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Législatives 2017 : Manuel Valls sera candidat En Marche ! dans l'Essonne

Et le président LR du Sénat, Gérard Larcher, d'en remettre une couche sur "un comportement particulièrement dur de la part de La République en marche " à l'égard de l'ancien Premier ministre . " Cela veut dire que si vous ne déposez pas votre candidature, vous ne pouvez pas être investi par 'En Marche' ". Il n'a même pas sollicité l'investiture du mouvement de Macron qui doit donner la liste de l'ensemble ses candidats jeudi. Lire la suite »

Un procureur spécial va enquêter sur Trump et la Russie — Etats-Unis


Il semble que toute tentative d'interférer dans l'enquête et les procédures en cours, pourra être sanctionnée, ce qui n'a pu être le cas lors du congédiement de James Comey par Donald Trump, même si majoritairement les américains sont convaincus qu'il s'agissait d'une tentative du gouvernement Trump de freiner l'enquête sur l'ingérence de la Russie dans les élections américaines et sur les liens de membres de son gouvernement avec la Russie. Lire la suite »

Android Go strips Android down for ultra-low-budget phones

Google's Play Protect feature not only provides greater security for your device but also increased visibility into your device's security. Stay tuned for more information on Google I/O 2017 and all that was unveiled at the event. "This is all because of the growth of mobile and the smartphone, but computing is evolving again", said Pichai. According to Google's Dave Burke, VP of Engineering, it'll function much like choosing a keyboard app. Lire la suite »

Trump to meet French President-elect in May

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron attends a ceremony commemorating the abolition of slavery, in Paris, Wednesday, May 10, 2017. The 39-year-old stepped down as leader of En Marche! The Prime Minister's Office says the two leaders reaffirmed the "rich and diverse bilateral relationship that exists between Canada and France". Lire la suite »

Jour J pour le premier gouvernement du quinquennat Macron — France

Emmanuel Macron a composé mercredi son premier gouvernement, une équipe de 22 membres , 18 ministres et quatre secrétaires d'Etat, relativement resserrée , paritaire, qui fait le pari de la société civile et traduit la recomposition promise avec des ministres issus de la droite, comme de la gauche et du centre. Lire la suite »

Is North Korea Behind the Global Cyberattack?

The connection was made by Google security researcher Neel Mehta , who pointed out similarities between WannaCry and malware used by Lazarus, the group that has been blamed for the Sony Pictures hack of 2014 and for stealing millions of dollars from a Bangladeshi bank in 2016. Lire la suite »

The House Oversight Committee wants to see Comey's Trump memos


The tumult in Washington deepened on Tuesday over allegations Trump had sought to end the FBI's investigation into ties between Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn , and Russian Federation. The White House and advisers to the campaign have since confirmed four meetings between Kislyak and Trump advisers during that time . "We need the facts", Ryan said. Lire la suite »

Maine Sen. Collins wants to hear directly from Comey

Prices of bonds, regarded as a safe haven in times of market turbulence, rallied. But O'Sullivan said it was not realistic to expect the Trump administration's justice department to charge the sitting President. Amash appeared to be the first Republican in Congress to mention impeachment in regards to Trump in the wake of the reports on the Comey letter . Lire la suite »

Kulbhushan Jadhav case: 10 arguments that India made


The former Indian Navy officer was awarded the death sentence by a Pakistani military court last month, a year after he was arrested on espionage charges. "The procedural safeguards are greater when the charges are as serious as capital punishment". Salve said the provisions of the Vienna Convention recognised that any prisoner has a right to be tried by an independent tribunal as established by law and he should be tried in his presence and defended by legal aid assigned to him. Lire la suite »

Moors murderer Ian Brady's body released into executor's custody

Brady and his partner Myra Hindley, who died in prison in 2002, tortured and murdered five children between July 1963 and October 1965 near Manchester. Michael Armstrong, representing Merseyside Police, said there were no suggestions Makin had made any funeral arrangements for Brady within the Sefton area. Lire la suite »

Global Cyberattack: Bracing for more fallout


The former US national intelligence director says the global "ransomware" attack could grow much larger when people return to work. While the effect on companies in the Americas was not yet clear, aftershocks elsewhere from the "Wannacry" virus have so far been mild. Lire la suite »

