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Microsoft Criticizes Government Creation of Hacking Tools


The hackers then demand $300 in order to release control of the files. Install the latest Operating System Although Microsoft did release a fix for the vulnerability, similar vulnerabilities may still exist on the OS. That's why no computer is safe, as long as it's not running the latest updates . The Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center, a nonprofit group providing support in computer attacks, said 2,000 computers at 600 locations in Japan were reported affected. Read More »

Budget 2017: Banks and government at war over 'lazy' banking levy


The banking sector will also face higher fines should executives breach misconduct laws, ranging from $50 million for small banks to $200 million for larger banks. "It's very fair and reasonable thing to do to have a structural change to how we tax banks in this country to ensure they make an ongoing contribution to these goals", Morrison said. Read More »

Mexican journalist shot dead

Journalists and photographers hold up pictures of journalist Javier Valdez during a demonstration against his killing and for other journalists who were killed in Mexico, at the Angel of Independence monument in Mexico City, Mexico May 16, 2017. Read More »

Labour hints at delaying Brexit if Parliament rejects deal


In an election haunted by the ghost of Brexit, Labour's latest outline will come as a blow to the 48 percent who voted to remain in the bloc and are unsure whether their vote can even matter given May's crushing advantage in the polls. "My strong advice would be to make a virtue of saying: Let's make up our minds when we see what deal Theresa May gets; she should get the best agreement for jobs, trade and prosperity and put all the options on the table in the negotiation", Blair wrote. Read More »

Merkel says Macron offers chance of new dynamism

French President Emmanuel Macron is preparing to introduce a new government with a fresh face, tasked with carrying out his plans to rethink labour laws and overhaul politics. Melenchon got almost 20 percent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election. But over 20 LR members of parliament, including some party heavyweights and former ministers, issued a joint statement on Monday urging the party to positively respond to the "hand extended by the president". Read More »

Trump Would Have Fired Comey 'Regardless of Recommendation'


Under rules of the Senate, Republicans could still confirm an Federal Bureau of Investigation director with 51 votes. Warner said he was offended at Trump's remarks. Rosenstein, who met privately with some senators on Thursday, was invited to brief all 100 senators next week, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said. Read More »

Warriors throttle Spurs to take 2-0 series lead


All I care is what I saw. "All I care about is Kawhi is not there", Pop said during a press conference Monday . They do what they do. In a game so desiccated of drama that not even a Red Panda halftime could save it, Golden State Warriors eviscerated the already perforated San Antonio Spurs by a final score that can best and most cruelly be described as "32 Minutes Of Garbage Time". Read More »

Afghan forces dislodge Taliban from district


The Taliban briefly seized Kunduz city in September 2015, in their biggest victory since they were toppled from national power by a US-led invasion in 2001. Over the past 18 months, Taliban fighters have twice succeeded in seizing the city center for brief periods. They were able briefly to re-enter the city centre in October 2016 before once again being pushed back. Read More »

Scotland needs choice on independence at end of Brexit - Sturgeon

An independent Scotland would use the pound "until we decide to do something else", Nicola Sturgeon has said . Interviewed on The Andrew Marr Show , she said: "My position is I want Scotland to be in the EU". The SNP leader was asked about the Scottish Government's currency proposals for an independent Scotland at a second referendum. She said: "My message in this election on Brexit is, whether you vote Leave or whether you were Yes or No in 2014, if you vote SNP you're strengthening my ... Read More »

Suspicion: Massive cyber attack caused by North Korea

Simon Choi, a director at South Korean anti-virus software company Hauri Inc. who has analyzed North Korean malware since 2008 and advises the government, said Tuesday that the North is no newcomer to the world of bitcoins . Experts say that has left millions of Chinese computers without security support and made China among countries most affected by the WannaCry "ransomware" attack that has hit more than 150 countries. Read More »

Afghan woman seeks to become youngest to make solo round


There, she discovered a passion for flying and obtained her pilot's license - becoming the youngest certified civilian female pilot from Afghanistan. "When I found my passion - flying - that's when I started to challenge myself. On the website of her non-profit Dreams Soar, she commented: "Every time I open the door of an aircraft, I ask myself, 'How did a girl with my background become so lucky? The truth is, anyone can be me". Read More »

Attack should be wake-up call for govts


When the National Security Agency lost control of the software behind the WannaCry cyberattack, it was like "the USA military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen", Microsoft President Brad Smith says, in a message about the malicious software that has created havoc on computer networks in more than 150 countries since Friday. Read More »

UNESCO Expected To Disavow Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem - On Independence Day


The executive board of the UN's Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Tuesday passed a resolution describing Jerusalem as "occupied" and challenging Israeli sovereignty over the city. Palestinians seek eastern Jerusalem as their future capital. Netanyahu called the UNESCO resolution "absurd" and said the agency's "systematic harassment" of Israel had a price. Read More »

Duterte to sponsor entry of Turkey, Mongolia into ASEAN Featured


While in China, Duterte said Mongolian Prime Minister Jargaltulgyn Erdenebat and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to him on separate occasions about joining the Asean. He said they made the request to him since the Philippines is this year's ASEAN chair. But non-Asean parties can join the meetings of the 10-member regional bloc as dialogue partners, sectoral dialogue partners, development partners, special observers, or guests. Read More »

Green vote helped NDP more than Liberals, says UBC prof

During his non-concession, non-victory speech late Tuesday night, he encouraged supporters to "hang tight" until all the absentee and mail-in ballots are counted and said the majority of British Columbians voted for change. That's why Tim Stevenson is very hopeful that the B.C. NDP and Green Party will be able to work together in a new government following the closely contested May 9 election. Read More »

5 ideas from French President Macron for fixing Europe

Macron faces his first big test next month in legislative elections that will determine how far he is able to advance his reform agenda. And, despite the smiles on Monday, Mr Macron has yet to prove himself. "I will always be a frank, direct and constructive partner, because I think the success of our two countries is deeply linked, and that the whole success of Europe depends on that", Macron said. Read More »

A&Es 'fully open' again — NHS cyber attack

He added: "Although we have never seen anything on this scale when it comes to ransomware attacks , they are relatively common and there are things that you can do, that everyone can do, all of us can do, to protect ourselves against them". Read More »

Aussie aviation experts question govn't plans to introduce "laptop travel ban"


The US is now considering extending the ban to flights between Europe and the US. Australia could follow the United States and Britain to ban passengers from bringing laptops in carry-on baggage on certain global flights. John Coyne, a national security analyst with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said the United States' original laptop ban came from intelligence relating to a specific threat, and believed Australia would be unlikely to follow suit without a similarly defined ... Read More »

The Upcoming Meeting Between Trump And Erdo an Will Probably Be Tense

It's not clear, however, whether Erdogan expects to be able to dissuade Trump during their meeting, and what action he is prepared to take if the USA goes ahead with the policy. Turkey has repeatedly demanded his extradition, which the Obama administration refused. Erdogan has also made clear he expects steps from Washington over the fate of Gulen, who denies any role in the coup but whom Turkey wants to see extradited and face trial at home. Read More »

The blame game, ransomware edition: Who's at fault?


Ransomware continues to be a growth business, and a bit of work can provide a serious return. In 2015, some estimated $24 million was paid to unlock computers, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation; in 2016, it hit a dazzling $1 billion. Read More »