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Apple pushing macOS devs to release 64-bit apps

Apple is also adding support for right-to-left languages, while there are also new features to give developers more options when designing buttons and the ability to blur the entire screen. Meanwhile, the iOS 11 update will improve digital assistant Siri's voice and language capabilities with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Lire la suite »

Fires Back ... Comey Lied and Leaked!


In his testimony , Comey accused the president of telling " lies, plain and simple " when he claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was in disarray and poorly led, and that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. Comey also said that he took detailed notes on nine of his one-on-one interactions with Trump because he feared the president would later lie about the nature of their conversations. Lire la suite »

Apple reveals price of new products in India

June 5, 2017. It also paves the way for augmented reality (AR) to debut on an Apple device, which MacWorld says will allow users to layer 3D objects over real life . One can dream, no? That's right - they think these 10 stocks are even better buys. This iMac comes with Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. Even if you never notice these features first-hand, you should notice your Mac running at least a bit faster with High Sierra. Lire la suite »

Cavaliers set NBA Finals record for most 3s in a game


Matt Barnes and David West got into an argument with a fan sitting courtside, and the fan, who happens to be friends with James, was escorted from his seat by security. Irving erupted for 16 points in the period and the Cavs forged a 94-89 lead by period's end. That ball movement has resulted in 94 assists for Golden State through the first three games compared to 59 assists for Cleveland . Lire la suite »

If there are any Trump-Comey tapes, Congress wants them

Trump, however, insisted that he never asked Comey for his loyalty, as Comey stated under oath in his congressional testimony. "I didn't say that", Trump said at a joint press conference alongside the president of Romania. "Yes, I was on Judiciary Cmte that impeached Clinton/sent him for trial in the Senate for matters less serious than the ones before us now", Inglis tweeted Friday. Lire la suite »

Russian Su-27 intercepts USAF bombers over Baltic Sea


On June 1, the naval exercises, dubbed Baltic Operations (BALTOPS), the largest ones held by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in the region, kicked off in the Polish northern port city of Szczecin. In September, a Russian fighter jet flew within 10 feet (3 meters) of a US Navy surveillance aircraft, in what American officials called an unsafe intercept over the Black Sea. Lire la suite »

The Best Hits and Worst Misses of Apple WWDC 2017


As for Apple's narrative that the HomePod is a smart speaker first and a digital assistant second, it's playing catch-up to more established speaker companies that have had time to build out a more mature lineup of hardware . The device is equipped with six different microphones so that users can use their voices to interact with the device fluently and effectively "even while loud music is playing", according to Apple . Lire la suite »

Theresa May Vows Brexit Will Go On

If, within 14 days after the election , no viable coalition emerges to form a government , another election would have to be held. She has signed a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ), which will allow her to establish a minority government . Lire la suite »

PM emphasizes on leaving behind legacy of peace, amity for future generations

PM Modi also expressed his gratitude towards the other member countries that supported India's membership to SCO. In his address at the annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in the Kazakh capital, Modi said India's entry into the SCO family will give a new momentum to the grouping in dealing with terrorism and other pressing challenges facing the region. Lire la suite »

Should PayPal Be Worried About Apple's Peer-to-Peer Payment Service?


The new service allows users to send and receive money inside Apple's iMessage app . Users can then authenticate payments with Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. However, Apple's new push for business messaging on iMessage isn't an entirely new concept. The research also found that 89 percent of Americans carry cash sometimes or always, with the average person having a little more than $20 in their wallet. Lire la suite »

London attack: Body pulled from Thames River is 8th victim, officials say


His girlfriend, who was hit by the vehicle, is seriously injured in hospital. Eight officers were involved in the shootout with the three attackers , and the video had been confirmed as genuine by The Guardian . The attack, and prior attacks in Manchester and near Parliament in London, have prompted Prime Minister Theresa May to call for tougher counter-terrorism laws even if it means changing human rights protections. Lire la suite »

Bill Cosby 'drugged friend then sexually assaulted her'


