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Group says sarin or similar used in Syria attack

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal last week, Trump said Xi told him during a recent summit that " Korea actually used to be a part of China". Quartz speculated that Xi may have spoken of the commanderies set up on the northern Korean Peninsula in the second century BCE or the Mongol conquest of Goryeo in the 13th century, which Trump may have interpreted as a reference to Chinese rule over Korea. Read More »

Arkansas Judge Blocks State From Using Drug For Lethal Injections


In this Monday evening, April 17, 2017 photo, the sun sets behind clouds over an Arkansas State Police command post outside the Varner Unit of the Arkansas Department of Correction near Varner, Ark. A McKesson salesman presented the texts at the court hearing, which showed no mention or indication that the drug would be used for lethal injections. Read More »

Automakers charge ahead with electrics in China, even as policy drive slows


For years, carmakers have struggled to gain economies of scale to bring down the cost of electric cars, which have failed to gain traction with consumers in part due to their price. GM's joint venture with a state-owned automaker, Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp ., will make it. Prices will start at 265,800 yuan ($38,600). "It's clear that China wants to take a leading role globally in terms of the regulatory environment and electrification", said David Schoch, Ford's president for the ... Read More »

Vice President Pence wraps up first official visit to Japan


Last week, amid tensions with North Korea and the possibility that the North might conduct a nuclear or missile test, us officials, including the president, had suggested that the U.S.S. After meeting with Indonesia's President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, he says Indonesia and the USA are both democracies and share the same values. Pence also took a much tougher line on North Korea, saying the days of broken promises were over, while adding that the USA would counter any attack with an "overwhelming ... Read More »

Volleyball games appear to take place at North Korean nuclear test site


USA experts who analyse satellite images from North Korea say they have seen unusual activity at the country's nuclear site: volleyball games. "The WC-135 Constant Phoenix, a special-purpose U.S. Punggye-ri is a complex of tunnels and testing infrastructure in the mountains in northeast North Korea. "[Or that] Pyongyang has initiated a tactical pause in activity at the test site as part of an overall deception plan, delaying the sixth nuclear test until a time when a detonation would ... Read More »

New Dawn of War 3 Dev Diary Multiplayer Tactics


You will not be able to play on your own against an AI player and there are only three maps but if you can't wait until the launch or desire a closer look at the game before deciding to pick it up on release day you can get a quick peek. Read More »

Pence: US will work with Japan for North Korea solution

Australia's prime minister also urged China to do more, saying Beijing has the "greatest obligation and responsibility" to de-escalate the threat from North Korea. Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov warned the U.S. against "unilateral actions like those we saw recently in Syria" and urged the United States to "follow the line that president Trump repeatedly voiced during the election campaign". Read More »

United States processors worry over future of foreign workers

H-1B visas "should include only the most skilled and highest-paid applicants and should never, ever be used to replace American workers", he told a gathering of about 500 workers and local luminaries, including the White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, a Kenosha native. Read More »

Police, protesters clash ahead of Le Pen rally

A new poll out Wednesday showed Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron sharing first place. If Le Pen wins, France might leave the European Union, following the United Kingdom, and triggering a level of uncertainty that could well lead to the downfall of the single market. Read More »

Russia Blocks US-Drafted UN Statement Condemning North Korea Tests

Haley's comments followed President Donald Trump's recent statement that the US wants peace - and that how much North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un also wants peace will be a deciding factor in easing tensions between the two countries. Mattis credited China with trying to help get the North Korea situation "under control" with the goal of denuclearizing the peninsula. Pence's speech on the aircraft carrier followed meetings Tuesday in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, where he ... Read More »

Pakistan to submit new dossier on Yadav to UN

Pakistan claims its security forces had arrested Mr Jadhav from Balochistan province on March 3 previous year after he reportedly entered from Iran. Earlier, India had demanded copies of the charge sheet and judgement against Jadhav. After Pakistan refused to show any leniency in the death sentence of former Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, the Indian government has escalated the matter by putting on hold all bilateral talks with Pakistan. Read More »

Palin, Nugent and Kid Rock Pose - With Hillary?


