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Android now supports the Kotlin programming language


Kotlin was created by JetBrains and officially released early previous year. Kotlin's primary sponsor is JetBrains, the company behind tools like IntelliJ. Calling out to Kotlin code from Java code should just work, while calling to Java code requires some automatically applied translation conventions. Lire la suite »

YouTube Bringing 360-Degree Video to the Big Screen


Also, there has been a 4X growth in YouTube live streams. Sarah Ali, Head of Living Room Products for YouTube, gave an update on the YouTube app for TV, which is available on 500 million TVs, consoles, and smart TV devices. But people have to pay for it. A new Superchat API has been announced for the developers. YouTube is opening up its "tip jar" on livestreams - called Super Chat - so developers can program automated triggers for something to happen in real life during the broadcast. Lire la suite »

Trump 'asked Federal Bureau of Investigation chief to end Flynn probe'

Chaffetz said on Tuesday that if Comey perceived "undue influence" from the president of the United States, he had a number of options. Donald Trump is set to embark Friday on his first foreign trip, which had been optimistically viewed by some aides as an opportunity to reset an administration floundering under an inexperienced president. Lire la suite »

Emmanuel Macron sera reçu lundi par Angela Merkel


Tout au long de cette journée marquée par la lourdeur du protocole, Emmanuel Macron a multiplié les signaux clairs envers la France, l'Europe et le monde. "L'ami cher. Macron sauve l' ce sont les Allemands qui doivent payer", a-t-il titré, sarcastique, en une samedi. Après Nicolas Sarkozy et François Hollande , c'est au tour d'Emmanuel Macron de se rendre, pour sa première visite officielle à Berlin pour rencontrer la chancelière allemande. Lire la suite »

DOJ: We Can't Comment on Alleged Comey Memos

As for Comey, whom Trump fired last week, the FBI director wrote in a memo after a February meeting at the White House that the new president had asked him to shut down the FBI's investigation of Flynn and his Russian contacts, said a person who had read the memo. Lire la suite »

Putin Accuses US Of 'Political Schizophrenia' Over Trump


The Russian leader even offered transcripts from the meeting to prove it. Which seems like a bit of a setup. Putin was speaking at a press conference in Sochi about claims that U.S. But as the news emerged that Israel was the initial source of the intelligence provided to Russian Federation, other Israeli officials spoke of their commitment to continuing security cooperation between their country and Washington. Lire la suite »

United Nations urges end to mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners

He added that numerous 6,000 Palestinians held by Israel are in prisons within Israel and not in the West Bank or in Gaza , a contravention of the International Humanitarian Law; the prisoners' location discourages family visits because of the difficulty in obtaining permits to enter Israel. Lire la suite »

Some of Google's new features seem … familiar


Google Photos is adding a new tool that will prompt you to share photos you take of people you know. Google maintains the feature will be smart enough so that you would auto-share only specific photos - say, of your kids - to your partner or a friend. Lire la suite »

Moors murderer Ian Brady dies at 79

Brady was 28 in May 1966 when he and Hindley were convicted of murdering Lesley Ann and Edward. Brady, one of the Moors murderers who was responsible for the deaths of five children, died last night at the age of 79. I want to stress that our aim, as it always has been, is to find where Keith is buried and give closure to his surviving family members so they can give Keith the proper burial they so desperately want. Lire la suite »

Les invités d'Emmanuel Macron — Passation de pouvoir

A l'issue de leur entretien, le nouveau président de la République a raccompagné l'ancien dans la cour d'honneur. François Hollande veut s'assurer que son successeur "disposera de tous les éléments qui lui permettront d'être efficace dès le premier jour, que tous les dossiers sur les sommets internationaux soient préparés, que les sujets économiques et industriels soient bien appréhendés et que toutes les équipes fonctionnent en harmonie", a-t-il confié à l'AFP lundi, dans l'avion qui le ... Lire la suite »

Paul Ryan says he has not lost confidence in Trump

Amash was then asked whether he was more inclined to believe Comey or the President in the ongoing scandal. Could there be more striking parallels? Marco Rubio (R-FL) reacted to recent reports about President Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russian Federation, saying it's important to gather the facts and not rush to judgment. Lire la suite »

Ex-French PM Manuel Valls wants to be Emmanuel Macron candidate

Macron's victory was seen across the world as a victory for supporters of European Union integration over Le Pen's anti-EU proposals which included ditching the euro currency. Ms Le Pen said she had also offered her congratulations. Hamon said his movement would be launched on July 1, after legislative elections in June that are crucial to Macron's chances of enacting his programme. Lire la suite »

United Kingdom ruling Conservatives to unveil policy pledges on Thursday


Admittedly, being the most worker-friendly Tory prime minister in history is a low bar to jump - May's claim that the Conservatives have always been the "true party" of workers is laughable. Vince Cable, former Business Secretary, said: "From undermining unions to trying to ban strikes, it's clear the Tories aren't the party of workers' rights". Lire la suite »

Chaffetz requests memos from former Federal Bureau of Investigation director


But the White House had no memos or tapes of the meeting to rebut the claims, several officials said. The person was not authorized to discuss the memo by name and spoke on condition of anonymity. Comey's excuse, or the one offered on this behalf, seems lame. Comey is the kind of adversary that no White House would relish. The conversation took place in the Oval Office on February 14, the day after Flynn was sacked for lying to vice-president Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian ... Lire la suite »

Suspected WannaCry affects Odisha hospital's data system


A police complaint will be lodged at the Sadar police Station by the Berhampur City Hospital authorities today, the sources added. The computer system was displaying a message demanding $300 for restoration and access to the hospital's information management system, the ADMO said. Lire la suite »

Erdogan criticises United States plan to arm YPG in Syria


A Pentagon spokesperson said , both leaders affirmed their support for peace and stability in Iraq and Syria. The SDF is dominated by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), seen by the United States as an indispensable ally in the fight against IS but considered a "terrorist group" by Turkey. Lire la suite »

Vladimir Putin rushes to Donald Trump's aid


In his view, such a partnership could provide further benefits by defusing tensions between Russian Federation and the West and eventually leading to the lifting of sanctions the US and the European Union imposed on Moscow over its role in the Ukraine. Lire la suite »

Halle Berry Strips Down For Nina Simone Tribute


The sheer number exposed her nude strapless bra under the halterneck top and the show-stopping number flirted with androgyny, featuring a dramatic train that trailed from the waist of her jumpsuit with hundreds of gold metallic ruffles. "This whole year is going to be about 50", she added. Well since the one she shared back in March with nothing on but a lace overlay or the video she put out just before the Oscars in which she took off her dress to go skinny dipping. Lire la suite »

Ransomware cyber-attacks slow but fears remain


With respect to this virus it demands an immediate $300 in the first few hours or the price would double, triple and so on. WannaCry infected more than 300,000 computers with ransomware, and the malware's most risky feature wasn't even the fact that it encrypted the user's personal files asking for ransom in Bitcoin. Lire la suite »

U.S. planning to kill Kim Jong-un - North Korea claims


North Korea on Friday accused the USA and South Korean spy agencies of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on leader Kim Jong Un involving biochemical weapons. According to Mirror , Kim Jong-un visited the military bases near the North Korea-South Korea border and asked his combat units to be ready to strike their enemy countries. Lire la suite »