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Apple announces iOS 11 with Better UI, Smarter Siri


We've got the beta up and running-here are the best goodies heading your way that Apple didn't mention. Developers who have gotten their hands on the iOS 11 beta, however, have shared some evidence that there's still hope for smartphone productivity enthusiasts: multiple screencap videos posted to Twitter show off the new functionality working on the iPhone , too. Lire la suite »

May's Conservative party may lose parliamentary majority

She argued that increasing the Conservative majority in Parliament would strengthen Britain's hand in European Union exit talks. Meanwhile, the British currency fell on Friday morning after being traded at 1.27 against the US dollar. While security was on many voters' minds, it was far from the only issue. May, who went into the election with a reputation for quiet competence, was criticized for a lackluster campaigning style and for a plan to force elderly people to pay more for their ... Lire la suite »

House votes to roll back post-2008 financial rules

The consolidation trend, however, far precedes Dodd-Frank. "We will replace complexity with simplicity". President Donald Trump had said he wants to do "a big number" on what is known as the Dodd-Frank Act. Crapo has been working closely with his counterpart Sherrod Brown, a top Democrat on the panel, to find common ground. The bill was approved along party lines by a vote of 233-to-186 after four hours of often-loud debate. Lire la suite »

Top IOS 11 Features We're Excited About


Users can send payments to their friends and family members with Messages. iOS 11 is going to be all about dragging things around. Be it on the Apple Watch faces, photos for face recognition and more. With all the improvements and updates coming our way, it looks like Apple "cranked it up to 11" with the next iOS. The new iOS also features a new keyboard that gives access to punctuation features by flicking down on keys, allowing for faster typing. Lire la suite »

THE REUTERS GRAPHIC - The Battle for Marawi in the Philippines

But the petitioners said even the military admitted the conflict in Marawi was precipitated by troops' operation to neutralize or capture Isnilon Hapilon , a high-profile militant commander. He said the Indonesians are all in good condition and that they will stay at the consulate's guesthouse in Davao City before being sent home. Many residents have told Reuters that the airstrikes caused extensive property damage and dozens of civilian deaths. Lire la suite »

'Sessions Resigning' Narrative Gets Another Blow with White House Vow of Confidence


White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday responded in similar fashion to Sanders declined to answer the question about whether Trump has confidence in Sessions. And when Trump is angry, he tends to fire, whether it be through firing his aides or firing off tweets . "Trump is mad at X and blames him for his problems" stories have been written for pretty much any X in the White House important enough to matter (and not within the Trump family). Lire la suite »

Apple Unveils Its Most Powerful Mac Ever, the iMac Pro


With thin and light designs, powerful performance, incredible displays and all-day battery life, Mac notebooks deliver the world's best portable computing experience.1 MacBook now features faster Kaby Lake processors up to 1.3 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz and up to 50 percent faster SSD, and supports up to twice the memory. Lire la suite »

Ingérence russe : la riposte de Donald Trump

L'ex-directeur du FBI avait notamment déclaré que le président américain n'avait jamais été personnellement visé par une enquête . Mais quelques jours avant l'élection présidentielle, James Comey déclenche une tempête politique en relançant l'enquête. Lire la suite »

L'ex-patron du FBI accable Donald Trump — Témoignage

La quinzaine de sénateurs assis en face de l'ancien premier flic des Etats-Unis voulaient déterminer si les multiples requêtes présidentielles, formulées en tête à tête dans l'intimité du Bureau ovale ou de la Maison Blanche, représentent une interférence politique et une entrave à la justice: un délit majeur qui dans le passé à conduit au lancement par le Congrès de procédures de destitution contre les présidents Richard Nixon et Bill Clinton. Lire la suite »

UK Police Name Two London Attack Suspects

Police on Monday named two of the three men behind the London terror attack , saying one was known to security services but that there had been no intelligence about an attack. "It's just a fact that, over the last seven years, we as a city have lost 600 million pounds from our budgets. We have had to close police stations, sell police buildings, and we've lost thousands of police staff", said London Mayor Khan, who is from the opposition Labour Party. Lire la suite »

First look at Files, the new file manager in iOS 11


The Cupertino-based company not only refreshed its line of MacBook Pro laptops and iMac desktop computers but also announced the annual upgrade to its three operating systems- iOS , watchOS and MacOS, unveiling iOS 11 , watchOS 4 and High Sierra . Lire la suite »

