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Google I/O 2017: Android Instant Apps Are Now Open to All Developers

With Microsoft moving into a software service provider category for iOS and Android platforms, Google took the initiative to bring its Assistant to iPhones. But Android Go is made for the "next billion". The strategy helps the company sidestep some of the complications of developing new features for the vast Android ecosystem, where only a fraction of devices are running on the latest version of the operating system, he noted. Read More »

Everybody has better healthcare than the USA, says Trump


He explained that there are more moderate Republicans like Louisiana's Bill Cassidy and Maine's Susan Collins, and then, on the other side, there are senators like Arkansas' Tom Cotton and Kentucky's Rand Paul who want to "rip ObamaCare up, root and branch". Read More »

Trump team knew about Flynn probe before hiring him

A small but growing number of Republican US lawmakers called on Wednesday for an independent probe of possible collusion between President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian Federation, spurred by a memo from the fired FBI chief that Trump had sought to impede the agency's investigation. Read More »

Consensus battu mais perspectives décevantes — Cisco

Le chiffre d'affaires à périmètre comparable devrait reculer dans une fourchette comprise entre 4 et 6%, soit davantage que la baisse de 2% annoncée en février. Ce résultat s'est traduit par un bénéfice par action ajusté de 60 cents, supérieur aux 58 cents espérés par les marchés. Il s'agit du sixième trimestre consécutif de baisse. Read More »

WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning released from prison: army


A day after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 2013, Manning said she had felt female since childhood and wanted to live as a woman called Chelsea. ET release. After being arrested in 2010, she pursued a transgender rights case in prison and attempted suicide twice a year ago, according to her legal team. Read More »

Nehra ruled out of IPL: SRH coach


But, the team that wins this match will also not go to the final. It took the generally explosive Warner eight overs to hit the first six of the match, punishing a poor Piyush Chawla ball by rocking on to his backfoot and pulling the leg-spinner to deep midwicket. Read More »

Russian Federation launches ferry connection with North Korea

The ferry route will operate once a week. InvestStroiTrest hopes most of Mangyongbong's passengers to be Chinese tourists who would be able to visit both Russian Federation and North Korea in a single trip. 'Also it will service cargo because now the logistics are frightful, it takes 22 days for cargo to get from Vladivostok to Rajin, ' he said. North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Sunday that landed in the sea near Russian Federation. Read More »

Le Dow Jones perd 1,76%, le Nasdaq cède 2,56% — USA

Le S&P-500, plus large, a reculé de 43,12 points, soit 1,80%, à 2.357,55. Dans ce contexte, l'indice de volatilité sur l'indice S&P 500 gagne près de 2 points, à un plus haut de trois semaines, au dessus de 12,5. Le secteur financier a particulièrement été touché par la baisse avec, au sein du Dow Jones , le recul des banques Goldman Sachs (-5,27% à 213,72 dollars) et JPMorgan (-3,81% à 84,27 dollars). Read More »

Senate Intelligence Committee requests Comey memos

Comey also says it made him feel "mildly nauseous" to think his actions in October might have influenced the election outcome. Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), a moderate who'd agreed on CNN Tuesday night that impeachment was on the table if reports of Comey's memo were accurate because "obstruction of justice is such a serious offense", carefully avoided the word on Wednesday. Read More »

Donald Trump Wants to Unite 'Muslim World' With Speech on Radical Islam


After Saudi Arabia, Trump would visit Jerusalem, where he will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and visit the Vad Yashem memorial to the Holocaust. Trump will also meet the monarchs of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, according to various reports . Speaking to reporters after the Trump administration said the president would visit Riyadh as well as Israel later this month, Adel al-Jubeir said President Trump had a high probability of succeeding in his efforts to secure a ... Read More »

Special counsel named to probe Trump-Russia ties

A presidency that had seemed in danger of slipping legal restraints - for example after Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey in an apparent bid to shut down the FBI Russia investigation - now appears constrained by the rule of law . The surprise announcement to hand the probe over to Mr Mueller, a lawman with deep bipartisan respect, was a striking shift for Mr Trump's Justice Department, which had resisted increasingly loud calls from Democrats for an outside prosecutor. Read More »

