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New French government unveiled, Le Drian foreign minister


She replied: "I am the last person who is going to come and say what France has to do". On his first foreign trip after barely 24 hours in office, Mr Macron met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday and pushed for more co-ordination among countries that use the euro. Read More »

Chinese -president calls Korean-counterpart


Meanwhile, North Korea sent a rare letter of protest to the US House of Representatives on Friday warning that a new package of tougher sanctions would only spur its development of nuclear weapons, North Korea's state media reported. They came as North Korea's ambassador to the United Kingdom told Sky News his country will go ahead with its sixth nuclear test at a time and place of its leader's choosing. Read More »

Iran presidential elections: Tehran mayor drops out to back hardliner

Trump and America have figured prominently in Iran's presidential election campaigning with hardliners on the Principilist wing of Iranian politics claiming the legacy of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who used to argue, "All our troubles are caused by this America". Read More »

USA signs Arctic Council accord


David Balton, a deputy assistant secretary of State, said other accomplishments included an agreement for scientific cooperation among Arctic nations, an assessment of improvements needed for better telecommunications, and implementation of a database of ships passing through the Arctic. Read More »

Un vétéran américain retrouve sa gourmette 73 ans après — Débarquement de Normandie


C'est une histoire belle et insolite: un soldat américain qui avait débarqué en Normandie, le 7 juin 1944 à Omaha Beach vient de récupérer sa gourmette . Seul hic, le nom " Hill " est aussi répandu aux Etats-Unis que " Dupont " en France. Et d'ajouter: "Après des recherches sur Internet, j'ai obtenu l'aide précieuse d'une bibliothécaire qui a retrouvé sa trace. Read More »

Google I/O 2017 Starts This Week, What Can You Expect To See?


Although Android has had security features running in the background of the OS for years now, with Play Protect, Google wants to bring these protections to the forefront so that users can feel more secure using their devices. Artificial intelligence is being woven into Google's free Gmail service, used by more than a billion people, for features such as suggesting responses to messages. Read More »

A 101 ans, ce Britannique devient le plus vieux parachutiste du monde


Bryson William Verdun Hayes prouve que l'âge n'avait pas de prises sur son courage. Le plus jeune d'entre eux - правнуку Stanley - de 16 ans et la plus âgée - fils de Brian - 74 ans. Tous les moyens de l'éclairage de son saut de plusieurs opérateurs iront à l'organisme de charité de la Royal british legion, apportant un soutien financier, social et personnel de soutien des vétérans britanniques de SUN. Read More »

China, ASEAN agree on framework for S.China Sea code of conduct

Harry Harris, the top US commander in Asia and the Pacific, visited the Ground Self-Defense Forces' Camp Yonaguni here on Japan's westernmost island-less than 150 kilometers from Taiwan-for the first time on May 17. The consensus came during the 14th senior officials' meeting on the implementation of the Declaration on the Conduct of the Parties in the South China Sea (DOC). Read More »

Première audience dans le procès visant Bolloré — Cameroun/catastrophe ferroviaire


Selon Michel Voukeng, avocat du collectif des parties civiles, "ce n'est pas un procès comme les autres". La procédure vise la compagnie ferroviaire Camrail, filiale du groupe Bolloré, et le directeur général de cette compagnie, ainsi que le PDG du groupe Bolloré, Vincent Bolloré, et le directeur général de Bolloré Transport et Logistics, Cyrille Bolloré, suite à la plainte de deux familles de disparus. Read More »

Turkey demands US fire envoy in spat over Syrian Kurds


In a separate video from Voice of America, a very bloodied Erdogan supporter is helped away from the scene. He said police were examining video to identify those responsible. The administration of Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, had criticized Erdogan's crackdown on the Turkish press and academia after the failed coup in July 2016. Read More »

Law Enforcement Memorial Honors Sacrifice of Fallen Officers, Surviving Families

While the objective of National Police Week is to pay tribute to fallen officers, it is also a time to highlight the physical and emotional struggles faced by today's officers and their families. "We wanted to let the police officers who work out of these headquarters know that they're appreciated and very supported by this community", said Police Lieutenant Charles Warner. Read More »

