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Car gets dragged along California freeway as driver waves for help


Do you think the truck driver knew what was going on or he was that oblivious? The tractor-trailer driver didn't even notice he was dragging the Nissan sedan that got wedged into the rear wheels of the truck. In a video of the incident, you can hear the driver screaming for help, saying the truck driver won't stop. "What do you mean you didn't know, dude?" Maestas dragged the vehicle for nearly three-quarters of a mile. Read More »

Atlus Registers a Few Domains That Point Towards More Persona 5


The registration was done through RyusOffice, who previously assisted Atlus in other " Persona " events such as 2013's " Persona Channel News Flash" and 2015's "News Flash!" In Japan, Atlus has booked domains for,,, P3D-jp, PERSONA-DANCE.JP,,, and Read More »

Keppel O&M posts Q1 loss in 'very challenging' offshore market


Looking ahead, management sees many opportunities in the gas market, especially in the area of Keppel-built carriers and regasification units can be deployed alongside small gas-fired power units. In the first quarter, Keppel O&M further reduced its global direct workforce by about 1,250 people, or 6 percent, compared to the previous quarter, through natural attrition, early termination of contracts and retrenchments. Read More »

New James Bond movie sparks bidding war among five studios


That's according to a new report from The New York Times , revealing that MGM and Eon, the two companies now in control of the film rights, are soliciting pitches from all parties - that's including Sony, which held a deal for the previous four films in the spy series: Casino Royale , Quantum of Solace , Skyfall and Spectre . Read More »

Chelsea favourites for FA Cup semi, says Spurs boss


CHELSEA and Tottenham Hotspur dominate the PFA Premier League Team of the Year, with four players each in the final XI. But they look the real deal under Mauricio Pochettino, and just need a piece of silverware to mark their ascent toward the summit of the English game . Read More »

China criticizes North Korea, praises US on nuclear issue

Vice Minister Han Song Ryol told The Associated Press Friday that Trump's tweets create a "vicious cycle" of heightened tensions in the region, adding that North Korea plans to continue to stockpile nuclear weapons to be prepared for a us strike. Read More »

Epic Fantasy Wheel of Time is Getting TV Series From Sony


The characters therein are on the quest to find the Dragon Reborn, and convince them to help fight against the evil forces of The Dark One. As of today, there are a total of 14 novels in the swords and sheilds saga, beginning with " The Eye of the World " and concluding with " A Memory of Light " - which an author by the name of Brandon Sanderson finished due to Jordan's unfortunate death in 2007. Read More »

Arkansas inmate has last meal as courts decide fate

Ledell Lee - convicted of the 1993 bludgeoning of Debra Reese using a tyre iron. The judge in question, Wendell Griffen, has since been removed from all cases involving the death penalty, under an order from the Arkansas Supreme Court, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports. Read More »

Thione Seck retourne au deuxième cabinet d'instruction


C'est l'un de ses conseils, Me Ousmane Sèye en l'occurrence, qui avait introduit une requête devant le juge pour l'ouverture des scellés transmis au parquet par la Section Recherches de Dakar, chargée de l'enquête préliminaire. On en saura plus dans les prochaines heures. Alaye Djiteye. Après plusieurs mois de détention préventive, le chanteur avait été libéré pour des raisons médicales. Read More »

French police hunting second suspect after Paris attack

One officer was killed and two police officers were seriously wounded when the attacker emerged from a vehicle and used an automatic weapon to shoot at officers outside a Marks & Spencer's department store at the center of the Champs-Elysees, anti-terrorism prosecutor Francois Molins said. Read More »

Man arrested over Borussia Dortmund team bus attack


Borussia Dortmund's bus was stopped after a series of explosions that shattered windows last week. Elsewhere in the statement , the German Federal Prosecutor's office said that while three texts claiming radical Islamist motives for the attack were found near the scene, "there are considerable doubts about a radical Islamist origin". Read More »

Wits students protest over accommodation


A group of students have blocked the main entrance to Wits University, protesting over accommodation. NSFAs has not paid, and the university is reminding students that they have not paid. Now there are buses in the morning and evening. "If students feel they can make it onto campus at that time‚ they should make use of those bus services", Patel said. Read More »

Australia plans to raise more barriers to citizenship


Applicants from Friday will be required to have been Australian residents for four years instead of only 12 months and would be required to have spent no more than 12 months in total out of the country during that time. "You basically leave people alone if they're not annoying you, don't annoy them". For example, people involved in criminal activity, including violence against women and children, gang membership and organised crime face having their citizenship bids rejected. Read More »

Ontario, Canada brings in foreign housing tax to cool market


A highlight of the Ontario government's response is a 15% tax on foreign buying. But one thing they see eye-to-eye on is evidence of speculation, he said. The government will reportedly bring all tenants under the province's existing rent control system, ending the exemption that now allows unlimited rent increases in units built after 1991. Read More »

Miami's Rollins, an Olympic Gold Medalist, Suspended For a Year


Usada says her results from 27 September - the date of her third whereabouts failure - will be disqualified, meaning the world champion will be allowed to keep the Olympic medal she won in August. In the whereabouts system, athletes must not only account for where they will be each day, but they must specify one hour a day where they will be at a specific location. Read More »

French election: Paris attack puts security top among rivals

An Elabe survey of voter intentions taken before the shooting on the Champs Elysees shopping street in central Paris showed Macron in front and far right leader Marine Le Pen falling further behind him. Also wounded was a female tourist. Serving President Francois Hollande said: "We shall be of the utmost vigilance, especially in relation to the election". Read More »

Can't pass an order on reclaiming Kohinoor: SC


Chief Justice JS Khehar said that court can not demand a distant government not to hold auction the stuff. Khehar said: "We are quite surprised how can an Indian court pass an order to bring something which is in the United Kingdom". "But successive governments at the Centre have made little or no attempt to bring back the Kohinoor diamond from United Kingdom to India, the place of its origin". Read More »

Making Aadhaar mandatory for filing IT returns illegal: SC tells Modi govt


An annoyed Supreme Court (SC) today asked the Centre why it made the Aadhaar card mandatory+ for getting a PAN card when the top court passed an order saying it couldn't do that. He also explained the decision on mandatory linking of PAN card with Aadhaar would reduce chances of duplications as it was found one man could possess several PAN cards on different names. Read More »

California gunman to appear in court on murder count


The black supremacist who murdered four white men in Fresno, Calif . this week laughed during his police interview about the slayings, Fresno's police chief says. So, police say, he killed him. "He said he did not like white men, and that white people were responsible for keeping the black people down", the police chief said. Read More »