite »

Sessions says he will discuss Comey with US Senate panel


Richard Shelby , Senate Appropriations Committee chair, Sessions cited public statements of some members that they would use their time with Sessions to ask him questions about the Russian Federation issue instead of the purported subject of discussion, the Department of Justice's FY 2018 budget. Lire la suite »

Trump's closest allies warn it's time to stop tweeting


That assurance evaporated in the face of a Trump twitterstorm the very next day. As of Tuesday, it didn't sound like Spicer expected the president to be tweeting . This guy, Shannon Wheeler , he draws these cartoons for the New Yorker , MAD , the Onion - he's very, very, good, okay? "The president has always said that he wanted to buy a newspaper, and Twitter has filled that void - in fact, he notes it's a newspaper without the losses", said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign ... Lire la suite »

May to forge 'government of certainty' with DUP backing

With no clear victor emerging from Thursday's election, a wounded May has signalled she would fight on. The Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) is the largest political party in Northern Ireland . The DUP only represents Northern Ireland, but it runs candidates for seats in the U.K. Parliament. Ahead of the talks with the Tories, DUP MP Gavin Robinson said any deal wouldn't extend beyond a confidence and supply arrangement from the opposition benches. Lire la suite »

Brexit to go on, says May as she forms minority government


Moscovici said he did not see the election as a second referendum on Brexit but added that "what is true is that Jeremy Corbyn has campaigned on a version of a softer, softer Brexit". "I don't think that things now have become easier but we are ready". Therefore, the result could be interpreted as a rejection of May's vision of Brexit - and Britain could now rethink its opening negotiating position. Lire la suite »

Mayhem after the United Kingdom election, but May hangs on to leadership


Cameron, gambling that Britons wouldn't want to sever their network of ties with the continent, had promised the Brexit referendum during a 2015 election campaign that gave Conservatives a surprise Parliamentary majority. This translated into 318 seats for the Conservatives (a net loss of 12)-and a loss of the party's overall majority of 330-compared to 261 seats for Labour (a net gain of 29). Lire la suite »

Top two aides to British PM Theresa May quit


This morning, two of May's closest advisers were forced to resign. To hear more about all this, we called Roger Scully once again. "I want to reaffirm my ongoing support for the Conservative Party and its principles". Hardly had the votes been counted in Britain's indecisive election, in which no party got an outright parliamentary majority, than politicians took to airwaves and tapped away on Twitter to spin what the result meant. Lire la suite »

May strikes deal with DUP following shock result

Theresa May is to head a minority Conservative government - propped up by the DUP - after her General Election gamble backfired disastrously. Foster did not take any questions from reporters at the brief news conference. "We fought this election on the importance of the Union and I think people really responded to that". Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where same-sex marriage is not legal. Lire la suite »

GOP health care bill fate could be decided this week

The Senate can only afford to lose two of his chamber's Republican seats, with Vice President Mike Pence to break the tie. Price blamed Washington and the media amid inaction on health care reform. Republican senators have begun openly opining that legislation to fulfill the GOP's seven-year campaign promise of repealing the health care law may not happen this year. Lire la suite »

Trump Won't Try to Block Comey Testimony With Executive Privilege Claim


Flynn, according to a memo by Mr. Comey. Spicer said he hadn't spoken to the White House counsel, Don McGahn, about the matter. Literally, my understanding is the date for that hearing was just set. Comey, who was leading the Federal Bureau of Investigation's probe into alleged Russian meddling in last year's US presidential election, was sacked by Trump last month, four years into his 10-year term. Lire la suite »

Erdogan pledges 'full support to Qatari brothers' amid Gulf crisis

Asserting that it has "vital stakes" in peace and stability in the Gulf, India on Saturday asked countries in the region to resolve the Qatar crisis through constructive dialogue and well-established worldwide principles of mutual respect. Russian Federation is "ready to try to do everything in its power" to help resolve the crisis, he said. When Mr. Trump spoke to the press shortly after the Secretary's statement, he did not repeat the call for lifting the blockade and instead launched a ... Lire la suite »

Trump, Tillerson offer conflicting statements on Qatar crisis within 90 minutes

Cavusoglu also said Turkey's military base in Qatar, where there are now around 90 Turkish soldiers based, was aimed at contributing to the security of the entire Gulf region and was not aimed at a specific Gulf state. Trump met with Qatar's emir only two weeks ago and called the country a "crucial strategic partner" in the fight against extremism. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have suspended all flights to and from Doha and closed off sea and air links to Qatar. Lire la suite »

Tentative deal struck between Theresa May and DUP to secure coalition

But the ballot-box humiliation has seriously - and possibly mortally - wounded May's leadership just as Britain is about to begin complex exit talks with the European Union . Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill - chiefs of staff to May - announced their resignations in statements posted to the Conservative Home website. "Our manifesto was full of fear and the Labour Party's manifesto was full of promises". Lire la suite »

La chaîne qatarie Al Djazira cible d'une cyberattaque


Ses services continuent néanmoins de fonctionner, a-t-on souligné dans l'entreprise. Elle intervient trois jours après la rupture par l'Arabie saoudite, ses principaux alliés du Golfe ainsi que l'Egypte de leurs relations diplomatiques avec le Qatar. Lire la suite »