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Leak confirms $49 Google Home Mini


We first heard mentions of an alleged Google Home Mini late last month. The leak is courtesy of Droid-Life who have shown off pictures of the revamped headset and controller in three colours: Charcol (Black), Fog (Grey) and Coral (Red) - nearly the same colours as the Google Home Mini that was just leaked by DL as well. Lire la suite »

Woman shot boyfriend, dismembered body with machete


Detectives say that Sutton, 30, and the victim had gotten into an argument the evening of August 16. Sutton allegedly admitted to an anonymous witness that she shot Coleman in the head as he was sleeping, cut him into smaller pieces with a machete and threw the body parts in dumpsters around her apartment complex. Lire la suite »

Tata Chemicals gains on share sale to Tata Sons


This is the second transaction by the Tata Sons in Tata Motors in the past one year. It also reduced its holding in Icici Bk Ltd (NYSE:IBN) by 1.01M shares in the quarter, leaving it with 59,171 shares, and cut its stake in Baidu Inc (NASDAQ:BIDU). Lire la suite »

Le PS va mettre en vente son siège historique, rue de Solférino


Le Conseil national -le "parlement" du parti- doit se réunir le 30 septembre pour acter cette décision. Le nombre de voix obtenu aux élections législatives réduit très fortement nos dotations. Cela signifie un manque à gagner d'une centaine de millions d'euros sur cinq ans, a-t-il précisé. "La refondation peut s'incarner dans un autre endroit", a expliqué mardi soir le trésorier du parti, Jean-François Débat. Lire la suite »

Europe's destiny could be determined by German election


Moving to the centre is the centre-right liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP). He demanded, however, that all German mosques and Muslim communities register with the German authorities and reveal their sources of income to prevent the situation in which mosques are run by organizations " threatening the German constitutional order " and are funded by foreign powers seeking to exert its influence on Germany or terrorist organizations such as Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL). Lire la suite »

Free Episode Shadow Add On Announced For Sonic Forces


Episode Shadow has been confirmed by Sega! The video below features him in a side-scrolling level, which is something Shadow isn't particularly known for, making this feel one part old, and one part new. About one minute of Episode Shadow Gameplay footage from the PC version of Sonic Forces has been shared online, to give people an idea of what to expect from his levels. Lire la suite »

Ex-tennis star testifies against police officer


An NYPD administrative judge presiding over the case can recommend stiffer punishment to police commissioner James O'Neill. Frascatore denies he did anything wrong and will take the witness stand. The New York City police officer who roughed up tennis star James Blake will begin his departmental trial Tuesday. "He never said 'NYPD.' He never said 'officer,"' Blake said at a disciplinary trial for Officer James Frascatore. Lire la suite »

Hurricane Maria packs a Category 5 punch toward Dominica


Hurricane Maria arrived in the region less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma , one of the most powerful storms in decades, unleashed devastation. What will Maria bring to those islands? Evacuation orders have been issued for parts of Puerto Rico . "We expect to feel storm winds, tropical storm winds, since Tuesday up until late on Thursday". Lire la suite »

James Corden Regrets Kissing Sean Spicer at Emmys 2017


It was a reference to his Inauguration Day appearance in the press room where he disputed reports about how many people watched President Donald Trump take the oath of office. This is the largest audience to witness the Emmys , period. " Of course I do, absolutely , " he said, explaining that his Emmys gig was "an attempt to poke a little fun at myself and add a little bit of levity to the event". Lire la suite »

Mattis hints at secret 'kinetic' military options for North Korea

Mattis was also asked whether he believed the newest United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang were working. The economic tie between China and North Korea is similar to the economic relationship that the USA and China share. Japan and US missile defenses and radars are operating, he added, and North Korea is intentionally initiating provocations "that seem to press against the envelope for just how far can they push without going over some kind of a line in their minds that would make ... Lire la suite »

Buhari Departs Nigeria For New York — UN Summit


Buhari is scheduled to deliver Nigeria's national statement on Tuesday, the first day of the general debate. The source said that what was most disturbing to the President was the introduction by the foreign government of different technicalities which have slowed down recovery process. Lire la suite »

