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IOS 11: Top 11 features that Apple didn't tell you about


Unused apps are "offloaded" from the phone, that is, they are technically uninstalled. A new feature which stops a driver receiving notifications on an iPhone when it detects the device is in a auto is being introduced to the next version of the phone's operating system. Lire la suite »

Un homme armé au mausolée de Khomeiny, des blessés — Iran

La première attaque vise le Parlement iranien alors que la seconde a eu lieu près de la tombe d'Al Khoumaini. Ces " pétards n'auront aucun effet sur la détermination du peuple iranien", a dit le guide, selon son site officiel. Ces attentats dans la capitale iranienne ont fait 13 morts. Le réchauffement amorcé par l'ancien président américain Barack Obama, signataire d'un accord sur le nucléaire iranien en 2015, a été stoppé par son successeur Donald Trump. Lire la suite »

India pricing for new Apple iPad Pro and Mac lineup revealed


Featuring a 12-megapixel camera , 7 MP selfie cam, and up to 10 hours of battery life, the new iPad Pro costs around $649 for a starting model of 64 GB. Once you have determined that your Apple device is compatible, visit the Apple Beta Program website and enrol yourself in the program. But for thousands of developers at the event, the conversation was abuzz with another topic: augmented reality. Lire la suite »

Grande-Bretagne: quel scénario pour les conservateurs sans majorité ?

La livre sterling , a immédiatement chuté à l'annonce des projections à 21H00 GMT, tant face à l'euro que face au dollar, et restait vendredi sous pression. Son maintien à Downing Street n'est pas assuré. Les résultats auront de lourdes implications sur l'avenir de l'Europe: d'une part parce qu'ils détermineront la stratégie du gouvernement britannique pour néogcier le Brexit et l'avenir de la relation anglo-européenne, et d'autre part parce qu'une bonne performance de Jeremy Corbyn ... Lire la suite »

Catalonia steps up separatist challenge with Oct. 1 vote


The leader of Spain's Catalonia region, Carles Puigdemont , speaks during an statement in Barcelona , Spain, Friday, June 9, 2017 . The leader of Spain's. BARCELONA, Spain (AP ) - Catalonia's regional government has chosen October 1 as the date for a referendum on a split from Spain, stepping up the confrontation with the country's central government, which sees the vote as illegal . Lire la suite »

Pound drops on uncertain United Kingdom election outcome

Campaigning was rocked by a suicide bombing at a Manchester concert on May 22, which killed 22 people, followed by Saturday's knife and van attack in central London , which left eight dead. "UKIP voters wanted Brexit but they also want change", Farage said. That didn't deter some voters from enthusiastically supporting the Labor Party in the hope it could defy the odds. Lire la suite »

UK PM May says to provide stability if she wins most seats

Theresa May's Conservative party will be the largest party to come out of the United Kingdom general election but may fall short of a majority, a BBC exit poll suggests. Angus Robertson, SNP leader in the Commons, also lost. "It is exactly the opposite of why she held the election and she then has to go and negotiate Brexit in that weakened position". Lire la suite »

'Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes': Highlights Of James Comey's Testimony

He also said he was "confused and increasingly concerned" by Trump's shifting explanations for firing him, including Trump's remark that he had had Russian Federation on his mind in dismissing Comey four years into a 10-year term. The February meeting was one of several one-on-one encounters that Comey said made him feel such intense discomfort that he felt compelled to document them in memos. Lire la suite »

Three men arrested in connection with London attack

He was also taken into custody on "suspicion of the preparation of terrorist acts", police said. The arrests follow the detention on a 30-year-old man as detectives raided an address in Ilford in the early hours of Wednesday. Police continue to search the Ilford home and a business in Ilford as well, authorities said. The Metropolitan Police said they had reviewed security ahead of the vote, putting in place a "specialist and highly flexible operation" which can be deployed as needed. Lire la suite »

More than 130 Imams refuse to perform funeral prayers for London attackers


Khan still enjoys the support of both Prime Minister Theresa May and the USA ambassador to the United Kingdom who commended his "strong leadership as he leads the city forward after this heinous attack". "It's the last prayer in which Muslims traditionally seek forgiveness from God". The letter added that the imams mourned the attack and prayed that "the perpetrators be judged in accordance with the gravity of their crimes in the hereafter ". Lire la suite »

UK election: What is a hung parliament?

