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BlackBerry Priv Will No Longer Get Monthly Security Updates


Its launch came as the Canadian tech company was trying to carve out a path to profitability, but, last summer, a BlackBerry executive revealed to CNET that sales of the Priv device were struggling. You can find out more details about the Priv over at BlackBerry at the link below. The PRIV has now passed the 24 month-mark and BlackBerry has confirmed that it will no longer be issuing monthly security updates. Lire la suite »

Zinke: I've fired four execs at Interior for you-know-what


Nearly 30,000 employees answered questions about harassment and discrimination earlier this year in a Work Environment Survey , about 44 percent of the 70,000 who work in the department. "The previous administration failed to aggressively address these problems and it shows". It's up to all levels of management to ensure that our employees have a healthy work environment that empowers them to be productive and effective for the American people. Lire la suite »

Japan says N.Korea not interested in meaningful talks


The White House has denied any change, with spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying in a statement Tuesday, "The president's views on North Korea have not changed". President Donald Trump has vowed to prevent such capability, with military action if necessary. North Korea's United Nations ambassador on Thursday met with a senior United Nations official who made a recent trip to Pyongyang to push for talks on ending the crisis over the reclusive country's nuclear and missile tests. Lire la suite »

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets 4K resolution on Xbox One X


The super popular battle royale-style game, which debuted on PC in "early access" earlier this year and broke Steam records for concurrent players , arrived on console for the first time this week as an Xbox One exclusive. Players on the hunt for the " PUBG " supply crates were required passcodes (which was also found on the Microsoft ANZ Facebook page) to give to the on-site Xbox staff. Lire la suite »

Salford home hearth: Man in court docket charged with homicide


We are dreading the day we have to tell them the terrible news about her babies. "We hope and pray that she has the strength to pull through". There was always music on in the house and Lacie would always be dancing to it. No pleas were entered as the trio were further remanded in custody ahead of their next scheduled appearance on March 9. A date for the trial, estimated to last three to four weeks, has been fixed for April 30. Lire la suite »

The most powerful iMac is now on sale in Malaysia


At the event, it wasn't possible to spend any time really examining the display's picture quality and performance, and the specs match up with the current 27-inch 5K iMac. The iMac Pro will work with the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. The iMac Pro features a black Lightning cable that is used to charge the black keyboard. Lire la suite »

Church politicking provision stripped from GOP tax plan

As I noted yesterday at RedState , the election of Democrat Doug Jones to the Alabama Senate seat has put pressure on Congressional Republicans to get the tax bill passed before Jones is sworn into office at the end of the month. If Collins splits, any one Republican, including Rubio, could torpedo the bill. The bill - which critics say is heavily weighted to ease the tax burden of businesses rather than the middle class - is expected to drop the corporate tax rate down from 35% to 21%, ... Lire la suite »

Pourquoi la région PACA va s'appeler Région Sud


Un nom qui figurera dès 2018 sur tous les documents et supports de communication de l'institution régionale. L'idée est d'utiliser désormais " région Sud " comme diminutif. Dans un rapport lors de la séance plénière qui se déroulait aujourd'hui à l'hôtel de région, place Jules Guesde, Renaud Muselier a obtenu l'autorisation de déposer cette nouvelle appellation à l'Institut national de la propriété industrielle (INPI). Lire la suite »

Germany's SPD agrees to coalition talks, opening path out of deadlock


Merkel, speaking at a congress of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), sister party to her Christian Democrats (CDU), also underscored the importance of working closely with France to strengthen the European Union. Schulz has already promised a vote by the full party membership on any coalition deal. But after talks for a coalition between the CDU/CSU, the Greens and pro-business FDP failed, the SPD responded to encouragement from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to reconsider a ... Lire la suite »

Les noms d'origine africaine ou maghrébine discriminés — Accès au logement


C'est le constat dressé par une équipe du Centre national de la recherche scientifique ( CNRS ), qui a enquêté sur les inégalités d'accès au logement dans les 50 plus grandes villes de France. Ces discriminations, " très marquées " pour les offres émanant de particuliers mais qui "le sont aussi" pour celles " diffusées par les agences immobilières ", " ne sont que faiblement atténuées lorsque le candidat à la location ajoute un signal de qualité en précisant qu'il est fonctionnaire ", ... Lire la suite »

"La Tatie Danielle de Moëlan-sur-Mer" terrorise son voisinage — Finistère

Les autorités décident finalement, en septembre 2016, de placer une caméra de vidéosurveillance. C'est le journal Le Télégramme qui rapporte les faits. J'ai rayé une voiture, la sienne, et j'en suis contente . Dans le quartier, on l'appelait " Tatie Danielle ". Outre les voitures régulièrement rayées, elle est également soupçonnée de mettre de la colle dans les serrures ou de remonter la barrière de sécurité du parking. Lire la suite »

