Dimanche, 30 Avril 2017
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La Corée du Nord aurait mené des exercices d'artillerie à grande échelle

La Corée du Nord a mené des exercices d'artillerie à grande échelle mardi, jour qui marque le 85e anniversaire de la création de l'armée du pays, rapporte l'agence sud-coréenne Yonhap. Le ministre de la Défense du pays avait prévenu, la veille, que le Nord est prêt à prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires, y compris à lancer des attaques anticipées, pour se défendre face aux "impérialistes américains". Read More »

Government costs could rise $2.3 billion without Obamacare payments


Stopping the Affordable Care Act payments at issue may actually wind up costing the federal government billions more than it would save. Overall, the Trump administration has been a boon to Obamacare's popularity. By contrast, a combined 21 percent say they either have a great deal of confidence or some confidence that GOP health-care efforts would make things better; 18 percent have an mixed opinion. Read More »

North Korea conducts artillery drill

Separately, South Korea's Navy said it was conducting a live-fire exercise with USA destroyers in the waters west of the Korean Peninsula and would soon join the carrier strike group approaching the region. The submarine's arrival comes as the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier heads toward the Korean Peninsula for a joint exercise with South Korea around the weekend. Read More »

[ April 20, 2017 ] Jeremy Corbyn Promises to 'Overturn Rigged System' Main Story

She said: "We have consistently demanded a meaningful vote in Parliament and, as the government, will bring the deal we negotiate to Parliament before it is finalised to ensure democratic accountability". The seat with the narrowest Labour majority is Halifax where the Conservatives finished just 428 votes behind Labour in the 2015 General Election. Labour's job is to make life hard for her government, to hold it to account and offer a credible alternative to the electorate. Read More »

Obama: Syria's chemical weapons are gone


The resolution would have strongly condemned "the reported use of chemical weapons in the [Syria], in particular the attack on Khan Shaykhun", the site of last week's incident that has drawn increasing global attention. He said Russian Federation voted against the draft because of its "erroneous" contents, emphasising that his country's concerns and priorities had been pushed aside. Read More »

North Korea ready to strike United States aircraft carrier; China urges restraint


China "hopes that all relevant sides exercise restraint, and avoid doing anything to worsen the tense situation", the Chinese ministry said in a statement, paraphrasing Xi. South Korea and its allies are bracing for the possibility that Pyongyang's follow-up act will be bigger. China is North Korea's sole major ally but has been angered by its nuclear and missile programs and is frustrated by Pyongyang's belligerence. Read More »

Trump orders changes to H-1B visa programme, not pushing legislative action


The order targets the H1-B visa program, which allows USA companies to employ graduate level workers in specialty occupations like IT, engineering, mathematics and science. They included a promise to pursue more investigations of fraud and abuses and a warning to employers applying for the visas not to discriminate against United States workers. Read More »

Government shutdown: Border wall money out, Obamacare fight on

The request, a last minute demand, had threatened to blow up the negotiations as Democrats said that they would not pass a government funding bill with money for a wall included. "This is active negotiations", Republican Senator David Purdue said. The growing criticism of the border wall plan, along with the apparent lack of enthusiasm in Congress to funding it, haven't yet caused any reassessment of the plan by Homeland Security , the agency that will be tasked to build it. Read More »

Paul Ryan: Avoiding shutdown is GOP priority, not health care vote


Asked whether he would seek to prioritize a vote on health care or a government funding bill next week, Trump eagerly replied: "I want to get both". For good or ill, the new GOP plan would get rid of the individual mandate, as well as the requirement that all plans have multiple features such as mental health coverage. Read More »

United States begins moving missile defense system to deployment site in South Korea

The more than 28,000 US forces in Korea and 50,000 troops in Japan would also be possible targets for any North Korea retaliatory strikes. Seoul says North Korea conducted huge live-fire drills Tuesday. "North Korea is a big world problem and it's a problem that we have to finally solve", Trump said at the meeting. They committed to strengthening coordination to denuclearize North Korea, a statement said. Read More »