That was in part because votes that had previously gone to UKIP were splitting evenly between the two major parties instead of going overwhelmingly to the Conservatives as pundits had expected. Until the final results become clear , it is hard to predict which party might end up leading the next government and steering Britain into the Brexit talks. Lire la suite »

EU Says UK Needs a Government Before Brexit Talks Start

At her final rally of the campaign, in Birmingham on Wednesday, she said it again and claimed once more that only she could offer the "strong and stable leadership to get the best deal in Europe". "We certainly have a more open political situation now". Coalition negotiations may also require the Tories to soften their ultra-hard Brexit stance. Lire la suite »

Turkey approves deploying troops in Qatar

The deal on deploying troops on Qatari soil to improve the country's army and boost military cooperation was signed in April 2016, in the Persian Gulf country's capital Doha. Aware of the need to maintain stability in the region amid the deadly conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen , Ankara turned to diplomatic channels. Lire la suite »

James Comey on Trump: "He Might Lie"

And now for some rare kind words about members of Congress: Overall, the senators questioning Comey behaved in a manner that could be described by such last-century terms as "bipartisan" and "patriotic". Wray will need Senate confirmation. "The hearing raised serious questions about Attorney General Sessions that he and the Justice Department must answer immediately", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a floor speech shortly after the hearing with Comey ended. Lire la suite »

Republican Congressman Defends President Trump, Blames Khan for Feud

After Trump's state visit was announced, an online petition to ban the US president from entering the United Kingdom was signed by 1,863,707 people. Trump's Tuesday tweet came a day after Ambassador Dana Shell Smith retweeted some of her previous statements praising Qatar's efforts in combating terrorism financing and its role in countering ISIS. Lire la suite »

Pound plunges as shock exit poll announced

The SNP were projected to win 34 seats and the Liberal Democrats may get 14, the exit poll showed. Following are comments from financial market analysts and political commentators. These exit polls have been used since 1974, and have been hit and miss. Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell re-iterated the party's position on Thursday night, telling the BBC: "Tim Farron made it very clear: he said no pact, no deal, no coalition". Lire la suite »

Iran forcefully rejected Trump's 'repugnant' condolences for the deadly attacks in Tehran


Ambulances and police vehicles arriving at the scene outside Iranian parliament in the capital Tehran on 7 June 2017 during an attack on the complex. According to the statement from the Intelligence ministry , it is not the first time that the five men have plotted attacks in the country. The White House released a statement from Trump condemning the terrorist attacks in Tehran and offering condolences, but also implying that Iran is itself a sponsor of terrorism. Lire la suite »

Updates to Apple's smart assistant Siri 'could be vital to HomePod's success'


The research firm eMarketer says than 35 million people in the USA are expected to use a voice-activated speaker at least once a month this year, more than double its estimate from last year. Apple's HomePod speakers won't be arriving before fall. New iMacs released Monday are getting better displays and graphics capabilities. A new smart speaker , updates to iOS, changes to the Apple Watch and much, much more were announced during the event. Lire la suite »

Man attempts ATM break in with backhoe


The guy just couldn't get that money, though. Investigators suggest the suspect could be the same man involved in another robbery in March 2016. Police said someone stole the backhoe and drove it 5 miles to the ATM outside a bank . Lire la suite »

Theresa May Criticizes Trump for Sparring With London Mayor

In a statement to the city's residents, Khan had told Londoners that there was "no reason to be alarmed" by an increased police presence in the city on Sunday. "When you have a special relationship it is no different from when you have got a close mate". The developments follow the refusal of Boris Johnson to jump to the London Mayor's defence. Lire la suite »