Mardi, 26 Octobre 2021
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Flushed away: Council's plan to dispose of dead bodies down the drain


Water cremation involves putting a body is put into a steel Value-Added Tax with an alkaline solution that accelerates the natural breakdown of the body, turning all but bones into liquid that can be poured down a drain. The process is considered to be a new way to "green-ify" death, as concern grows over the carbon footprint that is left by burials and standard cremations. Lire la suite »

Le Français condamné pour "un bisou" en Tunisie a été libéré


Il avait été condamné à quatre mois de prison ferme en octobre dernier dans l'affaire dite "du bisou ". Sa mère, Leïla, s'apprêtait à passer les fêtes en Tunisie pour soutenir son fils. Les prévenus avaient démenti les faits qui leur étaient reprochés, notamment un baiser que les policiers avaient qualifié d'acte sexuel. Les deux amis qui sortaient de boîte de nuit après avoir bu un verre ont toujours assuré qu'ils ne faisaient que discuter. Lire la suite »

Ivanka, husband sued over financial disclosure


They also are accused of hiding the value of two investment vehicles in which they're involved as well as income derived from them. Politico's Josh Gerstein described Lovitky as "a health care finance lawyer who sometimes files civil rights cases". Lire la suite »

Jacques Mariani arrêté à La Baule, vague d'interpellation en Corse


Jacques Mariani a été condamné en mars 2008 à 15 ans de réclusion criminelle pour le meurtre d'un jeune nationaliste à Bastia en 2001. Son interpellation intervient dans le cadre d'une enquête menée par la police judiciaire d'Ajaccio et la brigade nationale de lutte contre la criminalité organisée corse (BNLCOC) sous l'autorité de la juridiction interrégionale spécialisée (Jirs) de Marseille, compétente en matière de grande criminalité organisée. Lire la suite »

Une diplomate britannique morte étranglée — Liban


Ledit communiqué disait: "Nous sommes dévastés par la perte de notre bien-aimée Rebecca". Nous demandons aux médias de respecter notre intimité. " Toute l'ambassade est profondément choquée et attristée par cette nouvelle ", a réagi l'ambassadeur britannique au Liban , Hugo Shorter, sur Twitter . Lire la suite »

Donald Trump thanks Russia's Vladimir Putin for praising American economy


US President Donald Trump says Washington hopes to receive more help from Russian President Vladimir Putin in efforts to convince North Korea to abandon its missile and nuclear weapons program. Mr Putin dismissed those allegations and the idea of a Russian Federation connection as "fabricated". China is North Korea's top trading partner and most powerful ally, making the country a natural choice to urge Kim to stop long-range missile tests and discontinue the pursuit of a nuclear ... Lire la suite »

Police release cause of death of Barry and Honey Sherman


The development does not mean the deaths are being treated as homicides, Toronto Police Service spokeswoman Michelle Flannery said. Friends and colleagues of the couple were heartbroken to hear of the deaths on Friday. If the autopsies indicate that a homicide has occurred, the police's homicide squad will take over the investigation and detectives will talk to family members before they update the public, Hopkinson said Saturday. Lire la suite »

Attentats déjoués: Poutine remercie Trump et la CIA


Il l'a remercié pour des informations transmises par la CIA qui ont permis d'éviter une attaque terroriste contre une cathédrale de Saint-Pétersbourg. La presse russe a rapporté la semaine dernière que les services secrets russes, le FSB, avaient arrêté plusieurs membres du groupe État islamique qui envisageaient de commettre un attentat suicide le 16 décembre à la cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Kazan, un site très fréquenté par les touristes qui visitent Saint-Pétersbourg. Lire la suite »

We must fix our relationship with DUP - Coveney


He said: "Because of the tension around trying to get the [phase 1 Brexit] deal we felt was needed for everyone on this island, yes, of course there is fix work to do". In the event a deal can not be agreed, Mr Coveney said: "We have to look back to the Good Friday Agreement again, that is where the rules are set". Lire la suite »

'You'll get what's coming to you' - Brexit rebels sent death threats


The government was defeated in a Commons vote last week when MPs backed an amendment to allow them a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal. She said: "I will not be derailed from my duty to deliver your democratic decision". It makes clear that the EU expects the United Kingdom to observe all of its rules - including on freedom of movement - and accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice during this time. Lire la suite »

Dead in LA Wrong-Way Crash

The wrong-way driver was among the deceased. The driver of that vehicle, a Chatsworth man in his 30s, died at the scene. The three people who died at the scene included the wrong-way driver, who was alone in his vehicle, investigators said. Lire la suite »

