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Comey Says Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Meeting Prompted Hillary Clinton Reveal

When asked in his testimony on Thursday whether his decision was influenced by the meeting , Comey said , "yes, in an ultimately conclusive way". "And she said, just call it a matter". But he said the matter gave him a "queasy feeling". "We had investigated very, very thoroughly - I know this is the subject of passionate disagreement - but I knew there was no case there and calling for the appointment of special counsel would be brutally unfair because it would send the message, 'Aha, ... Lire la suite »

Sheriff: Policy violated in Texas escape that led to killing


Police spotted Garcia and a high-speed chase ensued, spanning from Brownsville to San Benito. "He's no stranger to law enforcement", said the police chief. In Brownsville, near the Mexico border, Garcia slashed the guard, took his handgun and fled the vehicle. "He just managed to find the right house for him with the door unlocked, and he just barged in". Lire la suite »

US' Tillerson urges Saudi allies to ease Qatar blockade

Trump's tweet appeared at odds with comments from USA officials who had said on Monday that the United States would quietly try to calm the waters between Saudi Arabia and Qatar because Qatar is too important to US military and diplomatic interests to be isolated. Lire la suite »

Trump Says Qatar Is An Historical 'Funder Of Terrorism'

The FBI have reportedly accused Russian hackers of planting a false news story about the Qatari Emir on May 23. The MWL said the sanctions confirm the commitment of the Kingdom and its sisterly countries to fight terrorism and block its sources, funding and supporting, pointing out that the global community should intensify its efforts to counter the activities of terrorist organizations as well as supporters and incubators of terrorism. Lire la suite »

N.Korea says leader Kim supervised test of new anti-ship missiles

South Korean President Moon Jae-in condemned the launch, which came a day after he suspended the deployment of an American missile shield. DOHA - Arab states have no right to "blockade" Qatar, the country's top diplomat said Thursday, insisting the campaign by Saudi Arabia and its allies to isolate the tiny, energy-rich nation is based on "false and fabricated news". Lire la suite »

Merkel in Argentina to talk Trump, trade and climate change

Merkel has criticised the protectionist stance taken by the United States and called the decision of President Donald Trump of withdrawing from the Paris climate accord 'extremely regrettable'. then we must also make compromises". "Brazil is perfectly aligned with this idea, we share it with Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay". "In this sense I am very optimistic". Lire la suite »

Comey explains why he spoke out on Clinton probe


Comey answered that the Clinton email investigation was a completed, closed investigation at the time he announced that "no reasonable prosecutor" would bring a case against her last July, while the Russian Federation investigation is still underway and could be for some time. Lire la suite »

Iraq says Iranian commander killed fighting IS

Iraqi forces on the roof of a house on the front line in the old city of western Mosul . Iraqi forces had previously faced strong resistance when they tried to make advances against ISIS militants in Old Mosul , where it is more densely populated and the streets are narrower than the eastern part of the city. Lire la suite »

Coats refuses to discuss Trump conversations

Senator Angus King , independent of ME, was forced to demand answers after three - Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe , Admiral Mike Rogers , the Director of the National Security Agency ( NSA ), and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats - refused to answer basic questions. Lire la suite »

Vindicates self, proclaims 'Comey is a leaker — Trump Friday Twitter


The leaders will face the White House press corps at a news conference in the Rose Garden after their talks . While Trump's staunchest supporters have tried to paint Comey's testimony as vindication for the president, few Republicans who don't work for Trump stepped in to defend the president's version of his contacts with Comey . Lire la suite »

New search underway near home of London Bridge terrorists

Police said Tuesday he lived in east London and that his family has been notified, adding that he was not considered to be a "subject of interest" to either police or the intelligence services. The Italian reports said Zaghba was intercepted at the Bologna airport previous year as he was about to board a plane for Turkey, apparently with the intention of joining Islamic State militants in Syria . Lire la suite »

Saudi Minister Refuses to Condemn Tehran Shootings


In Yemen - mired in conflict since Saudi Arabia launched an air war in 2015 against the Houthi movement that controls the capital - a southern Yemeni secessionist council armed by the UAE opposes the internationally recognized government because it includes the Qatar-backed Muslim Brotherhood . Lire la suite »

Egypt strongly condemns twin terrorist attacks in Iran

Police said five people were arrested around Khomeini's shrine on suspicion of involvement, while the intelligence ministry said a third team had been stopped before the attacks started. And in doing so, they just might evolve a larger consensus to resolve the big political issues in the region. In the first decade after the 1979 revolution, Tehran experienced frequent gun attacks, bombings and hijackings as groups opposed to Iran's new religious rulers waged a bloody campaign of ... Lire la suite »

How Saudi Arabia and allies strong-armed Qatar, blindsided US

The small Gulf Arab state is a critical global supplier of gas and hosts the biggest USA military base in the Middle East. Tillerson has been tapped by Mr. "Part of Russia's activity is to drive a wedge between the USA and our allies, writ large", said CBS News security contributor Frank Cilluffo, adding that the US can not let the incident undermine its relationship with Qatar, which hosts the largest American military base in the Middle East. Lire la suite »

US calls on Arab states to ease Qatar blockade as crisis deepens

That will also be the basis for the anti-Qatar states' hope of USA support of their crackdown. However, Jordan was taking the terror allegations into consideration and acting accordingly, he said, downgrading diplomatic ties with the beleaguered state and kicking out Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news organization. Lire la suite »

Germany: Climate will last longer than Trump presidency

America now joins Nicaragua and Syria as the only countries who have not signed the Paris Agreement . Now, Bruce said, the USA administration has weakened its position as a key player on the worldwide stage. RGGI is the first mandatory market-based program in the reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Conversely, in states that favored Trump in the 2016 election, even clean energy is big business. Lire la suite »

Apple Introduces Amazon Rival: Siri Smart Speaker/Home Pod


Siri's name recognition could play a role in HomePod adoption. Amazon has also emphasized bringing Alexa to other devices outside of the Echo like home TVs and appliances. The speaker will also maintain an emphasis on privacy by only sending voice data to the cloud in response to specific requests initiated with " Hey Siri ", which the speaker will listen for with local voice recognition. Lire la suite »

Microsoft OneDrive will support the NEW Files app in Apple's iOS 11


Do you like to use Apple CarPlay? if so, you will still be able to use it if your vehicle is equipped with it. However, such a feature will come in handy, and users would most surely be happy to use it. There are also better options for portrait mode and improved photography at low light, Apple said. The only "big" change Apple made to Apple Music in iOS 11 is one Spotify has had for years: the ability to create a public profile so friends can see what you're listening ... Lire la suite »

Royaume-Uni: privée de sa majorité absolue, May reconduit son gouvernement

Pour le ministre allemand des Affaires étrangères Sigmar Gabriel, le scrutin signe un désaveu pour Theresa May et sa position pour un Brexit "dur". "Les Tories s'en prennent à Theresa", selon le Daily Mail . - Invitation d'Emmanuel Macron - La Première ministre a reçu un appel du président français Emmanuel Macron, qui l'a félicitée, et l'a invitée "à une visite en France à la première opportunité". Lire la suite »