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CCTV shows London terrorists being shot dead by police


Bologna prosecutor Giuseppe Amato said the warning had been passed on after Zaghba was intercepted at the city's airport trying to board a plane for Turkey, en route to Syria . But police said that they had no warning of a plot and that their investigation of Butt had been shelved. All others who had been arrested have been released without facing charges. Lire la suite »

IOS 11 vs iOS 10: What's New in iOS 11

Augmented reality Long after its major competitors first began dabbling in AR, Apple has addressed the concerns of investors by announcing its own augmented reality platform. Have you been running out of space on your iPhone lately? From the control center, users will be able to swipe up to access notifications. The iOS 11 has been officially showcased at the WWDC 2017 and it promises to bring a whole host of features, enhancements and unparalleled customization options to your device. Lire la suite »

Fremont student disciplined after poking others at school with diabetic lancet

The student initially denied poking students, but later acknowledged he had. Terrified, Bullock said he thought he "was going to get very sick and die slowly". Lofton said he took his grandson to the doctor right away to be tested for HIV and Hepatitis. "Being in constant communications with those families and also with the department of public health, we believe we have the situation contained", said Brian Killgore. Lire la suite »

US Successful Missile Defense Test Matters For Americans: Here's Why


Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said Tuesday's trial was not timed specifically in response to tensions with Pyongyang but that "in a broad sense, North Korea is one of the reasons why we have this capability". He pointed out that the mockup was easier to follow and neutralize because it flew slower than a North Korean ICBM, with a slower closure rate between target and interceptor as well. Lire la suite »

Airstrikes on Islamic State-held Syrian city kill 12


IS militants seized large swaths of Syria and Iraq in an offensive in June 2014. Almost 200,000 people and 5,000 militants live in the city, according to the organization Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently. Civilians have increasingly faced food, water, healthcare and electricity shortages in recent months as the SDF forces have advanced on the city. Lire la suite »

Kaduna state orders the arrest of Arewa youths


The 30-month long civil war had left hundreds of thousands of people dead that began with the exodus of Igbo from the northern region when some members of the community were accused of leading a deadly military coup in 1966. "Now, a group, or a bunch of groups that do not have the mandate of the people came up with remarks capable of destabilizing the north and the country as a whole". Lire la suite »

Le témoignage accablant de l'ex-directeur du FBI contre Trump


Oubliez House of Cards . Cette remarque du président américain aurait été formulée dans un entretien téléphonique le 30 mars, selon un document contenant les remarques que M. Comey a répondu en promettant son "honnêteté". Il a indiqué avoir trouvé déconcertantes et préoccupantes les explications changeantes données par le président américain Donald Trump sur les raisons de son limogeage le 9 mai dernier. Lire la suite »

Twitter's Apple HomePod verdict: 'It looks like a roll of toilet paper'


A new Siri interface on the Apple Watch will also blend users' calendar information with other useful details, like airline tickets they may have booked, the company said. Despite it having just one device, the $179 Google Home is the next most-popular smart-home system, most likely because of Google's ubiquity. All of that information will be used to improve your search results so you can find the things you like. Lire la suite »

Référendum sur l'indépendance du Kurdistan irakien le 25 septembre (présidence)


De son côté, Hamin Hawrami, un conseiller présidentiel, a indiqué sur le même réseau social que cette décision a été prise après une rencontre des principales formations politiques kurdes à Erbil, la capitale du Kurdistan irakien. Si Bagdad y est opposé, d'autres pays comme la Turquie, où vit une minorité kurde, pourraient redouter un effet domino. Une éventuelle indépendance du Kurdistan irakien suscite déjà l'opposition de Bagdad mais ce rejet serait encore plus fort si les Kurdes tentent ... Lire la suite »

Major Layoffs Loom For AOL and Yahoo, Report Says


Verizon is already eyeing a reduction of up to 2,100 employees from its Oath business following the close of its AOL-Yahoo merger, new reports indicate. Shareholders of Yahoo! vote on the Verizon transaction Thursday at a special meeting in Santa Clara, Calif. The layoffs were expected, given that both companies have a lot of redundancies, including in human resources, finance, marketing and general administration. Lire la suite »

Major League Baseball looking into domestic abuse allegations against Addison Russell


First, there was Russell's wife, Melisa, who posted a picture of herself laughing at a beach and captioned it, "Being free to be able to make your own choices for your own happiness beats being cheated on, lied to, & disrespected any day". "My post is meant to be empowering, not degrading", it read. At all. I hope it empowers women and inspires other women to "not take s-t" from anyone, regardless of who they are. Lire la suite »

