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Google introduces Android Go


For an app to become an Instant app, there is some work required. In a blog post describing the new service, the Android security team wrote: "Play Protect is built into every device with Google Play, is always updating, and automatically takes action to keep your data and device safe, so you don't have to lift a finger". Lire la suite »

Investigation into Russian Federation scandal reaches inside the White House

The announcement late Friday from committee Chairman Richard Burr, of North Carolina, and Vice Chairman Mark Warner, the Virginia Democrat, came hours after the Washington Post reported that the FBI's Russian Federation investigation had identified a senior White House adviser close to the president as a significant person of interest. Lire la suite »

Destiny 2 PC release exclusive to platform


Destiny 2 will better shepherd new players with Guided Games using clans, allowing lower level players to hop in with friends, and improve overall matchmaking. Right now, WoW Tokens are selling for 116,000 gold , so to fully buy yourself a copy of Destiny 2 , you'll be giving up about 464,000 gold in North America. Lire la suite »

White House Defends Steps Taken Before Flynn's Firing


He said Yates was someone who "clearly showed by the fact that career [Justice Department] attorneys told her the president's lawful order - that she should sign the president's lawful order and then chose not to do it" and argued "that vindicates the President's point". Lire la suite »

Pres. Trump says firing 'nut job' Comey took off pressure

Former FBI director James Comey accepted the Senate Select Intelligence Committee's invitation to testify before their members, but declined the upper chamber's Judiciary Committee's invite to do the same. And now it transpires that Donald Trump told two Russian diplomats that James Comey is a "nut job" he had to get rid of, apparently because he had a unusual interest in Russians . Lire la suite »

Trump calls for international isolation of Iran


But the nations of the Middle East can not wait for the American power to crush this enemy for them. He does in the draft remarks urge Muslim leaders to "drive out the terrorists from your places of worship". Trump referred to Islam as "one of the world's great faiths". He will say that Middle Eastern countries "cannot wait for American power", but must instead "decide what kind of future they want for themselves, for their countries, and for their children". Lire la suite »

North Korea fires ballistic missile: Seoul


South Korea's foreign ministry said the tests were "reckless and irresponsible actions throwing cold water over the hopes and desires of this new government and the global community for denuclearisation and peace on the Korean peninsula". Moon won this month's election on a platform of a moderate approach to North Korea and has said he would be willing to go to Pyongyang under the right circumstances, arguing dialogue must be used in parallel with sanctions. Lire la suite »

US President Trump, King Salman of Saudi Arabia sign $110bn arms deal

While "Islamic" can refer to any aspect of the Muslim faith, "Islamist" refers more specifically to a fundamentalist ideology that espouses Islamic law as the basis of society. Leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council posed for a photo with Trump before they walked into their meeting. "One of the things that we will discuss is the purchase of lots of attractive military equipment because nobody makes it like the United States". Lire la suite »

Rohani se dirige vers un second mandat — Iran


Le Guide suprême de la Révolution a été la première personnalité à se déplacer dans un bureau de vote. Si aucun candidat ne cumule une majorité des voix au premier tour de l'élection, un second tour opposant les deux candidats ayant recueilli le plus de suffrages aura lieu dans une semaine. Lire la suite »

China reports progress on South China Sea code of conduct


The framework now goes under intense scrutiny again to try to draft a final agreement. Asked whether the agreement would be binding, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin told reporters: "I can not give you a definite answer now". The first meeting of the China-Philippines bilateral consultation mechanism on the South China Sea was held here on Friday, China's Xinhua news agency reported. Lire la suite »

Trump told not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital ahead of visit


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked to join President Trump at the site during Trump's visit to Israel, but US officials preparing the president's trip rebuffed the request, according to Channel 2 TV in Israel. Israel occupied east Jerusalem in 1967 and later annexed it in a move never recognised by the worldwide community. Trump has said he hopes to bring Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table to reach a final status agreement to resolve the ... Lire la suite »

PH can sue China for war threat - Justice Carpio

As Philippines turns soft in assert her claim on the South China Sea , the ImageSat International (ISI), a satellite operated by an Israel company, reported and interpreted some images, which shows China is establishing their anti-ship missiles in the Yulin Naval Base in the South of Hainan Island in the South China Sea . Lire la suite »

