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Roy Moore Allegedly Had Sexual Encounter With A 14-Year-Old Girl


According to the women, who did not approach the Post but were interviewed independently by reporters following leads, Moore pursued them and attempted to take them out on dates - in some cases successfully. A special election will be held on December 12. For the more details listing of what they told The Post , you can go here. Corfman says that at first she found the attention from an adult flattering, but when Moore took her home to his house - which she says was "far away" - she ... Lire la suite »

Suspect in attack on Sen. Rand Paul pleads not guilty


He showed no emotion and kept his head down. Paul posted on his Twitter feed a report linking to a Breitbart News story headlined "Rand Paul's neighbors say reports blaming savage assault on "landscaping dispute" are fake news", and one from The Washington Examiner titled, "Rand Paul's neighbors rip media "landscaping dispute" reports". Lire la suite »

Rockstar Unveils 'LA Noire' Trailer For Nintendo Switch


L.A. Noire for the Nintendo Switch includes the complete original game plus all additional downloadable content, and will be available in-store and digitally via the Nintendo eShop on November 14th. The Switch port will come with unique features like contextual touchscreen controls, a Joy-Con mode with gyroscopic controls, HD rumble and new wide and over-the-shoulder camera angles. Lire la suite »

Bill de Blasio, le maire démocrate de New York réélu


Même s'il a été réélu sans enthousiasme, la victoire de Bill de Blasio, un Américain d'origine italienne de 56 ans, était attendue. Comme un pied de nez au New-Yorkais Donald Trump, les électeurs de New York ont largement voté la réélection de leur maire démocrate. Lire la suite »

GameStop almost sells out of Xbox One X in 24 hours


The head of Xbox in the United Kingdom and Ireland has said that Demand for the Xbox One X was "really high". If this is true, then this is a very positive sign for the new Xbox and could see a huge spike in demand as Gamestop is one of the most popular retailers in the country. Lire la suite »

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Version 1.3.3 Released


Video game stories from other sites on the web. That shooting star will slam into the ground nearby. This will only happen at night, between around 9:30pm and 4am in-game time. Head down to the "shooting star" to find a chest with the Salvager Headgear in it. Stand atop this area on the entrance area to the shrine and look east - you'll eventually hear the star drop. Lire la suite »

Pence sued over Trump's voter-integrity commission


Dunlap said prior to filing the lawsuit, he submitted an information request to the commission on October 17 citing concerns about "a vacuum of information from the leadership or staff". Spokesmen for Pence and the commission did not immediately respond to requests for comment about Dunlap's lawsuit. He is asking a judge in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., to compel the panel to include him in all communications among members and staff and prevent the commission from releasing any ... Lire la suite »

Democrats' Favorable Rating Plunges to Quarter-Century Low, However — CNN Poll


Republicans still control County Council with three of the five seats. The GOP fares worse, with only 30% of Americans saying they have a favorable view of the party compared to 61% who say they have an unfavorable view. The Democrats enjoyed similar fair in the Board of Assessment Appeals race, where Anne Cutter and Jeff Lundberg unofficially topped Republican Robert Jewell. Lire la suite »

Polanski avoids teen rape investigation as prosecutors back down

Renate Langer had previously revealed to the New York Times that Polanski invited her to his chalet in Bern, Switerzland, when she was 15 years old, telling her that he may cast her in a movie. In 2010, he was released from house arrest in Gstaad, Switzerland after the authorities decided against extradition to the USA, claiming there were technical faults in the paperwork. Lire la suite »

Organizer of Charlottesville White Supremacist rally verified on Twitter


Kessler's own Twitter account isn't lacking in exactly the frightful behavior Twitter claims to be trying to stamp out, which puts his verification seemingly at odds with the company's past actions. And for Twitter, the Kessler situation is yet another setback in its attempt to win back user trust after a decade of inaction. Comedian and active user Michael Ian Black tweeted that "verifying white supremacists reinforces the increasing belief that your site is a platform for hate speech". Lire la suite »

Chennai is now part of UNESCO's 'creative cities network'

Tamil Development Minister Ma Foi K. Pandiarajan said, " Chennai , as a cultural capital of India, is built on its music and dance culture. This is a proud moment for India", the Prime Minister's Office tweeted. The Unesco Creative Cities Network (UCCN) was created in the year 2004. Artistes of national renown assemble in Chennai during its music season in December and January. Lire la suite »

Sean Parker on Facebook: We created a monster


Parker claimed that with the development of Facebook and other platforms, "the thought process was all about how to we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible". Recent studies show that over a lifetime, an average person will spend 5 years and 4 months on social media. The 38-year-old tech tycoon - whose hardball exploits as Facebook's first president were depicted in Aaron Sorkin's 2010 Hollywood flick " The Social Network " - said Facebook is created to exploit ... Lire la suite »

L'avis du conseil de classe sera "purement consultatif" — Orientation post-bac


On savait déjà que le gouvernement s'apprêtait à complètement réformer le système pour enterrer la plate-forme et réduire l'échec en première année à l'université. LIRE AUSSI Fin du tirage au sort , remise à niveau. "Le dernier mot, il est à l'élève en ce qui concerne la filière qu'il souhaite suivre pour ses études, il sera à la fac pour dessiner le chemin" afin d'y arriver, a-t-elle concédé. Lire la suite »

Grosse frayeur au lycée Bristol — Explosion à Cannes


Selon France 3 PACA qui révèle l'affaire, l'acte malveillant d'un élève serait largement privilégié. Elle avait été placée dans une cage d'escalier et mise à feu vers 14h50. Il n'en risque pas moins une lourde peine. Une enquête va être ouverte par la sûreté publique de Cannes pour identifier l'élève initiateur de ces explosions, issues d'un mélange chimique explosif assez populaire chez les jeunes mais "encore peu répandu sur la Côte d'Azur", note le commissaire Briez, présent sur place. Lire la suite »

L'Arabie saoudite appelle ses ressortissants à quitter le Liban


Les interrogations concernant sa liberté de mouvement dans le royaume d'où il a annoncé sa démission la semaine dernière se multiplient. Macron à RiyadPar ailleurs, le président français Emmanuel Macron, qui a annoncé jeudi qu'il se rendait en soirée à Riyad, une visite non prévue, a déclaré n'avoir reçu aucune demande de la part de Saad Hariri de venir en France. Lire la suite »

Man who shot Texas church gunman doesn't consider himself a hero


Grabbing a handful of ammunition ("I was hearing shot after shot after shot and didn't want to waste time loading a full magazine") Willeford stuffed rounds into his mag while moving to the sound of the gunfire. The incident ended when Kelley's truck crashed and was found lifeless in his vehicle. Willeford's friends describe him as a faithful Christian. Willeford told reporters he had several friends who attended the church. Lire la suite »

Le meurtrier présumé de l'inconnue du Jura interpellé


Après un an, le mystère vient peut-être d'être élucidé. Inconnu des services de police, il a été interpellé mardi 7 novembre en France puis présenté au juge d'instruction de Besançon. Objectif: définir son portrait robot . Un premier appel à témoin ne donne rien. Depuis le début des recherches, personne n'a signalé sa disparition. Lire la suite »

Dead in Police-Involved Shooting in Providence


A vehicle from the state medical examiner's office has since arrived at the scene. When asked for more details, spokeswoman Laura Kirk said in an email "that's all the info we're giving out at this time". Police then launched a search throughout the neighborhood and were seen searching with rifles and dogs. "Multiple road closures and backups on 95", It said. Lire la suite »