Mercredi, 15 Juillet 2020
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" "La charte des Patriotes de Philippot : " mariage pour tous " garanti


Un programme plus radical concernant la souveraineté et beaucoup plus souple sur les questions sociétales et migratoires. "Ça n'est pas un projet, c'est une philosophie. Une attitude plus modérée sur les sujets sociétaux qui a pour objectif de ringardiser le Front national: "Nous avons voulu être connectés avec la France de 2017", assure Philippot. Lire la suite »

100 pays invités au sommet de Paris mais pas Trump — Climat


Une centaine de pays ont été invités au Sommet de Paris sur le climat du 12 décembre mais "pour l'instant" pas le président américain Donald Trump , a annoncé mardi la présidence française. Si nous n'accélérons pas nos efforts , nous n'arriverons pas à atteindre l'objectif d'une augmentation" de la température limitée à "1,5 degré à la fin du siècle. Lire la suite »

Bandai Namco to increase development for Nintendo Switch


Moving forward, Taguchi seems keen to right that perceived wrong, and claims Bandai is working on three "big" Switch-exclusives titles for release in 2018. He also stated that all of Bandai's properties could "see product made available for Switch", which certainly opens up a lot of doors. There's no telling what these games could be, but we'll be sure to bring you any and all news as it comes. Lire la suite »

Kenyan governor dies in freak road accident


The governor of Nyeri County in Central Kenya, Wahome Gakuru died on Tuesday morning following a freak road accident.According to reports, the governor was traveling from Nyeri to Nairobi for an interview with a local vernacular radio station when his personal vehicle burst one of its tyres and veered off the road. Lire la suite »

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL) Reports Solid Q3 Earnings; Outlook Underwhelms

HDFC Bank Limited (ADR) (NYSE:HDB) has risen 36.23% since November 6, 2016 and is uptrending. NEXT Financial Group Inc increased its stake in Royal Caribbean Cruises by 9.0% in the 2nd quarter. Based on current stock levels, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd . shares are trading 2.44% off of the 50-day high and 15.92% away from the 50-day low. The cruise company reported revenue of $2.56 billion during the same period of the year prior. Lire la suite »

SHINee's Minho Makes US First Lady Melania Trump Smile


SHINee open up official Twitter account! The First Lady attended the Girls Play 2! event at the US Embassy in South Korea. Also, she said she was sure that everyone was looking forward to the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Games and that the global sports event would offer all an wonderful opportunity to help "bring the world together" through the love of sports. Lire la suite »

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to increase troop presence in Afghanistan by 3000


He said the troops won't conduct combat operations but help to train and assist the Afghan security forces, notably to train special forces and build up the conflict-torn country's air force. Trump announced his new policy on Afghanistan in August, reversing his previous position advocating United States withdrawal after military leaders convinced him that pulling out of America´s longest war would be worse than remaining. Lire la suite »

Who is Carter Page, and why is he trending on Twitter?


A spokeswoman for Sessions declined to comment; Clovis' attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday night. In another atypical move, Page did not bring an attorney to his interview. Page said the email reflected his "personal opinion" and denied personally having any involvement in the change, which removed language promising that the US would provide "lethal defense weapons" to the Ukrainian army to fend off Russian military intervention. Lire la suite »

Le tueur s'est apparemment tué — Fusillade au Texas


Les motivations qui ont poussé le tueur à agir restent aussi inconnues. " Les informations préliminaires montrent que le délit de violence conjugale de Kelley n'a pas été inscrit au registre du Centre national d'information criminelle (NCIC) ", a indiqué Ann Stefanek, une porte-parole de l'armée de l'air américaine, précisant qu'une enquête a été ouverte pour voir si d'autres condamnations avaient pu passer au travers du système d'inscription au registre des criminels. Lire la suite »

COP23 : Macron se rendra à la Conférence sur le climat en Allemagne


Parmi les évènements parallèles de la COP 23, plusieurs d'entre eux sont organisés dans le cadre du Partenariat de Marrakech pour l'action climatique mondiale pour montrer comment des villes, des régions, des entreprises du secteur privé et des investisseurs s'efforcent de mettre en œuvre l'Accord de Paris dans les secteurs de l'énergie, de l'eau, de l'agriculture, des océans et zones côtières, des établissements humains, du transport, de l'industrie, et des forêts. Lire la suite »

