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Trump Not Planning to Invoke Executive Privilege for Comey Testimony — NY Times


The White House is anxious that Comey will have a very different version of those discussions and that he felt pressured by Trump to drop the pending investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn . Respected across the aisle by both Republicans and Democrats, Mueller led the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 12 years until 2013. "Why would he tell the president that?" Then we talked about some other stuff. Lire la suite »

Gulf widens as Saudi, allies place Qataris on 'terror list'

Trump had asked Tillerson to help mediate the crisis, and the secretary has been calling his counterparts in the region to "de-escalate" the situation and resolve their grievances. He also called the moves against Qatar "violations of global law and worldwide humanitarian law". During the call, the White House said that Trump "emphasized the importance of all counties in the region working together to prevent the financing of terrorist organizations and stop the promotion of extremist ... Lire la suite »

UAE Minister Suggests Embargo If Qatar Doesn't Change Course

Social media users in the United Arab Emirates who "show sympathy" for Qatar could face up to 15 years of jail time, UAE Public Prosecutor Hamad al-Shamsi said in a statement on Wednesday. Kuwait and Oman, within the GCC, have tried to mediate. "Qatar still has ways to export its LNG cargos to Asia that don't require the use of any territorial waters for the UAE or Oman, so they can circumnavigate those maritime borders without too much trouble", he continues. Lire la suite »

Immigration officer shoots man after Denver stop


Police Chief Robert White said man ran from his vehicle and had some kind of confrontation with the officers nearby before one of them officers fired at him. Hancock's office issued a statement saying the city "fundamentally disagrees with ICE's approach to enforcement in and around our courthouses", which it said is "causing fear in the heart of our immigrant community and ... Lire la suite »

Trump accuses Qatar of funding terror 'at a very high level'


In a 21 May speech to almost 50 Arab and Muslim leaders gathered in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, Trump framed the region's problems as exclusively due to Iranian aggression and terrorism by Islamist extremist groups. It drew some support on Wednesday when Turkey's parliament approved a draft bill allowing its troops to be deployed to a military base in Qatar. "The conditions have to start with that statement [by Qatar], that will be by Qatar", he said. Lire la suite »

UK Conservative Party loses majority, prepares for hung parliament

She was enjoying enormous popularity at the time and the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn looked weak. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, said he hoped there would be no further delays, and that the result of the United Kingdom general election would not have a "major impact on the negotiations we are desperately waiting for". Lire la suite »

Theresa May to carry on as British PM

On the doorstep of her official Downing Street residence, May said her government would provide certainty and lead successful Brexit negotiations with the European Union . "Our two parties have enjoyed a strong relationship over many years", she said. May leads the Tory party which came up eight seats short of getting the 326 required to make up a majority of the British Parliament , creating a "hung parliament ". Lire la suite »

Theresa May says she'll remain PM despite calls to go

British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to form a government and lead Brexit negotiations after loosing a major snap election Thursday, just 10 days before the government was due to begin Brexit negotiations. The Labour Party can be expected to operate by the same playbook, and try to do a "confidence and supply" deal with smaller parties. While the parties are closely aligned on some issues, they differ on matters as pensions and the details of Britain's exit from ... Lire la suite »

Apple iOS 11: 11 new features coming to your iPhone and iPad


It usually rolls out after Apple demos the software on its next iPhones . All you have to do is scroll up from the lock screen to your notifications. Apple Pay, P2P: Person-to-person payments are now part of Apple's Messages app. The new platform typically opens to developers first and rolls out to the public later in the year. Lire la suite »

Apple speaker 'an echo of its competitors'


So how do these smart speakers compare? A smart speaker is a small Wi-Fi connected speaker controlled with voice commands. But when you're telling us that all AirPlay 2 .0 speakers will be controllable by Siri and any AirPlay speaker can be accessed and grouped by the Home app, we should probably spend a few minutes on that. Lire la suite »

Meet Daniel Richman, The Man Comey Trusted To Leak His Memos

A bipartisan group of Senate Judiciary Committee members, spearheaded by Chairman Chuck Grassley, requested that Daniel Richman, a friend of Comey's, to hand over any memos the former director shared with him to be released to the media. Comey declined to offer an opinion on whether President Trump was trying to obstruct justice by expressing hope that Comey would drop an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn . Lire la suite »