PlayStation's Tokyo Game Show: Watch all the trailers here


The publisher is working with some of the creative talent behind the likes of Metal Gear, Armor Core and Xenoblade to create an entirely new game. Not much is known about " Left Alive ", but the game will be set in a futuristic era that's been through a catastrophic event. Lire la suite »

Late summer rains, private food supplies limit impact of North Korea drought


The issue of North Korea's weapons programme is expected to dominate US President Donald Trump's address at the UN General Assembly and his meetings with the leaders of South Korea and Japan. US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said at the Pentagon there were military options to address the North Korean crisis that would not put the South Korean capital, Seoul, at grave risk. Lire la suite »

Trump now targeting Venezuela


Trump spent almost as much time criticizing Venezuela as North Korea, Iran and Syria - the three countries labeled the "axis of evil" by former U.S. President George W. "It was one of the wealthiest countries in the world for a long period of time, and now their people are starving, and their country is collapsing". In February 2017, the Venezuela's Living Conditions Survey found that 75 percent of Venezuelans had lost about 8.5kg (19 lbs) in 2016, 82.8 percent of Venezuelans were living in ... Lire la suite »

Game On! Navy Submarines' Periscopes Will Soon Operate Using Xbox Controllers


The Navy's high-tech Virginia-class submarines don't use the classic rotating tubes most people probably associate with periscopes. Basically, the current joystick system (valued at $38,000) which are used to control the periscopes, photonic masts, and 360-degree cameras on board the submarine is not working out well for some crew members. Lire la suite »

Body of missing NJ hiker found in Adirondacks following lengthy search


Forest rangers and State Police had been searching for Stevens since September 10, after a family member reported him missing. Police say Stevens was found dead Monday morning near Wallface Pond. An autopsy will be performed on Stevens Tuesday at Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake to determine how he died, State Police said. State Police will continue to investigate Stevens's death and disappearance. Lire la suite »

Russia's envoy meets with NK official handling United States affairs over nukes

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis appeared to support Haley΄s comments, telling Pentagon reporters on Monday that "there are many military options, in concert with our allies" and "that we will take to defend our allies and our own interests". The idea of shooting down a missile even if it is not a direct threat is not new. Gabriel said that requires direct negotiations with North Korea and argued that the U.S., China and Russian Federation should participate. Lire la suite »

Björk turns supernatural in the video for new single 'The Gate'


The Gate is essentially a love song, but I say "love" in a more transcendent way... "It's about rediscovering love - but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word". The stunning gown was custom made by Gucci for the video. It designed by Alessandro Michele and took 550 hours to make with an additional 320 hours for embroidery. Lire la suite »

Global warming predictions may have been too gloomy

On Trump's present course, the debate could rage for another two years. A new USA president could have said , "I'm lowering our Paris target", or "I'm changing the way we plan to meet the target" - and then dealt with the criticism at worldwide gatherings. Lire la suite »

Two men dead following glider crash in south east Queensland


The crash happened at the Darling Downs Soaring Club at Bowenville, near Dalby, just after 10:00am on Tuesday morning. Two men have died after their glider crashed short of the runway at the Darling Downs Soaring Club. She landed and was watching on as her husband's aircraft crashed as it came in to land. Friends on scene reportedly tried to revive them. The cause of the accident was unclear and will be investigated by police forensic units and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Lire la suite »

Amazon's 'Frequently Bought Together' Suggestions Show Homemade Bomb Ingredients


A search of Amazon's "frequently bought together" suggestions for this compound by Business Insider revealed both items - harmless and potentially unsafe - appearing as suggested items. Other items included push-button switches, igniter cord, battery connectors and cables - all of which can be used in the construction of bombs. Numerous items are not illegal to buy or sell in the United Kingdom, but there have been cases of successful prosecutions of people who bought multiple chemicals and ... Lire la suite »

Five Things Trump Wants From The United Nations


US President Donald Trump has said that the United Nations is not living up to its potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. "The president focused repeatedly in their meeting on fairness", Hook said of Trump , adding that he believes both the Paris deal and the Iran nuclear pact struck by the administration of former President Barack Obama were poorly negotiated. Lire la suite »