Sénégal: première grève pour le nouvel aéroport de Dakar


Dans un communiqué laconique, LAS, société gestionnaire de l'aéroport, s'estime " victime de cette situation et déplore les conséquences de ce mouvement, qui impacte fortement l'image du Sénégal, ainsi que le service rendu aux passagers et aux compagnies aériennes ". Lire la suite »

Un septuagénaire retrouvé mort, tué à coups de couteau — Hérault


Ce jeudi, l'autopsie du corps a été effectuée à l'institut médico-légal de Montpellier. Certains coups ont été portés dans la région du cœur et des poumons. Une enquête pour homicide a donc effectivement été ouverte et ce jeudi matin, les gendarmes cherchaient surtout à retrouver l'individu qui a donné l'alerte -et qui n'a pas attendu que les forces de l'ordre arrivent- pour recueillir son témoignage. Lire la suite »

Firefighter with baby on the way dies in California wildfire


Mowry said most Alaska wild firefighters take the winter off, and the four in California this month, notified agencies they were available to work. "Anne and I are saddened by Engineer Cory Iverson's tragic death". "One is an emergency firefighter who went down as a near-operations branch director", Mowry said. "The communities we are protecting are depending on us, and we will not fail". Lire la suite »

Questioning of Judicial Nominee Does Not Go Well


Sen. John Kennedy , R-La., went on to interrogate Petersen , a commissioner on the Federal Election Commission, who admitted he had never taken a deposition by himself or argued a motion in state or federal court. "When's the last time you read the rules of civil procedure?" "But", Kreis added, "if you have little or no trial experience, I'd hope you could speak a little bit about the law with some degree of sophistication". Lire la suite »

Trump will stop spouses of H-1B visa holders from working


If the Trump administration follows through on the notice, it will be overturning a two-year-old rule introduced after intense lobbying efforts during the Obama-era. Many H-1B visa holders are highly skilled, working in the tech sector. The visa waiver program allows visitors from some of the country's top allies to travel to the US without having to go through the full process of obtaining a visa. Lire la suite »

Aarushi murder case: Hemraj's wife moves SC challenging Talwars' acquittal


In October, the Talwars, both dentists, were found not guilty by the Allahabad HC of the 2008 murders, setting aside the 2013 verdict by a special Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI ) court in Ghaziabad. Aarushi and Hemraj were killed in the Talwar's Jalvayu Vihar house in Noida, just eight days before Aarushi was to turn 14. "We will move the Supreme Court against the High Court's order". Lire la suite »

Pence Middle East trip to go ahead

During that interview, Pence said that he will be delivering the "strong message" that "if the world knows nothing else, the world should know this: Under President Donald Trump, America stands with Israel". On Thursday morning, he will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his Jerusalem office. Pence was scheduled to arrive in Israel on Sunday (December 17). Lire la suite »

Man with knife shot at Schiphol airport, taken into custody


Dutch military police say a man with a knife walked into the police service's office at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and threatened staff with a knife. "At the moment air traffic is not affected". The shocking footage from the scene shows armed cops rushing through the airport to apprehend the armed man, as the building was placed on lockdown. Lire la suite »

Austrian coalition government talks in final stages


Kurz's conservative Austrian People's Party finished first in the country's October 15 election. Media reports suggest that the talks are likely to conclude on Saturday, and swearing-in of the new government may take place as soon as Monday. Lire la suite »

At least 1 dead as 6.5 magnitude quake strikes Indonesia


A strong quake shook the Indonesian capital Thursday and other cities on the country's most populous island of Java, killing an unknown number of people amid reports of collapsed buildings. "Houses and other buildings are damaged in many areas", he said . Indonesian authorities reported a quake of similar magnitude off the shores of Java. Lire la suite »

Trump not fit to even clean toilet, shine shoes


In a break from the past, US-based daily USA Today wrote a stinging editorial slamming US President Donald Trump on his sexually suggestive statement saying Senator Kirsten Gillibrand "would do anything" for campaign contributions. "The truth is - the President is not going to silence me or the women who have stood up against him", state Gillibrand. The USA Today editorial didn't buy that explanation. Lire la suite »

Omarosa Manigault Newman to Leave White House Job Next Month


She also stated that although she enjoyed her position at the White House, she was ready to move ahead with her life. Jamil Smith, a contributing opinion columnist for the Los Angeles Times who writes frequently about race, said Manigault Newman had lost any significant standing within the black community. Lire la suite »