American recaptured after Bali prison break

The head of the prison, Tonny Nainggolan, said earlier that another American inmate, Paul Anthony Hoffman, 57, who has been serving a 20-month sentence since July for robbery, was captured while trying to escape along with Beasley. In Kerobokan, almost 1,600 inmates occupy a prison built to accommodate 300 people. In June, an Australian, a Bulgarian, an Indian and a Malaysian tunneled to freedom about 12 meters (13 yards) under Kerobokan prison's walls. Lire la suite »

Salah Abdeslam : son procès reporté au 5 février


Salah Abdeslam est aussi soupçonné d'être un maillon important dans la logistique des attaques du 13 novembre 2015 , en ayant convoyé depuis l'Europe centrale, en septembre et octobre 2015, une dizaine de membres de la cellule jihadiste qui est aussi à l'origine des attentats-suicides de Bruxelles , qui ont fait 32 morts le 22 mars 2016. Lire la suite »

ISI bid to honeytrap three Indian officials in Islamabad foiled


The newspaper report said the recalled officials have not been suspected of any wrongdoing. Reports informed that the officials worked with the language section and were responsible for the translation of official documents. In August, India Today reported that Indian intelligence agencies sounded an alarm over increasing attempts by Pakistan and Chinese agencies to honeytrap Indian officers using attractive women. Lire la suite »

Entretien des routes : un rapport envisage une nouvelle vignette


Hervé Maurey, sénateur (UDI) de l'Eure et membre de ce comité, a justifié cette piste: "Notre réseau routier est en danger". Visiblement, il y a urgence car l'état des routes de France laisse à désirer. "Mais attention, après dix ans, il pleut dans le salon. Une fois le réseau endommagé, il devient beaucoup plus coûteux de le remettre à niveau". Selon les calculs du Parisien , la vignette pourrait coûter entre 75 et 125 euros par véhicule, permettant de faire rentrer entre 3 et 5 milliards ... Lire la suite »

Few Showers Tonight, Mild Monday


Cloudy skies will be on hand through much of the day with rain chances from mid-morning into the afternoon. Throughout the evening the warm front lingers in the vicinity, but the risk of showers drops off as the best instability moves away from the area. Lire la suite »

UN Security Council to meet on US Jerusalem decision

JI Amir Sirajul Haq had earlier said that his party would make all-out efforts to bring the masses on roads in solidarity with oppressed Muslims of Palestine while anticipating a "large" gathering. Such a resolution would most likely be vetoed by the us, the sources said, adding the Palestinians might also pursue action in the General Assembly after a veto in the Security Council. Lire la suite »

Police Drone Sparks Dramatic Rescue Of Woman Trapped Down Mine Shaft


The woman being pulled from the shaft. (Supplied) Police rescuers used a pulley and harness to bring the woman back to the surface. There was concern for the woman's wellbeing, as temperatures in the area exceeded 40-degrees on Saturday. She was given water and taken to hospital in a stable condition. Lightning Ridge, some 770 km northwest of Sydney, is a world-renowned black opal mining centre, attracting hundreds of fossickers looking to hit the jackpot. Lire la suite »

Jharkhand Coal Scam: Madhu Koda says he will approach High Court


Koda and Rs one lakh on Mr. Gupta. Special Judge Bharat Parashar pronounced a fine of Rs 50 lakh on the errant company Kolkata-based firm Vini Iron & Steel udyog Ltd. VISUL had applied for allocation of Rajhara North coal block on 8 January 2007. While becoming the CM, he was an Independent MLA in the state assembly. Lire la suite »

L'aéroport d'Atlanta paralysé plusieurs heures après une panne d'électricité géante — Etats-Unis

Le courant a été complètement rétabli vers minuit (heure locale) ce dimanche à l'aéroport d'Atlanta après qu'une panne a paralysé pendant plusieurs heures l'aérogare la plus fréquentée du monde. Les salles d'attente ont vite été remplies de milliers de passagers, attendant leur vol, mais attendant aussi qu'on leur donne des informations plus précises. Lire la suite »

Le président sortant déclaré vainqueur, l'opposition conteste — Honduras


Un résultat aussitôt contesté par le camp adverse. " Le président réélu pour la période de 2018 à 2022 est le citoyen Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado ", a déclaré le président du Tribunal suprême électoral (TSE) David Matamoros. Dans une vidéo diffusée sur Facebook après cette déclaration, Salvador Nasralla a dénoncé des fraudes "avant, pendant et après" le scrutin et qualifié l'annonce du tribunal électoral d'"initiative désespérée". Lire la suite »

War over in Syria by the end of February: Macron


He said that Assad could not be ignored in the aftermath of a military victory, according to the interview that aired Sunday. "We have to talk to everybody". The civil war in Syria has killed some 400,000 people and driven millions more from their homes since it began with a state crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in March 2011. Lire la suite »