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Trump Told Russians "Nut Job" Comey Was Fired to Ease Pressure

It says one official had read quotations to the Times and another had confirmed the broad outlines of the discussion. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein faced questions by U.S. In a statement to the Times , White House press secretary Sean Spicer disputed the implications, but did not deny Trump made such comments. " He appointed Mueller because he was cognizant enough to understand whether or not he thought he could be fair in the investigation was irrelevant", said Steven ... Lire la suite »

Under fire at home, Trump launches first foreign trip in Saudi


PM Sharif in a meeting with Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz at the King's Palace in 2015. The national oil giant Saudi Aramco is also due to sign a variety of deals with USA companies with a total of £38.4bn ($50bn) later today as the company attempts to diversify the country's economy and become less reliant on oil exports, according to Armco's Chief Executive Amin Nasser. Lire la suite »

Indian woman cuts off genitals of her alleged rapist


G. Sparjan Kumar , a police officer in Thiruvananthapuram, the Kerala state capital, says the woman fled her home after the incident Friday night and called police. He said the victim had recounted her abuse to her mother, who may now face charges for failing to report it. The young woman herself is not expected to face a criminal case. Lire la suite »

Journalist killed in Mexican state of Sinaloa

Everard Meade, the director of the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego who collaborated closely with Valdez, said the reporter specialized in recounting the human side of the violence that surrounded him. Articulo 19 says more than half of the reported threats received by journalists have come from public officials. H. Valdés was a respected journalist in the city and has published several books about the drug trade, crime and its impact on communities, reported in the ... Lire la suite »

Women march against Maduro government in Venezuela


An anti-government protester holds a sign with a photo of President Nicolas Maduro and a message that reads in Spanish: "Out!" Borges was also cited as saying to the Times that Washington's hands-on approach under Trump could help Venezuela overcome the "classic dictatorship" led by Maduro. Lire la suite »

Sharif to leave for S Arabia tomorrow, could meet Trump


For the Saudis, Trump's visit represents a diplomatic and public relations coup for Mohammed bin Salman, the Kingdom's 31-year old deputy crown prince. Trump has fueled the Russian Federation controversy by firing the man who was originally leading the Russian Federation probe, FBI Director James Comey, in an apparent bid to stop the investigation. Lire la suite »

Kimberly Guilfoyle Wants Sean Spicer's Job; Fox Says No Way

The press secretary, who has turned into a household name over the past five months and garnered sky-high television ratings for his daily press briefings, has also drawn the ire of the president. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the president was considering "broad changes". One official told Politico to expect to Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to take questions on camera in Spicer's place, while another official suggested the White House would simply hold fewer ... Lire la suite »

Australia's Budget in Charts Shows Revenue Key

The budget deficit will be $29.4 billion in 2017-18, improving to a surplus of $7.4 billion by 2020-21. CANBERRA , Australia (AP) - Australia's government announced Tuesday plans for major infrastructure spending including a new Sydney airport and an inland railway linking two major cities, while sticking to its goal of restoring a budget surplus in three years through higher taxes. Lire la suite »

Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi rebel missile fired towards Riyadh

The attempted strike has yet to be confirmed, Reuters reports . In March 2015, in support of Hadi, Saudi Arabia led a mostly Arab military coalition to fight the Houthi rebels, who seized most of northern Yemen, including Sanaa. Fearing a spread of Iranian influence in the Arabian Peninsula, Gulf Arab countries are fighting to end Houthi control over most of Yemen's main population centres and restore its internationally recognized government to power. Lire la suite »

Trump said firing 'nut job' Comey relieved 'great pressure'

One official read quotations to The Times , and a second official confirmed the broad outlines of the discussion. "That's taken off". Mr Trump met the Russians on May 10th, the day after he fired Mr Comey. The report surfaced while President Trump was in the air, traveling to the Middle East in his first foreign trip as Commander in Chief. A report published Friday by The Washington Post cites people familiar with the matter, who would not identify the individual under scrutiny by name. Lire la suite »

La presse goûte peu au silence imposé par Macron — France

Dans leur communiqué, les sociétés de journalistes rappelaient qu'il n'appartient "en aucun cas à l'Elysée de choisir ceux d'entre nous qui ont le droit ou non de couvrir un déplacement, quel qu'en soit le thème". Enfin, le porte-parole du gouvernement, Christophe Castaner, s'est lui aussi exprimé sur la polémique, soulignant la volonté d'Emmanuel Macron d'avoir une parole "rare" et "maîtrisée". Lire la suite »