James Comey Says He Leaked Trump Memo Through Columbia Law Professor


Rejecting key parts of Comey's damning testimony while claiming others as a win for the president, Kasowitz also suggested Comey may face prosecution. According to Comey, Trump said in a private Oval Office conversation, "He [Flynn] is a good guy". "It is overwhelmingly clear that there have been and continue to be those in government who are actively attempting to undermine this administration with selective and illegal leaks of classified information and privileged communications", Kasowitz ... Lire la suite »

Body Shop sale moves closer as L'Oreal talks to Natura


L'Oreal said earlier this year that it was reviewing its strategy for The Body Shop, which it bought for 652 million pounds in 2006, and the sale of the business had attracted a wide range of bidders. "It is the best new owner we could imagine to nurture the brand DNA around naturality and ethics", said Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and chief executive of L'Oreal. Lire la suite »

CCTV shows dramatic moment police shoot dead London attackers

Met Police said: 'All three were arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism offences under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000. The terror attack marked the United Kingdom's third such incident since March. British police on Tuesday named the third London Bridge attacker as an Italian national of Moroccan descent, and Itali. Lire la suite »

L'Iran qualifie de "répugnante" la réaction de Trump — Téhéran

Une déclaration qui n'a pas manqué de faire réagir les principaux intéressés. Mercredi, le Sénat américain a voté une loi qui impose de nouvelles sanctions à l'Iran, notamment pour " soutien à des actes de terrorisme international ". Après avoir rejoint l'EI, les cinq auteurs des attentats "ont participé à des crimes commis par ce groupe terroriste à Mossoul (Irak) et Raqa (Syrie)", a précisé le ministère dans un communiqué publié par l'agence de presse Isna. Lire la suite »

Apple will likely expand NFC features beyond Apple Pay with iOS 11


The change in how iOS makes use of NFC is detailed in a documentation webpage for the beta version of iOS 11 , and it was reported by Engadget earlier today. This year, two phones and one tablet are getting the axe: 2012's iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad, and 2013's iPhone 5C. Apple has confirmed to MobileSyrup that the 10.5-inch iPad Pro officially replaces the 9.7-inch iPad Pro . Lire la suite »

Police name 2 of 3 London attackers

Redouane's age was not immediately known because he gave two different dates of birth. However, that investigation was dropped due to the lack of evidence that he was planning a terror attack . Police arrive on the scene of the London Bridge attack on Saturday before shooting dead the three attackers. At the time of the attack, Butt worked as a receptionist at a fitness center in Ilford , a friend from the gym said. Lire la suite »

Apple updated iMac and MacBook series with latest platforms; introduces iMac Pro


With an all-flash architecture and all-new thermal design, iMac Pro delivers up to 80 percent more cooling capacity in the same thin and seamless iMac design. They changed the performance into the lovely, quiet iMac enclosure. "We reengineered the whole system and designed an entirely new thermal architecture to pack extraordinary performance into the elegant, quiet iMac enclosure our customers love. Lire la suite »

Quand Trump se "réjouit" de la mise en quarantaine du Qatar

Les personnes et les organisations figurant sur cette liste "sont liées au Qatar et sont au service d'un programme politique suspect du Qatar ", indique le communiqué commun de l'Arabie saoudite , des Emirats et de Bahreïn, pays du Golfe voisins du Qatar, ainsi que de l'Egypte. Lire la suite »

Attaque à Notre-Dame


Seulement 3 jours après l'attentat de Londres, un policier a été agressé hier sur le parvis de Notre-Dame de Paris. "Quand je l'ai connu, c'est quelqu'un qui était pro-occidental et pro-valeurs démocratiques, qui croyait beaucoup à la mission des médias", a témoigné Arnaud Mercier mardi soir sur la chaîne BFMTV . Lire la suite »

Apple likely to expand NFC capabilities beyond Apple Pay with iOS 11


However, according to Mac Rumors , some developers who have had an opportunity to try out the iOS 11 beta have posted details about the QR code scanning feature on Twitter. Simply type out the amount you want to send a friend in a text message, tap the number and hit Pay. This might not be a huge step, but it will certainly encourage Apple to cater to more Indian languages, in terms of phonetics. Lire la suite »