Investiture : Emmanuel Macron est arrivé à l'Elysée pour une rencontre avec François


François Hollande a assuré jeudi qu'il ferait tout dimanche pour que la passation de pouvoirs se déroule de manière " simple, claire et amicale " et souhaité que son successeur Emmanuel Macron "puisse réussir son mandat". Elle pénétrera dans le bâtiment présidentiel en même temps que les autres invités. Dernières confidences avant de passer le pouvoir à son héritier malgré lui, Emmanuel Macron . Lire la suite »

Face aux scandales, Donald Trump dénonce un traitement injuste

Problème: une source de l'administration a confirmé à l'AFP que ces renseignements très secrets avaient été fournis par Israël, dont les méthodes et sources sur le territoire de l'organisation jihadiste risquent ainsi d'être mises à jour. "Nous avons besoin des faits", a déclaré le président de la Chambre, Paul Ryan, appelant à garder la tête froide. Fait-il toujours confiance au président? Des fissures commençaient à apparaître dans la digue républicaine. Lire la suite »

Winnipeg police arrest, charge men with killing Tina Fontaine's cousin


On March 14, emergency crews found 29-year-old Jeanenne Fontaine inside a burning home in the 400 block of Aberdeen Avenue. Murray said both incidents were related to the methamphetamine trafficking. A charge of arson-disregard for human life has also been laid against Brass. One of the men has also been charged with the shooting death of another man a month earlier. Lire la suite »

French president to meet EU's Tusk, reveal minister picks


He has also promised a tough line on Britain as it negotiates its departure from the European Union, to deter others from trying to leave after debt and migration crises that have eroded public support for the bloc. Socialist Jean-Yves Le Drian (John-Eve Le DREE-on) was named foreign minister and prominent centrist Francois Bayrou (Frans-WA Bey-ROO) as justice minister. Lire la suite »

Iraq Continues Support for OPEC Oil Reduction


According to th U.S. Energy Information Administration , the inventories dipped by 1.8 million barrels in the week. Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), continued to reduce production in April, but output from Africa's top exporter - Nigeria, increased by 273,600 barrels per day (bpd). Lire la suite »

'ShadowBrokers' threatens to release more cyber attack tools

In addition, Brokers is also touting possession of more nonpublic Windows 10 security holes, putting Microsoft on its heels as it tries to plug leaks in software, without assistance from government agencies that continue to hoard secrets. Microsoft had already patched the vulnerabilities prior to the attack, but because many organisations had not updated their software, they remained vulnerable. Lire la suite »

Liam Payne wants baby Bear's heartbeat on a song


The couple - who have been together just under two years - are now parents to four-month-old Bear and the 23-year-old hunk is trying to get his pop star girlfriend to watch "Breaking Bad" with him but so far she doesn't seem to be engrossed. Lire la suite »

US private equity firms bid for Australia newspaper empire


The offer values the 186-year old company's shares at between 1.225 and 1.25 Australian dollars each, and is higher than a rival bid from a consortium of investors including TPG and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan. While relatively unknown within Australia, Hellman & Friedman has a strong connection to local media, and Fairfax in particular. The firm counts as its senior adviser and chairman emeritus Brian Powers. Lire la suite »

Stephen Miller Writing Trump Saudi Arabia Islam Speech


McMaster said at a news conference Tuesday. This sort of rhetoric from the national security adviser - who has criticized the use of the term "radical Islamic terrorism" as counterproductive to the fight against terror - is starkly at odds with both Trump and Miller's view that extremism is intrinsic to the religion. Lire la suite »

Trump team-Russia had 18 contacts

The calls and messages happened between April 2016 and November 2016, according to Reuters . Those discussions focused on mending US-Russian economic relations strained by sanctions imposed on Moscow, cooperating in fighting Islamic State in Syria and containing a more assertive China, the sources said. Lire la suite »

Macron shakes up French politics, renews EU ties


Macron appointed Philippe, a lawmaker from the moderate wing of The Republicans party, on Monday to head his first government in a move aimed at broadening his political appeal and weakening opponents before parliamentary elections in June. Lire la suite »