Theresa May pressured to resign after British election disaster

No. It has happened only twice in the past century , in 1974 and 2010, though governments that were elected with a majority have also lost it through defection. Neither Conservatives nor Labour have seemed eager to form a coalition ahead of the vote, but their attitudes may change, as minority governments have a track record of not lasting long. Lire la suite »

Nebraska soccer association apologizes to girl


Mili plays for a soccer team called The Azzuri-Cachorros Chicas. Despite being just eight years-old, the Nebraska player is so good that she plays on the 11-year-old roster. "There's no point in all of us getting kicked off, they could have let some us stay and play", Hernandez said, disappointed her team wasn't' allowed to keep competing in the tournament. Lire la suite »

Hamas Says Saudi Push To Isolate It Regrettable

However, The Edge report said, Hamas had denied reports that its officials had been expelled from Qatar. "And in order to provide Hamas with anything, you need the cooperation of Egypt or Israel or both and you have neither", he said. Lire la suite »

Theresa May's political power is 'massively weakened' following United Kingdom snap election

Elected EU officials and members of the European Parliament aimed their fire squarely at Theresa May - who called the snap election in an attempt to strengthen her hand in the Brexit talks - and the wider Conservative Party . "We have to wait and see how things shake out". Experts say one reason Jeremy Corbyn , who heads the Labour Party , did so well in this election is because Labour , which did not support Brexit, publicly accepted the move nonetheless. Lire la suite »

Apple reportedly adds simple Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11

What's new in iOS 11 and how it compares to iOS 10. Where possible we will compare iOS 11 to iOS 10 so you know what is changing when you upgrade. Apple's speaker will be launching in the USA, U.K., and Australia in December , with additional markets to come next year. IOS 11 is now in the developer beta mode, and won't be available to all users until the fall, so the feature could be adjusted before it becomes publicly available. Lire la suite »

Apple reveals first new product in two years


The retro-named HomePod has Siri built in, but Apple didn't lead with that or immediately present the new device as a stand-alone virtual assistant. About 10 minutes into the presentation I was even wondering if it had any standard home assistant features as none were mentioned until near the end. Lire la suite »

US shoots down mock warhead over Pacific


Infrared footage shows the collision between the missile and the interceptor. The mock warhead, which was obliterated as it traveled outside the Earth's atmosphere, was launched from a test range on the Marshall Islands. The test, designated Flight Test Ground-Based Interceptor-15, will provide the data necessary to assess the performance of the GMD system and provide enhanced homeland defense capabilities. Lire la suite »

Apple unveils the HomePod speaker,to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home


Apple's SVP of Global Marketing Phil Schiller said Sonos aren't smart speakers and Amazon Echos aren't good speakers. Maybe Alexa will have some company soon. Apple is also offering tools for app makers to embed artificial intelligence capabilities. A survey released last month by research firm eMarketer found Echo speakers held 70.6 percent of the United States market, compared with 23.8 percent for Google Home and 5.6 percent for others including Lenovo, LG, Harmon ... Lire la suite »

Intel officials refuse to answer questions on Trump and Russia


But unlike Comey, they refused to offer any details about their personal dealings with President Trump. For contrast, take House Speaker Paul D. Ryan's , R-Wis., answer Wednesday to the same question posed by a reporter: "Has the president ever asked you to weigh in publicly on his behalf on some of the Russian Federation allegations?" He, too, was not very forthcoming. Lire la suite »

Third London Bridge attacker an Italian national

The search in Ilford, just north of Barking, is seeking to determine whether the group had accomplices. All three were shot dead by police minutes after the deadly terror assault began. But the premier was also facing mounting criticism for her record on security in the six years she served as Britain's interior minister before becoming prime minister last year. Lire la suite »

`Raabta`, `Behen Hogi Teri` open to decent business at BO

Raabta witnessed a poor opening of around 10-15%, which is quite bad, considering the hype it created before the release. The reincarnation theme in the film is highly accepted nowadays but Raabta could not manage to drag the expected audience to the theatres on the day of its release with its same theme storyline. Lire la suite »