Download KB4049370 to fix black screen issues on Surface Laptops


We are not restricting the free upgrade offer to specific assistive technologies. Additionally, you must press the power button for a long time to recover. The firmware must implement UEFI Class 2 or 3 . Here's how you can fix the Surface Pen issues in Windows 10 Fall Creators. System's firmware must support UEFI Secure Boot and must have UEFI Secure Boot enabled by default. Lire la suite »

Google to show estimated wait times for restaurants

Now you can decide whether that cronut is really worth an hour wait or plan ahead to get your fix at a time when you can avoid a wait entirely. Using data from about 1 million restaurants and grocery stores, a Google search of, for example, Little Nonna's , will not only give you the usual restaurant info, but also when you can expect the restaurant to be busiest - in this case, there's a small lunch rush and peak crowds at 7 p.m. Lire la suite »

UN Experts Urge Hong Kong to Uphold Rights of Democracy Activists

Their sentencing came as a blow to the youth-led push for universal suffrage and prompted accusations of political interference. In a short hearing on Tuesday, Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal granted the trio leave to appeal, with the case to be heard on January 16 with the three to remain on bail until then. Lire la suite »

Accusé de viols, Tariq Ramadan mis en congé de l'université d'Oxford


La prestigieuse université britannique était jusque-là accusée, notamment par certains de ses étudiants, de n'avoir pas pris position. Tariq Ramadan y enseignait les études islamiques contemporaines depuis 2009. Au Royaume-uni, un scandale de harcèlement sexuel ébranle la classe politique depuis plusieurs semaines, visant des personnalités de premier plan. L'université d'Oxford rattrapée par l'affaire Tariq Ramadan. Lire la suite »

Karachi likely to host West Indies

SportsMax.TV, the website of the official Caribbean broadcaster, said security was the main concern. "A few of the players are unavailable at the moment and there have also been concerns about security". Additionally, West Indies are set to embark on a two-Test tour of New Zealand later this month, followed by a three-match one-day series and a three-match T20 series which starts late December and runs until January 3. Lire la suite »

American woman accused of insulting Mugabe appears in court

The American, Martha O'Donovan, who works for a Zimbabwe online TV station, was arrested Friday after police converged on her house with a search warrant during a dawn raid. Her arrest appears to be the first of its kind since the country's cyber ministry was created last month. O'Donovan, who denies the charges against her, was not formally charged nor was she asked to plead in court, where she will return on November 15. Lire la suite »

The NichePhone-S is Looks like a Pocket Calculator

For many people people, smaller phones represent a simpler era when weren't drowning in a sea of notifications, and this could explain why FutureModel has announced the tiny and aptly named NichePhone-S. The handset is seemingly running with Android 4.2 onboard (a version that dates back to 2012), but the interface seen in the official introduction video only shows a clock, so it's unclear what (if anything) is buried in the phone's system. Lire la suite »

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Direct details gameplay & announces Expansion Pass


With this pass, players can enjoy DLC as it releases between the launch of the game and fall 2018, starting with quests and support items, and eventually including a challenge Battle Mode where they can face powerful enemies. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , the follow-up to Wii and New Nintendo 3DS' critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles , will launch December 1 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Lire la suite »

Disparition inquiétante d'une jeune femme de 28 ans — Var


Si vous avez des renseignements permettant de la retrouver, vous pouvez appeler la gendarmerie du Luc en Provence au 04 94 50 05 00 . En cours de séparation, Fanny Lecouteux, née Bruno, domiciliée à Pignans dans le Var, a passé la soirée de vendredi chez une connaissance de La Crau qu'elle n'avait pas vu depuis longtemps. Lire la suite »

Lupin stock crashes 18% on USFDA warning


Last week, the Pharma index had gained 2.6 percent, aided by the positive sentiment from Divis Labs which said the USFDA would be lifting the import alert 66-40 and moving to close out the Warning letter issued to the company's Unit-II at Visakhapatnam. Lire la suite »

Flers. Des chiens repêchés dans les douves du château


Appelés en renfort, les sapeurs-pompiers de Flers ont récupéré les cadavres des chiens. C'est un agent municipal, inspectant les douves du château, qui a alerté les autorités après avoir découvert les corps des animaux, flottant en partie à la surface . Lire la suite »

Democrat Ted Lieu Walks Out of Moment of Silence for Texas Victims


What we need is we need action, we need to pass gun safety legislation now". The changes Lieu suggested in his Facebook live video include: universal background checks for those buying guns and bans on assault rifles and bump stocks. But he passed a background check required for the purchase he made in April 2016 of the Ruger AR-556 rifle he allegedly used in the shooting. There he confronted Kelley, exchanging gunfire with him until Kelley drove away in his vehicle. Lire la suite »