USA missile system claims another victim: Hyundai Motor


In a statement, Hyundai said it posted 1.46 trillion won (US$1.3 billion) in net profits during the January to March period, its 13th consecutive quarter of profit downturn. Around midnight on Wednesday morning Seoul time, the USA military began installing components of the Thaad battery at a golf course in South Korea, prompting an angry rebuke from China's Foreign Ministry later in the day. Read More »

Trump just blinked in the government-shutdown fight


For now, it appears the administration has backed off: Trump told reporters Monday evening he was OK revisiting the matter in September, Fox News wrote , and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway echoed that position Tuesday morning. "We're doing plans, we're doing specifications, we're doing a lot of work on the wall, and the wall is going to get built". In recent instances of fiscal brinksmanship, it's been the demands of congressional factions, not the White House, that have ... Read More »

Arrest of WikiLeaks's Assange a 'priority': United States top cop


Imagine if the Trump administration decided that it wasn't pleased with a journalist receiving information about a White House leak with potentially damaging consequences for an administration official. "The world can not afford [.] a muzzle placed on the work [.] to inform the American and global public". Trump answered by saying he had "never heard of WikiLeaks" until the site began dumping stolen emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in order to hamstring her campaign ... Read More »

Teacher to return to Tennessee to face charges

She's actually somebody that's more sure of herself and usually all smiles. Kat Bozeman, Elizabeth's sister, has recently given an interview with WKRN regarding her family's ordeal. He wrote that he just needed to clear his head and asked her not to call police. But 15-year-old Elizabeth was stoic, authorities said, and showed no signs that she was happy she was going back to her life in central Tennessee. Read More »

U.S. sets up missile defence in SKorea

Concerns have grown in recent weeks that the north could be preparing to launch its sixth nuclear test . Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have heightened amid concerns about a possible pre-emptive strike against Pyongyang by the U.S. "The status quo in North Korea is also unacceptable", Trump told a meeting with the 15 U.N. Security Council ambassadors, including China and Russian Federation, at the White House. Read More »

FOX24 - President Donald Trump is approaching his 100th day in office

But congressional leaders have kept the $1.1 trillion spending measure under wraps, and with only three days until Friday's deadline to pass it, most members of Congress don't know the details, which could complicate its smooth passage. Trump has called a president's performance in the first 100 days a " ridiculous standard " for judgment. -Trump himself stands to gain tens of millions: This plan would be a windfall for Trump. Read More »

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails launch hunger strike

Palestinian prisoners and detainees are staging a mass open-ended hunger strike to protest their conditions in Israeli prisons. Under the motto "Strike for freedom and dignity ", the prisoners presented a series of demands, including the improvement of the visits system, and the end of solitary confinement and administrative detention, which allows detention without charge or trial for periods of six months renewable indefinitely. Read More »

A 15% corporate tax rate could be very expensive


The administration is also considering proposing making the tax credit refundable, which would allow lower-income families to benefit from it even if they pay minimal or no federal income tax. The president said he's "mostly there on most items". "I know he's working on that and he's going back to the health care again and tax reform". In a move that Noah says is unsurprising, Trump is now saying that the looming 100-day mark is an " artificial barrier " that doesn't apply to him because ... Read More »

North Korea marks military anniversary with artillery, not missiles

Trump warned that the world has "put blindfolds on for decades" on North Korea and should place tougher sanctions on the isolated Stalinist nation. mainland and tensions have soared in recent months as it carried out a string of missile tests that sparked tit-for-tat sabre-rattling between it and Washington. Read More »

Russian Federation slams OPCW over Syria gas probe


The foreign ministers from Russia, Syria and Iran, meeting Friday in Moscow , said any further unilateral action by the U.S.in Syria would be met with "grave consequences" and pose a danger to the entire world. The foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, warned that further attacks by the USA will be unacceptable. The group had earlier certified that Syria disposed of its stockpiles and was dismantling product facilities under a deal Russian Federation helped broker with the U.S.in ... Read More »

Philippines lawyer alleges President Duterte link to deaths


Retired cop Arturo Lascañas and self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato have both claimed in previous Senate hearings that the so-called vigilante group Davao Death Squad (DDS) was real and that it was led by Pres. The new drill, instead of focusing on fighting a major war with the Philippines involved, will focus on joint humanitarian operation, simulating a joint reaction if a large typhoon hit the central Philippines. Read More »