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Trump a demandé l'arrêt d'une enquête du FBI, selon le NY Times

C'est une note rédigée par Comey à la sortie de cette rencontre qui fait état de cette conservation. Dans ce mémo, le directeur du FBI qui a été limogé la semaine dernière écrit que le président Donald Trump lui a demandé de mettre un terme à l'enquête ouverte sur Michael Flynn, rapporte une source proche du dossier. Lire la suite »

Iconic MP3 format has officially been abandoned


MP3 is the most popular digital audio format since its inception over two decades ago. MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio layer 3, ubiquitously known as mp3, is essentially compressed music files that allowed the audio file to be as little as 1/10th of its original size. Lire la suite »

How to keep your PC safe from the WannaCry attacks

Some leading outfits like Britain's National Health Service, Federal Express, Renault, Nissan, Hitachi and Telefonica were badly affected. Instead, hackers stole those vulnerabilities from NSA and reportedly used them to make WannaCry. Those devices are built on the cheap, and the companies that make them don't have the dedicated teams of security engineers ready to craft and distribute security patches. Lire la suite »

China pays for Windows XP addiction as 'WannaCry' hits


In India, the banking system fought today to protect its systems. Power utilities also reported problems. Once hackers trick people into clicking on a link containing the virus-traditionally using innocuous-looking emails for this goal, like fake bills or tax returns-they're able to send targeted messages at the user and mimic the cyber version of a hostage scenario. Lire la suite »

Pakistan bans spinner Nawaz for one month


A PCB release said: "A period of ineligibility/suspension of two (02) months has been imposed on Nawaz (first month suspension has commenced from 16th May 2017), one (01) month of which will be suspended upon fulfillment of additional conditions". Lire la suite »

Trump says possible to pick new FBI director by next week


If Republicans "start to lose a couple, or two or three look like they're not on board, that could create more pressure on the majority leader and the president to perhaps do something other than what they were planning on doing". However, Lee gave Trump the benefit of the doubt, saying, "As far as I'm aware, he is fully cooperating and he is willing and eager to see this investigation" through. Lire la suite »

Three Clinton appointees will hear 9th Circuit travel ban case


On March 16, U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang of Maryland gave standing to a group of taxpayer-funded refugee resettlement contractors and relatives of foreign nationals to sue against Trump's executive action on immigration. Mr. Trump and his lawyers are fighting to restore his revised order, which would halt refugee admissions altogether for 120 days and also block many admissions from six countries the president has deemed so unsafe they need additional scrutiny. Lire la suite »

Trump and Erdogan sit down for first White House meeting


President Donald Trump walks back into the White House in Washington after seeing off Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following Erdogan's visit today. "We also appreciate Turkey's leadership in seeking an end to the horrific killing in Syria". The United States sees the YPG as distinct from the PKK and as a valuable partner in the fight against Islamic State. Lire la suite »

Indian-origin links ransomware attack to N Korea


Russia, China and India have blamed the United States government for developing the original code. "In one of the cases, the attack was traced back to early April". That hack occurred in the weeks before Sony released a satiric movie about a plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This would not be the first time North Korean hackers have resorted to ransomware attacks. Lire la suite »

Christian sect attacks Congo prison, frees leader, 50 more


According to government, the Christian sect called Bundu dia Kongo attacked the Kinshasa Prison early on Wednesday, leading to the escape of more than a 100 prisoners, including the sect's leader, Ne Muanda Nsemi. One of the prisoners on the run told AFP he had managed to escape during violent clashes between the attackers and the prison guards. The government has accused BDK followers of a string of violent attacks in western DR Congo since the start of the year. Lire la suite »

Beware: Worldwide Ransomware Attack May Be Far from Over


Microsoft president Brad Smith said this is a wake-up call for governments of the world. He said the malware exploits a weakness in the operating system to spread from computer to computer. Three days later, reports of WannaCry are now spiking in Asia. Some experts also believe that a widespread use of bootleg software in India might have forced companies to cover up their losses as they can not report the same due to licensing issues. Lire la suite »

Himes: Trump's tongue a security concern


He is facing criticism, because the intelligence apparently came from a partner nation that did not authorise it being given to other countries. Israel is a key US ally and a major source of intelligence in the Middle East. Brownlee said he hopes the meeting between Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov "is a step towards that". "I think this is another example of whatever Trump does gets the worst possible spin". Lire la suite »

Sanchez became a better player at Arsenal, Wenger insists


Four minutes later, Arsenal broke the deadlock as Mesut Ozil played fine first-time pass to Sanchez, who slotted home from point-blank range. Arsene Wenger hopes Alexis Sanchez will continue proving his worth at Arsenal for the long term after the Chilean worldwide led the Gunners to a 2-0 victory over Sunderland on Tuesday (16 May) by scoring two goals. Lire la suite »

Massive cyberattack targeting 99 countries causes sweeping havoc


Telecommunications company Telefonica was among many targets in Spain, though it said the attack was limited to some computers on an internal network and had not affected clients or services. The malware demands that hospitals pay by May 15, or all the encrypted files will be deleted by May 19, according to cybersecurity firm Foursys. The Windows vulnerability was made public last month, when a group known as the Shadow Brokers released a trove of alleged NSA hacking tools into the ... Lire la suite »

India using ICJ as 'stage for political theatre': Pak


The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Monday heard the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav , a former Indian navy officer who has been given death sentence by Pakistani Military court. Expressing the fear that Jadhav, 46, might be executed before the hearing was over, India accused Pakistan of violating the Vienna convention and conducting a "farcical trial" without a "shred of evidence ". Lire la suite »

Experts warn of more WannaCry ransomware attacks after offices open on Monday


The 22-year-old researcher known as " MalwareTech ", who wanted to remain anonymous, said he spotted a hidden web address in the "WannaCry" code and made it official by registering its domain name. "I think it is concerning that we could definitely see a similar attack occur, maybe in the next 24 to 48 hours or maybe in the next week or two", Huss told the AP. Lire la suite »

Anti-Semitic taunts tweeted at Charlottesville mayor

The gathering was swiftly condemned by city leaders, who said it evoked images of the Ku Klux Klan. "This event involving torches at night in Lee Park was either profoundly ignorant or was created to instill fear in our minority populations in a way that hearkens back to the days of the KKK", Signer wrote on his Facebook page. Lire la suite »

Putin shows off piano skills ahead of meeting with Chinese leader


Putin performed the unofficial anthems of Russia's capital, Moscow , Moskovskie Okna , and his home city of Saint Petersburg, Gorod nad Volnoy Nevoy . At a news briefing in Beijing , where he is attending an global conference, Putin was asked how confident he was that the agreement between Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia would bring stability to world oil prices. Lire la suite »

Nine protesters injured after Trump-Erdogan meeting


Earlier in the meeting, Erdogan clearly stated that he would never accept America's alliance with the Kurdish militia, referring to the recent White House announcement on additional arms supply for the Kurdish fighters , who are part of the Syrian Democratic Forces leading the anti-Isis campaign to retake Raqqa . Lire la suite »

US Supreme Court denies stay of execution


Jerry Givens, a former executioner in the state of Virginia, told RT that " we can do without " capital punishment, saying authorities need to work on how to stop terrible crimes from happening in the first place. That would violate the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment enshrined in the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution, the lawsuit said. Lire la suite »