Jurors deliberating in Oklahoma officer's manslaughter trial

Shelby testified Monday that she feared for her life and thought Crutcher was reaching inside his stalled SUV for a gun. According to an affidavit, Crutcher did not respond to a question from Shelby, and instead walked towards his auto with his hands in the air. Read More »

Iran's VP quits presidential race in favor of Rouhani

The incident was covered on Iranian television and could have had some impact in Rouhani's support. "In Tehran, his votes will go mainly to Rouhani but outside Tehran his supporters will vote for Raisi", said political analyst Hamid Farahvashian. Read More »

Les nouveaux ministres devront démissionner de leurs mandats locaux


Ministre de la défense tout au long du mandat de François Hollande, Jean-Yves Le Drian apportera son expérience du pouvoir au nouveau président. Gérard Collomb devient ministre de l'Intérieur, François Bayrou ministre de la Justice. Agnès Buzyn sera en charge de la Santé, François Nyssen de la Culture, Muriel Pénicaud du Travail, et Laura Flessel des Sports. Jean-Yves Le Drian est décidément un " cas très particulier ". Read More »

GOP Rep Peter King: Comey Had an Obligation to Report Any Intimidation

The latest development only heightened their outrage, renewing calls for a special prosecutor. "I have made no such determination", Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a statement on Wednesday. The requests to the Federal Bureau of Investigation went out as 33 congressional Democrats sent their own message to Chaffetz and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte. Read More »

Amazon is adding voice calling and messaging to Alexa

You can watch Youtube videos, or it can be your regular photo frame by downloading your photos from Amazon Prime. Through a new mode called "Glance" video clips from news sources like CNN can be hailed using your voice, the same way audio news briefings can be played through a traditional Echo. Read More »

New French President Announces his First Government


Macron campaigned on promises of cleaning up French politics, and says he will require ministers to sign a commitment to "integrity and morality". In a morning radio interview, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe dismissed a suggestion that the mixed government was an electoral gimmick, saying "progress" was its unifying theme. Read More »

Google Assistant to make buying stuff easier, just by asking

Android O will also bring autofill with Google, which will allow users to pull usernames and passwords for various applications when they begin typing the first new letters of their login information. Google Assistant is the equivalent to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa . Like Amazon, Google is also supporting voice calling through its Google Home. Read More »

Trump tells Abbas 'very good chance' of Israeli-Palestinian peace


There have been no serious negotiations since gaps widened with the 2009 election of Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel's prime minister. "Trump and Abbas reaffirmed the commitment of both the U.S. A return to those boundaries would deprive Israel of the entire West Bank including the strategic Jordan Valley along the border with Jordan, and leave Israel at its narrowest point nine miles wide between "Palestine" and the Mediterranean Sea. Read More »

Ex-French PM Valls Wants to Be Majority Candidate at Legislative Election


Candidates include people from France's Republican party and the Socialist Party, Ferrand said. "But support doesn't necessarily translate in nomination". "It is behind us", he said. On the eve of the election, pro-Europe centrist Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche party, who in pre-election polls had led by about 24 percentage points over far-right populist Marine Le Pen of the National Front party, said unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would create instability and damage ... Read More »

Britain's Labour announces 'radical' election manifesto


Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has rejected suggestions that Labour MPs are distancing themselves from Jeremy Corbyn as he challenged a journalist to reveal their sources. Philip Hammond claims the Tories have uncovered a £58bn black hole in Labour's election manifesto spending plans. "It's one of the first time in generations that the Labour party membership's views have translated themselves so closely into a manifesto". Read More »

WannaCry Ransomware attack: Indian banking sector to be the next victim


Three variants of the ransomware have been detected. The ransomware used in the hack exploited a vulnerability purportedly from NSA called EternalBlue, according to cyber security experts . We have seen vulnerabilities stored by the Central Intelligence Agency show up on WikiLeaks, and now this vulnerability stolen from the NSA has affected customers around the world. Read More »