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Man charged with battery in racially charged incident at Starbucks


Video of part of the incident shows a white man spitting at a black man, telling him his children are "disposable vermin" and calling a second black man a slave . Get on all fours! The man who Boucher allegedly spat on helped detain Boucher until police arrived, police said. At different points in the heated situation, Boucher yelled, "Your children are disposable vermin!" and "Get on all fours right now! You do not deserve to walk on two legs!" The older man, identified as only a ... Lire la suite »

GOP Senators: Sessions Will Stay Loyal to Trump

That Trump ranks Sessions taking himself out of the direct line of fire as one of his "top disappointments" is yet more evidence that Trump isn't any better at weighing his real issues than he is at anything else. At his hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey expanded on comments detailed in his opening statement, published Wednesday , about President Trump's request for "loyalty". Lire la suite »

James Comey hearing did not expose a smoking gun for Donald Trump

Russia's goals right now, Maynes says, include improving relations with the U.S. as a way to increase their standing in the world. For the record, the White House insisted that the president isn't a liar. Kasowitz, the Trump lawyer, seized on Comey's admission that he leaked the contents of his memo and said he had revealed "privileged" and "classified" information. Lire la suite »

Comey Testimony Highlights Need for Independent Investigation


He said Trump did not ask Comey for his loyalty and did not direct or suggest to Comey that he stop investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn. He did so in the opening line of a statement that seeks to use Comey's own testimony against him while shoring up the President's credibility. They "chose to defame me, and more importantly, the FBI " by falsely claiming that the Agency was in disarray, Mr Comey said. Lire la suite »

A look at how Trump's climate moves affect the coal industry


SB 559 "expands strategies and mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions statewide in alignment with the principles and goals adopted in the Paris agreement", and HB 1578 "establishes the Carbon Farming Task Force within the Office of Planning to identify agricultural and aquacultural practices to improve soil health and promote carbon sequestration-the capture and long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change". Lire la suite »

Un parlement sans majorité absolue — Royaume-Uni


Aucun des deux grands partis n'obtenant la majorité absolue, on a donc affaire à un hung Parliament , un "Parlement suspendu", ce qui n'est arrivé que deux fois depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale, en février 1974 et en mai 2010. Reste à voir quelle incidence aura le résultat des élections sur les négociations du Brexit. Le problème pour Theresa May est double. Prochaine étape pour le Royaume-Uni: les négociations avec Bruxelles , qui devraient débuter dans une dizaine de jours. Lire la suite »

Paris police shoot attacker near Notre-Dame Cathedral

A man in Paris attacked police officers with a hammer on Tuesday near Notre Dame Cathedral, and he was shot and wounded by police. The attack comes as France is on high alert after extremists killed seven people in London on Saturday. The Paris prosecutor's office said it had opened an anti-terror probe, and police on Twitter warned the public to stay away from the cathedral. Newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron, portrayed by rivals as weak on security during the presidential ... Lire la suite »

Sturgeon: "Scotland will be independent"

Less than three years on from the 2014 referendum, Mr Brown said it was important to send First Minister Nicola Sturgeon "a message that she should focus on the day job of running our schools and hospitals, and forget about her obsession with another divisive independence referendum". Lire la suite »

Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition Arriving For Nintendo Switch


Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition costs $30 on PS4, Vita, and Wii U . The Switch price is slightly higher at $40, but includes a soundtrack CD. This new making-of doc from 2 Player Productions will shed a clear light on Thomas Happ's process and offer intimate details that will fascinate developers and fans alike. Lire la suite »

UK PM May's lead widens ahead of June 8 election - ORB poll


Mrs May maintained she was not now regretting calling election in the face of a narrowing lead over Labour in the polls. This unexpected scenario has prompted two big questions to hang over British politics for the past week or so. The leaders of the UK's two main political parties came in for a tough grilling when they faced a live TV audience for what will be their final on air pre-election debate. Lire la suite »

Everything Apple Announced at WWDC, From $0 to $5000


The "smarts" of the speaker is from an Apple A8 processor. We break down all the news and tell you what you really need to know on this episode of Geared Up. "This is a big step up for iOS". But the best new addition for people using the iPad in a professional setting may be the operating system's new feature that allows users to mark up virtually documents that they can access on their iPads using the Apple Pencil . Lire la suite »

Etats-Unis: début de l'audition de l'ex-directeur du FBI James Comey

L'ex-policier a alors confirmé que le président lui-même n'était pas visé par l'enquête. James Comey a été d'autant plus "déconcerté" par son renvoi que l'administration Trump a livré des "explications changeantes" pour le justifier. Il a accusé l'administration de l'avoir "diffamé", défendant l'honneur du FBI , qu'il dirigeait depuis 2013. "Ce sont des mensonges purs et simples", a-t-il déclaré lors d'une audition au Congrès. Lire la suite »

Spicer: WH Referring 'All Matters' on Russian Federation to Outside Counsel


Spicer told reporters at the White House. The important take away from this is, of course, that Spicer did not elaborate or explain what was covered by the phrase "on these matters". After one reporter asked Spicer if "people should be concerned that the president posted somewhat of an incoherent tweet last night", Spicer simply replied, "No". Lire la suite »

Apple unveils HomePod speaker, iMac upgrades


But while Amazon and Google have stressed the daily practicalities of the artificial intelligence assistants that run Echo and Home, Apple framed HomePod more as a music-listening platform, with practicalities like reminders and calendar nearly an after thought. Lire la suite »

Interim Morehouse College President Bill Taggart Dies Of Aneurysm


Bill leaves behind a long legacy of commitment to others and unwavering integrity. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time", the statement read. City Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms called him an "incredible leader and even better father and friend". Interim President Taggart's contributions within and outside of Morehouse College are a reflection of his enormous dedication and commitment to his community. Lire la suite »

Afghan president says last week's bombing killed over 150


The Taliban already control or contest more than half of Afghanistan's populated areas, according to American estimates, making it harder for the extract itself from its longest ever war. A U.S. watchdog said last month that a record number of civilians died in 2016, 16 years after then-U.S. President George W. Bush first sent special forces to the country after the September 11 attacks to topple the Taliban regime which sheltered al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Lire la suite »

Comey told senators Sessions may have met Russia's ambassador a third time

The highly anticipated Senate Intelligence Committee appearance by Comey, who was sacked in May, didn't produce a knockout blow. "On top of that the Russian Federation investigation itself is vital, because of the threat", he said . It is his own words that are haunting him. During questioning by Sen. Comey expressed no desire on Thursday to discuss the contents or the veracity of the infamous Steele dossier . Lire la suite »

WWDC 2017: Apple announces Siri-powered HomePod to take on Amazon's Echo


Amazon has rolled out an app allowing consumers to shop through their Amazon Fire TV gadgets , similar to an app it created late previous year to allow Apple TV users to shop Amazon through their TVs, according to TechCrunch. When away from home, HomePod is a home hub, providing remote access and home automations through the Home app on iPhone or iPad. Very much a device for consumer use, the HomePod is potentially an interesting prospect for software and online service developers, ... Lire la suite »

Get Two Sonos Speakers for Price of Single Apple HomePod


Apple is facing some serious competition from the likes of tech rivals Amazon and Google in the race for voice-powered computing. Apple's loyal followers (or, as some call them, iSheep) are likely to line up and latch on, of course. However, the reviewer did caution, "a full review of the final product is the only way to determine any real meaningful thoughts on HomePod-as-home-audio-device". Lire la suite »