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Conservatives lead, but Labour gains big in British election


Ahead of the final result, May said Britain needed a "period of stability". Among some of the heavyweight losses of the night include that of former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg losing his Sheffield Hallam stronghold to the Labour party , while fellow party colleague Vince Cable - who had lost his seat in a shock result in 2015 - has regained his Twickenham seat with a solid majority of 9,762. Lire la suite »

Spicer: Trump's Tweets Are 'Official Statements By The President'

Yet, yesterday, two spokespersons minimized the importance of the President's tweets . Even 53 percent of GOP voters say he tweets too much, though they do believe his tweets are a good instead of bad thing. Neal Katyal, a former senior official on Barack Obama's Justice Department who is representing Hawaii in challenging the ban, underscored the point Monday. Lire la suite »

After disastrous election gamble, Theresa May not

She called the election early with the aim of shoring up support for the Conservatives ahead of the country's crucial Brexit negotiations , but the move has clearly backfired. The anti-Brexit Liberal Democrat Party did not make its hoped-for inroads. Q: What happens if the prime minister can't form a government? Leader Tim Farron held on to his Westmorland and Lonsdale seat in Cumbria on a much-reduced majority, down from 8,949 in 2015 to just 777 now. Lire la suite »

Trump's social media director admonished for political tweet


Scavino, while invoking his official position at the White House posted a tweet calling for the defeat of Representative Justin Amash in a primary election", chief of the Hatch Act Unit, Ana Galindo-Marrone, wrote to CREW. The Office of Special Council said it had not observed further violations by Scavino since the post about Amash, but that the social media director had been warned that future violations would not be seen as inadvertent. Lire la suite »

Australia Plans To Deny Passports To Child Sex Offenders


Victorian senator and anti-pedophile campaigner Derryn Hinch who campaigned for the measures has told the Herald Sun he is "over the moon" at the development. Half of those went to South East Asia, a region Australia considers to be particularly vulnerable to child sexual abuse. The move will no doubt be welcome news to many, but also raises an important question: While we're busy keeping sex offenders in, should we also be keeping them out? Convicted paedophiles could be blocked from ... Lire la suite »

Former FBI chief's ire over Trump laid bare in testimony

In recent months members of Trump's campaign have dismissed allegations and belittled the idea as something created by sore losers among Democrats. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that. And indeed it did. "Whether you like what Comey did or not", Rather said, "you have to admit he's a great storyteller". As NPR's Scott Horsley reports , the lawyer also accused Comey of misstating the timing of the leak. Lire la suite »

Apple announces workstation-class iMac Pro


To keep all of that processing power in the iMac's all-in-one design, Apple completely redesigned the cooling. From the looks of it, this will be an incredibly powerful desktop for professionals and you can imagine that all this power does not come cheap. Lire la suite »

Premiers attentats de l'EI à Téhéran, Trump met en garde l'Iran


Le président américain a affirmé que ceux qui soutiennent " le terrorisme " s'exposent à en être "victimes". Le bilan des attentats a par ailleurs été revu à la hausse après la mort à l'hôpital de quatre blessés, portant à 17 le nombre de personnes tuées dans les attaques contre le Parlement et le mausolée de l'imam Khomeini. Lire la suite »

La Royal Air Maroc maintient ses vols sur Doha


La RAM opère aussi normalement "les continuations au-delà de Doha, en partenariat avec Qatar Airways, à l'exception de quatre pays: l'Arabie Saoudite, le Bahreïn, les Emirats arabes unis et l'Egypte". " Royal Air Maroc présente ses excuses aux clients concernés pour les désagréments causés par cette situation indépendante de sa volonté", peut-on lire dans le communiqué . Lire la suite »

Brexit Remains Certain Despite Surprising UK Election Results - Paris

The Labour Party leader had an early boost on election night when exit polling forecast that May would not achieve the overall majority she was expection. "I would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country". Lire la suite »

Former Greek PM Lucas Papademos injured in letter bomb explosion


ATHENS , Greece (AP) - Greek former Prime Minister Lucas Papademos was recuperating well Friday from injuries suffered when a parcel bomb exploded inside his vehicle in central Athens, health officials said. In Thursday's attack, police said Papademos' police escort had been in a auto behind the former prime minister's vehicle, and that the other two wounded were Bank of Greece employees. Lire la suite »