Trump calls on Muslims to share 'burden' in terror fight


Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii. "And drive them out of this Earth". "The nations of the Middle East will have to decide what kind of future they want for themselves, for their country and, frankly, for their families and for their children", Trump said to a roomful of leaders from more than 50 predominantly Muslim countries. Lire la suite »

N.Korea launches 'projectile' north of Pyongyang

North Korea last weekend launched a midrange missile that landed in the Sea of Japan after being launched from western North Korea. North Korea has fired a mid-range ballistic missile, US and South Korean officials say, in the latest weapons test for a country speeding up its development of nuclear weapons and missiles. Lire la suite »

Arabie saoudite: Donald Trump en visite en Arabie saoudite 16:35

L'Arabie saoudite sunnite considère l'Iran chiite comme son principal rival au Moyen-Orient. Les deux pays s'opposent notamment sur les théâtres des conflits en Syrie et au Yémen. La fille aînée du président, Ivanka et son époux Jared Kushner font partie de la délégation américaine. Donald Trump, s'était alors fendu d'un tweet très critique."De nombreuses personnes disent que c'était merveilleux que Mme Obama refuse de porter un foulard en Arabie Saoudite , mais (les Saoudiens) ont été ... Lire la suite »

Donald Trump appelle les musulmans à lutter contre l'extrémisme

L'Arabie Saoudite et les Etats-Unis ont signé, samedi, plusieurs accords pour plus de 380 milliards de dollars US, d'après une information relayée par la chaîne al-Arabiya. Cette tentative a été bloquée par des recours en justice. L'Arabie saoudite est la première escale d'une tournée de neuf jours de Donald Trump , son premier déplacement à l'étranger depuis son entrée à la Maison blanche le 20 janvier. Lire la suite »

Destiny 2's PC Launch May Be a Later Date

While the console version will be releasing Sepember 8th, there hasn't been a release date given for PC players. We heard a lot about the Destiny 2 in past few days, starting from gameplay reveal, to the details on the some of the graphical features Destiny 2 will support on PC and consoles. Lire la suite »

WannaCry Ransomware cyber attack: Why Indian banks, ATMs remain unaffected by malware?

Close to 150 countries have been affected by this pandemic, which is infecting older versions of the Windows operating system. WannaCry ransomware had spread using a loophole in Microsoft windows operating systems that were initially found by the United States national security agency (NSA), which according to reports was using it in order to find a way to hack networks of terrorist groups, and was leaked by Shadow Brokers , which said that it had found the tools in agency's ... Lire la suite »

Comey to testify publicly in Senate

The White House has been thrown into turmoil by a string of allegations against Mr Trump this week, including that he may have obstructed justice by asking Mr Comey to drop an investigation into one of his top advisers. During his meetings with lawmakers, Mr Rosenstein said that his conversations with Mr Sessions revealed his long-held belief that Mr Comey should be replaced, based on his public statements related to the investigation of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, beginning ... Lire la suite »

Donald Trump : accueil royal et méga-contrats en Arabie saoudite


Il a aussi espéré que M. Rohani "mettra fin aux essais de missiles balistiques" de l'Iran, un sujet de préoccupation dans le Golfe. Michelle Obama , l'épouse de l'ex-président des Etats-Unis, avait été applaudie après sa décision de ne pas se couvrir la tête quand elle s'était rendue dans le pays. Lire la suite »

Trump heads for Israeli-Palestinian talks


The satirist says that after Trump was elected, right-wing Israelis and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were elated. But complicating the issue for the Trump administration is the president's promise during the campaign to move the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which would be a de facto recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel . Lire la suite »

Emmanuel Macron highlights fight against extremism on visit to west Africa


French President Emmanuel Macron is vowing to maintain France's military operations in Mali and "be intractable" with extremist groups in West Africa. The trip to Gao, where some 1,600 troops are based and where he will also hold talks with Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, will reaffirm Paris' engagement, in stark contrast to his predecessor Francois Hollande , who began his term pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Lire la suite »

Ransomware attack: Some ATMs remained shut across India to escape attack

Accepting that your computer is infected with ransomware is hard. Whatever the case, this second attack that went unnoticed for weeks proves the high degree of sophistication of such programs that were first developed by the NSA that would allow an attacker to easily install and propagate malicious software on computer networks. Lire la suite »