Constand also told police she had not been alone with Cosby prior to the alleged assault, which she said was a mistake she made, due to nerves.Constand also testified on cross-examination that she had told Cosby that she was stressed by a potential career change, and that she was having trouble sleeping, earlier in the day.Agrusa also questioned Constand on phone calls she made to Cosby after the alleged incident. Lire la suite »

Turkey's president ratifies Qatar military deals


Qatar's neighbours have also criticised it for allegedly supporting groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas . The FBI has sent a team of investigators to Qatar because they believe that Russian hackers are responsible for planting a fake news report that has led to the crisis in which all diplomatic ties to Qatar have been severed by Saudi Arabia and numerous other Gulf nations, according to a CNN report. Lire la suite »

'100 percent' willing to go under oath to refute Comey

The president is tweeting, and perhaps tweeting himself into more trouble, about James B. Comey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation director he fired in May. The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director testified that he kept notes on his meetings with the president because he was concerned Trump might lie about the nature of their conversations. Lire la suite »

UK Labour Party ready to form minority government, says politician Emily Thornberry

That would mean the winning party would need 323 seats for a majority, rather than 326. The DUP campaigned to leave the European Union , despite the majority of people in Northern Ireland voting to Remain. The Scottish National Party lost 21 seats, leaving it with 35. The Labour party gaining huge won 262 seats has urged May to resign and make way for it to form the minority government. Lire la suite »

OHSAA announces football regions and playoff format


Coach Reno Saccoccia's squad will be joined in the group by fellow OVAC squads Beaver Local, East Liverpool - also moving from 15 - and Harrison Central, which is moving up from Division V, Region 17 this year. "Due to so many more college football games being played on nights, attendance at our playoff games has steadily declined, and more potential playoff sites have said they can not host games on Saturdays". Lire la suite »

British Pound Remains Lower After UK Election

Just after noon (UK time ), she was driven to Buckingham Palace to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government - a formality under the British system. Back in April, the Prime Minister called the election as polls pointed to a landslide result for the her party. This was likely to involve an arrangement in which the DUP would support a Conservative minority government on key votes in Parliament but not form a formal coalition. Lire la suite »

After losses, UK's May seeks coalition amid some calls to step down

The youth in these countries clearly does not see eye to eye with the growth of conservative values, but will it continue to protest and continue to vote for progressive parties in years to come? The only senior minister to support her publicly was the Brexit Secretary David Davis who said he would "fight tooth and nail" to keep her in Downing Street . Lire la suite »

Eight iOS 11 features Apple kept secret

Earlier this week, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference officially kicked off with its keynote speech, where a variety of different Apple employees (and employees of other companies) took the stage to talk about what's new coming to Apple's software and devices . Lire la suite »

Don't fire Jeff Sessions, aides urge Donald Trump

Even Thursday, Sanders failed to name Sessions as someone explicitly enjoying the President's confidence. JOHNSON: Well, sources are telling me Trump has been very angry with Jeff Sessions for recusing himself in the Russian Federation investigation to begin with, lots of profane conversations and yelling. Lire la suite »

Australia decides to toughen parole laws after fatal siege


Turnbull thanked Finkel for the report on achieving affordable, reliable energy that meets Australia's greenhouse gas reduction targets. In the wake of this week's Melbourne attack by Somali-born Yacqub Khayre, Turnbull demanded that state Attorneys-General should sign off on parole applications when there was a terrorism link, rather than parole authorities. Lire la suite »

Apple Unveils New iOS for Next-Gen Smartphone

The iPhone 5S and newer devices will receive the upgrade but some older apps will no longer work afterwards. Essentially, a dialog similar to the AirPod pairing prompt will show up on a nearby device, asking the network owner if he or she would like to send the password. Lire la suite »

Qatar blockade: US urges Gulf states to ease restrictions

Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesperson, said in a statement . The group said the list shows Qatar "announces fighting terrorism on one hand and finances and supports and hosts different terrorist organisations on the other hand". It is squarely in America's interest that Saudi Arabia succeeds in these efforts, for the alternative - a failed kingdom or a much more repressive one - will generate more terrorism and regional instability. Lire la suite »