The Trump Administration Travel Ban Is Headed To The Supreme Court


President Trump's new executive order (EO), "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States", which would have gone into effect March 16, 2017, temporarily bans USA entry for nationals from six Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Lire la suite »

Texts revealed in case of teen who 'encouraged boyfriend to kill himself'


Prosecutors say Carter sent text messages to Boardman saying, "I could have stopped him but I told him to get back in the auto". According to prosecutors, the two had met in 2011 and later struck up a romantic relationship - mostly online.Her attorney says they had met only a few times in person over the course of two years before Roy's death. Lire la suite »

Nawaz Sharif leaves for SCO summit, could meet Modi

Beside attending the SCO Summit, the prime minister will also participate in the inaugural ceremony of International Expo 2017 being hosted by Kazakhstan . But, Pakistan's inclusion in the body poses potential difficulties in India's plan. "The SCO members do not want to antagonize the new USA president", Weitz believes. Lire la suite »

Michigan House passes bills on concealed pistol licenses


Twelve other US states already allow gun owners to carry their weapons without a concealed-carry permit, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. "This legislation simply expands self-defense options for law-abiding citizens", Mortensen said in a statement. "As Americans take more responsibility for their self-protection, we need common-sense laws that recognize it's often more convenient and socially acceptable to carry discretely". Lire la suite »

Apple's iOS 11 Hopes To Reinvent the iPad


However, long-time Apple users may not be too pleased to hear that older iPhones will no longer be supported - along with almost 200,000 older apps . Siri on iOS 11 will sound more natural than before, a nice bonus if you don't like having instructions shouted back at you by a robot. The process needs to be initiated by someone turning up with an iOS 11 device that's not connected to the Wi-Fi-if that person tries to connect, then other iOS 11 devices already hooked up and close by ... Lire la suite »

Apple Announces Smart Speaker, Device Upgrades, and iOS 11

Of course, most entrepreneurs don't need the horsepower (or price tag) that comes with the new iMac Pro , which is probably why Apple also introduced updates to its beloved MacBook line. Apple has also included an option to "offload" rarely used apps automatically. The "Offload Unused App" feature lets you delete whatever app you aren't using but keep the documents and other personal data associated with it on your device. Lire la suite »

Twitter Users, Blocked by Trump, Cry Censorship


Several users are cited, including Holly O'Reilly, who goes by the Twitter handle @AynRandPaulRyan . According to the demand letter , Joseph M. Papp (@joepabike ), a registered Republican, was blocked after tweeting at the president twice on June 3. Lire la suite »

Comey and Trump: Two alpha males face off over dinner

In the statement Comey added: "That concerned me greatly, given the FBI's traditionally independent status in the executive branch". 'Honest loyalty'? Given this makes no sense in any objective construction, it would still be interesting to know what it effectively signaled to Trump (and Comey, beyond being an off ramp from a bad situation). Lire la suite »

33 alleged Russian mobsters indicted in criminal scheme


Some of the charges carry a maximum penalty of decades in prison. Many of those arrested live in Brooklyn, according to WNBC-TV . Acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon H. The complaint states the Shulaya Enterprise operated out of New York , New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and other locations overseas. The defendants, majority from Brooklyn, included Razhden Shulaya, 40, of Edgewater, New Jersey, identified as a "vor" or elite criminal from the former Soviet Union who allegedly ... Lire la suite »

Iran leader shrugs off IS attacks in Tehran


Iran's Intelligence Ministry confirmed Thursday that at least five of the eight male attackers had fought for Islamic State . But by mounting a successful attack, IS could claim a major coup against a traditional foe that other Sunni jihadist groups, including its rival al-Qaeda, have failed to target in the past. Lire la suite »

IOS 11 will make older iPhones, iPads, and apps obsolete

All new apps and updates to existing apps have had to support 64-bit since June 2015, so any that have been updated in the past two years should be unaffected. This blocks off the video whenever a users changes the volume on their device . For those that want more storage on their iPad, this might be the feature that will seal the deal. Lire la suite »

Trump Doubles Down: Travel Ban Needed for 'Certain Dangerous Countries'

Lower courts have blocked the order every step of the way , leading to last week's appeal by the Justice Department to the U.S. Supreme Court to allow it to go into effect and to delay legal arguments until later on. He quoted the president's remark and said: "These tweets may make some ppl feel better, but they certainly won't help OSG get 5 votes in SCOTUS, which is what actually matters". Lire la suite »