Gouvernement d'ouverture pour débuter l'ère Macron — France

Gérard Collomb , 69 ans, seul poids-lourd socialiste à avoir soutenu dès le début Emmanuel Macron, devient ministre de l'Intérieur , tandis que le député PS, Richard Ferrand , pilier de la campagne du jeune mouvement En Marche!, prend la charge d'un nouveau ministère dédié à "la cohésion des territoires". Read More »

Tim Farron targets young voters with Lib Dem manifesto promising 'brighter future'

Britain's centrist Liberal Democrats launched their party manifesto with an European Union flag Wednesday (17 May) and a promise to hold a Brexit referendum, as they seek to win pro-Europe votes in next month's national election. The party has also promised to fight a "hard" Brexit. Their pledge to increase the payment to £1,000 per pupil per year would give an extra £20 million for the capital's nurseries and childcare providers. Read More »

More CBSE schools challenge fee cap law


After the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) which is the mechanism to rank universities and colleges in the country, the union government is likely to come up with an official grading framework for the schools across the country. Read More »

4 candidates to be FBI director are in line for interviews


Kremer does not think Trump had any illegal contact with the Russians, but he does not like the way the president is handling he issue. Democrats are demanding appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Russia's involvement in the 2016 election and ties to Trump's campaign, and have discussed trying to slow down the confirmation process or other business of the Senate as a way of drawing attention to the demand. Read More »

US reviews Iran nuke programme, implements missile sanctions

During his presidential campaign, Trump vowed to tear up the nuclear deal, which he called "the worst deal ever negotiated" but since he took office, his advisors have warned that this move would be more complicated than he thought, mainly because the deal also involves the UK, France, Germany , Russia, China, and the United Nations. Read More »

Ford confirms it will cut 10% of workforce in Asia, North America

President Donald Trump throughout his early days in office has pushed for automakers to create jobs in the U.S. Ford has almost 30,000 salaried employees in the US and over 200,000 worldwide . "Look, we're as frustrated as you are by the stock price", Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford said. Job cuts form part of Ford's previously announced strategy to generate $3 billion in cost reductions, a target that the company's management team believes is necessary to boost profitability in the ... Read More »

Judge orders pilots to stop boycotting flights

Three New York residents were arrested Monday night after scuffles broke out Spirit's terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. But problems had been building at the carrier for the past week, with CNN saying almost 300 Spirit flights have been canceled during that period. Read More »

Saudi Arabia counting down the seconds until Trump arrives


Saudi Arabia will also want to showcase high-profile investment deals with American companies to show progress on its ambitious "Vision 2030" economic and social reform agenda, while Washington says US arms sales arms worth tens of billions of dollars are in the pipeline. Read More »

Un gouvernement de 22 membres dont trois ministres d'Etat — France


La ministre a indiqué par ailleurs avoir déposé les statuts d'une association, baptisée comme son dernier livre "Manifeste pour une justice climatique", afin de "continuer à réunir des scientifiques, des intellectuels, etc. Selon M. Philippe, Nicolas Hulot aura dans ses nouvelles fonctions l'occasion de "mettre en oeuvre des convictions auxquelles il croit". Deuxième des ministres dans l'ordre protocolaire, il entre pour la première fois dans un gouvernement après avoir été candidat ... Read More »

Législatives 2017 : Manuel Valls sera candidat En Marche ! dans l'Essonne

Et le président LR du Sénat, Gérard Larcher, d'en remettre une couche sur "un comportement particulièrement dur de la part de La République en marche " à l'égard de l'ancien Premier ministre . " Cela veut dire que si vous ne déposez pas votre candidature, vous ne pouvez pas être investi par 'En Marche' ". Il n'a même pas sollicité l'investiture du mouvement de Macron qui doit donner la liste de l'ensemble ses candidats jeudi. Read More »

Un procureur spécial va enquêter sur Trump et la Russie — Etats-Unis


Il semble que toute tentative d'interférer dans l'enquête et les procédures en cours, pourra être sanctionnée, ce qui n'a pu être le cas lors du congédiement de James Comey par Donald Trump, même si majoritairement les américains sont convaincus qu'il s'agissait d'une tentative du gouvernement Trump de freiner l'enquête sur l'ingérence de la Russie dans les élections américaines et sur les liens de membres de son gouvernement avec la Russie. Read More »