L'Arabie publie une liste de "terroristes" soutenus par le Qatar


Interrogé sur la présence au Qatar du mouvement islamiste palestinien Hamas, des Frères musulmans et des Talibans afghans, il est resté sur la ligne adoptée dans le passé par le Qatar . "S'il s'agit de parler de sécurité collective des pays du Golfe, nous sommes prêts à nous asseoir et à discuter", a-t-il dit. Il a assuré que le Qatar pouvait tenir " éternellement " malgré le blocus qui lui est imposé. Lire la suite »

Apple makes Siri more powerful

A new version of Apple's AirPlay wireless audio technology will allow users to synchronise audio on multiple speakers throughout the home . That speaker has now been officially announced during WWDC , and it's called the HomePod . With Amazon Echo and Google Home already on the market, HomePod is Apple's chance to carve out its slice of the home speaker pie. Lire la suite »

8 new and exciting features of iOS 11

Originally brought to light by Ryan Jones, iOS 11 houses a revamped storage section that allows users to quickly identify and delete uncharacteristically large attachments from the Messages app. This ability appears to come as part of iOS 11's Files app - Apple's new feature for managing content on your device. "When you're texting you're taking your eyes off the road for about five seconds to read a text message ", Jay Lafarr, a driving instructor at Motor Mirth Defensive Driving, ... Lire la suite »

Comey testimony: Donald Trump Jr. decries 'one big witch hunt'

But not since Richard Nixon has a president's veracity been so blatantly and publicly questioned: At least three times, Comey implied that he feared the president would lie, and he told the committee in no uncertain terms. However, Comey would not say whether he thought the president sought to obstruct justice. He noted that Trump had said to Comey, in a February 14 meeting in the Oval Office, that "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go". Lire la suite »

Apple unveils HomePod, competition for Amazon Echo

HomePod certainly doesn't look like any other digital assistant on the market, and Apple's emphasis on its use for playing music seems to have played a key role in its design. "One of the features touted by the HomePod is that it's going to have a lot better audio qualities than any of the other speakers out there", Tom's Guide reviews editor Mike Prospero said. Lire la suite »

Iran's Pretty Upset With Trump For Calling Them Out After Tehran Attack

The parliament attackers were in their early 20s and spoke Arabic, according to a Revolutionary Guards intelligence official. Suicide bombers and gunmen stormed into Iran's parlia. President Tony Tan Keng Yam sent a condolence message to his Iranian counterpart, Mr Hassan Rouhani, after Wednesday's terrorist attacks in Teheran, which the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned as "reprehensible". Lire la suite »

Qatar in talks with Turkey and Iran to provide food, water

His government hopes this "unfortunate phase will be overcome and the crisis will be resolved on solid grounds that guarantee that all Arab states cooperate to build a better future for our people". Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash said that Qatar had benefited from a mixture of "money and media and partisanship and extremism". In his second intervention in the dispute in as many days, Trump urged action against terrorism in a call with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad, a White House ... Lire la suite »

Comey says circumstances in firing him is confusing

He painted a picture of an overbearing president who he did not trust and who pressured him to stop the FBI Flynn probe. Despite his well-known preference for posting quick messages on Twitter, Trump was silent during the Senate hearing Thursday. Lire la suite »

Sheriff David Clarke Request Arrest of Rude Traveller if He's 'an A**hole'


But Black wasn't sure if it was Clarke, since the Sheriff, who usually wears a Stetson hat, was dressed in Dallas Cowboy attire. Clarke Jr., the Milwaukee County sheriff who likes to cosplay as an Army soldier and killed a baby , reportedly ordered his deputies to accost a passenger disembarking a plane after the two had a brief interaction that triggered him. Lire la suite »

Pound under pressure after United Kingdom election result


A stronger majority would have given May more ability to resist "hardline pro-Brexit factions in her party" and would have let her offer better terms to the EU. Pollsters had another poor showing, after botching the previous general election and misfiring on the Brexit referendum. At that point, polls predicted she would massively increase the slim majority she had inherited from Cameron. Lire la suite »