One of the takes shows the trio mocking the former Democratic presidential nominee. Rock is joined by his reported fiancé, Audrey Berry, while the Nuge is flanked by his wife, Shemane. Not from The Onion. Palin shared a number of photos showing her in discussion with President Trump and White House adviser Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law. Read More »

UN Security Council fails to condemn North Korea's missile test

China is the North's most important trading partner and ally, but Pyongyang has ignored Beijing's calls for a suspension of those programs and its requests for high-level bilateral talks. That same strategy destroyed Iraq, destabilized the Middle East and created irreparable damage to the United States. A strike by the USA may be a remote possibility as it will have to be in consultation with South Korea, which will bear the brunt. Read More »

Campaigning begins as MPs vote for snap General Election

May, who made the shock call for an early election on Tuesday, needs to bolster her narrow majority of 17 seats ahead of tortuous Brexit talks with Brussels that could reopen old wounds within her Conservative Party, AFP reported. By contrast, Labour has struggled to form a strategy over Brexit, while Corbyn's left-wing leadership is opposed by many of his more centrist MPs. "This election is a vote for Brexit and a vote for Theresa May and her leadership". Read More »

Neil Gorsuch Takes Seat on US Supreme Court


Watch Gorsuch's public ceremony live in the video above, starting at 11 a.m. And members of the LGBTQ community say the new Supreme Court justice could do a lot of damage. The 66-day confirmation process divided Congress in a way that hadn't been done before. Democrats said they consider the seat "stolen", because Republicans refused to act on President Barack Obama's nominee for the court, Judge Merrick Garland . Read More »

Trump Signs "Buy American" Order in Wisconsin

The government allows 85,000 immigrants each year through the H-1B visa programme, which is reserved for foreign nationals in "specialty occupations" and is largely used by the technology industry. We don't use it so much anymore. "It's called the sledgehammer". The moves show Trump once again using his power to issue executive orders to try to fulfill promises he made past year in his election campaign, in this case to reform U.S. Read More »

The 53 constituencies most likely to change hands in the general election

May has called the election to increase the narrow 17-seat working majority in parliament she inherited from her predecessor David Cameron, who quit a year ago after Britons rejected his call to stay in the EU. An aide later insisted Labour will vote to hold the election, but declined to say whether a three-line whip will be imposed. "Every Conservative vote will strengthen the UK's negotiating position in Europe - every vote for another party will weaken it". Read More »

We can now shoot terrorist drivers


Members of these units are highly trained, including in operations involving ships or aircraft. The UK was already reviewing its armed policing capacity following the attacks that killed 130 in Paris in 2015. British police are being ordered to shoot terrorist drivers using vehicles as weapons, under new " more aggressive tactics ". "So driving a vehicle in front of it for example is not going to stop it so you need to shoot the driver". Read More »

J-3 avant le premier tour — Présidentielle


A l'issue d'une campagne présidentielle irréelle, irrationnelle, ternie par les couacs, les polémiques et les incidents majeurs, quatre candidats se tiennent dans un mouchoir de poche. Il est crédité d'environ 20 % des voix, alors qu'il était condamné à faire de la figuration voilà un bon mois. 48% de son électorat y adhère, soit 9 points de moins que la semaine dernière. Read More »

Australia | PM scraps visa for skilled foreign workers

New Delhi: India is examining "consequences" of Australia's decision to abolish the 457 visa programme, and said the issue will also be looked at in the context of free trade talks. But, IT sector was the biggest beneficiary of this visa, and out of 95,757 temporary workers right now in Australia, the majority of them are Indians , into IT and other niches. Read More »

Trump's Latest U-Turn: Renewing The Iran Nuclear Deal

Tillerson came to the conclusion Tuesday during a routine, quarterly report to Congress on Iran's progress in the nuclear deal. US President Donald Trump made contradictory promises during the campaign as to what his policy would be toward Iran, but a couple of times vowed to dismantle the accord, if elected. Read More »