WannaCry outbreak reveals why governments shouldn't hoard vulnerabilities

Microsoft also recommends running its free anti-virus software for Windows. Smith argued that in cyberspace, governments should apply rules like those regarding weapons in the physical world. Some of the victims have reportedly regained access to their files after paying, although security experts advise against complying with ransom demands. Lire la suite »

La Russie et la Finlande premières qualifiées pour les demies — Hockey

La Mannschaft s'est même permis de relancer le suspense en réduisant l'écart, en infériorité numérique, à sept minutes de la sirène. La hiérarchie mondiale a été respectée dans les deux affiches de l'après-midi, et pourtant la victoire de la Finlande sur les États-Unis est une demi-surprise au vu du déroulement du tournoi. Lire la suite »

FN: la justice soupçonne des proches de Marine Le Pen d'escroquerie


Le parquet de Paris a ouvert, le 9 novembre 2016, une enquête préliminaire pour escroquerie au préjudice de l'Etat, abus de biens sociaux et blanchiment de ces délits. Cette financière aurait perçu a elle seule "un million sur les 4,7 millions remboursés par l'Etat au FN" pour couvrir les frais de campagne engagés. Un paiement présenté comme un " remboursement", lié à de supposées prestations effectuées pour le parti frontiste. Lire la suite »

AI and Machine Learning Take Center Stage at Google I/O 2017

The idea sounds easy but Google will have to work on it carefelly so there won't be any compromise. Currently, if a user manually enters or scans their loyalty card information and then pays with Android Pay, no change is made. More commonly used Google apps are also becoming increasingly smart. In a related development , Google has also developed 'Card Linked Offers (CLO)' API (Application Programming Interface) for store vendors, so that they can engage and reward customers before they ... Lire la suite »

Rohani serait en tête de la présidentielle — Iran

Ce dernier a précisé qu'il y avait eu " plus de 40 millions de votants " sur 56,4 millions d'électeurs inscrits. Rohani et Raisi étaient les favoris de cette élection présidentielle, pour laquelle quatre candidats étaient en lice. Le président iranien est reconduit pour quatre ans avec 57% des voix. Le vote de vendredi a été en grande partie un référendum sur les politiques politiques plus modérées de Rouhani, qui a ouvert la voie à l'accord nucléaire de 2015 qui avait permis à l'Iran ... Lire la suite »

President Trump denies asking Comey to stop Flynn probe


President Donald Trump will propose US$200 billion (RM864.1 billion) in infrastructure spending over 10 years in his first budget on Tuesday - funding the administration believes will boost private, state and local spending on projects, a White House official said today. Lire la suite »

Comey willing to testify publicly before Senate Intelligence Committee


While White House officials - including Vice President Mike Pence - initially said Trump's decision to fire Comey came on the recommendation of Rosenstein, Trump offered a conflicting reason in an interview with NBC. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer of NY said the new Federal Bureau of Investigation director should certainly be someone "not of partisan background" with "great experience" and "courage". Lire la suite »

European Union welcome return of 82 chibok girls

Switzerland and the International Committee of the Red Cross helped secure the girls in "lengthy negotiations", the presidency said on its Twitter account. The mass abduction brought the extremist group's rampage in northern Nigeria to world attention and began years of heartbreak for the families of the missing schoolgirls. Lire la suite »

Installing Updates Can Stop Cyberattack — Microsoft Ransomware Patch

The webcast, "Prevention of WannaCry Ransomware Threat", explains in detail what exactly a ransomware is and how it asks for ransom through a file on the infected system. The spread of the virus slowed over the weekend but the respite might only be brief, experts have warned. Conficker was more of a pest and didn't do major damage. Lire la suite »

En Iran, Hassan Rohani réélu président avec 57% des voix

Le président iranien Hassan Rohani a été réélu dès le premier tour , a annoncé samedi la télévision publique iranienne. qui lui a transmis ses félicitations. Le président Rohani, élu en 2013, a consacré la majeure partie de son premier mandat de quatre ans à la négociation de cet accord ayant permis d'entamer l'ouverture économique et politique de son pays. Lire la suite »