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Cambadélis: Valls "ne facilite pas le boulot"


Jean-Paul Delevoye avait ouvert la porte cette semaine à ce que figure parmi eux des élus locaux, comme des "maires" ou "conseillers départementaux". Un argument encore avancé ce mercredi matin par le président de la commission d'investiture de La République en marche , Jean-Paul Delevoye. Lire la suite »

Union Station video screen shows porn during rush hour


Rush hour commuters have gotten an eyeful of explicit pornography, after a directory screen in Union Station displayed sex videos in a suspected hacking. The Union Station Redevelopment Corporation has requested information from the company that leases and manages the property. The screens were installed as part of the transportation hub's renovation, following a long back-and-forth with preservation groups . Lire la suite »

Former Duke forward Chase Jeter commits to Arizona


Jeter , who made a decision to transfer from Duke after the Blue Devils lost to SC in the second round of the NCAA tournament, chose the Wildcats for the next step in his basketball career. Once they returned, Jeter was relegated to the bench. He'll play for Arizona, but because of undergraduate transfer rules, he will sit out the upcoming season before being eligible to play in 2018-19. Lire la suite »

Somalia says regional al-Shabab leader is killed in raid

An al-Shabaab leader was killed in the lower Shabelle region in an operation conducted by the Somali National Army. There is no immediate comment from the extremist group. A Somali soldier patrols next to the burnt-out wreckage of a vehicle that was used by suspected al-Shabab fighters on April 16, 2017. Al-Shabab is the largest faction working to overthrow Somalia's central government, seeking to establish a society based on Islamic law, known as Sharia. Lire la suite »

Democrat Lawmaker Calls For Trump's Impeachment

He has committed an impeachable act and must be charged. "To do otherwise would cause some Americans to lose respect for, and obedience to, our societal norms", he said in a statement . Waters told MSNBC at the time. "The facts have to be there". The Trump administration has weathered more than its share of controversies after just four months in office. Lire la suite »

House oversight chair seeking Comey memos

After the briefing, Trump "asked Sessions and Pence to leave", the source told CNN. Former bureau director Comey, who was sacked by President Trump last week, reportedly kept extensive records about his interactions with the president. Testifying before Congress is familiar to Comey, a former Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration. "You have a couple of large newspapers that are so vitriolic and hateful against the president that every little scrap of paper that ... Lire la suite »

Hospitals remain key targets as ransomware attacks expected to increase

It encrypted users' computer files and displayed a message demanding anywhere from $300 to $600 to release them; failure to pay would leave the data mangled and likely beyond fix. In Indonesia, the ransomware locked patient files on computers in two hospitals in the capital, Jakarta, causing delays. As cybersecurity firms worked around the clock to monitor the situation and install a software patch, new variants of the rapidly replicating malware were discovered Sunday. Lire la suite »

Kimco Realty Corporation (NYSE:KIM) Value Composite Score Update

Swiss Savings Bank reported 0.05% in Kimco Realty Corp (NYSE:KIM). The lowest 12-month price target for the shares is $22.10, which would be an increase of about 17% of its current value. Investors of record on Thursday, July 6th will be given a dividend of $0.27 per share. Kimco Realty Corporation was covered by a number of analysts recently, 5 rated the stock as Buy, 10 rated Hold, 0 rated sell and 1 gave an Underperform. Lire la suite »

France : nomination d'Édouard Philippe à Matignon

Née le 28 novembre 1970 à Rouen d'un père professeur de français, Édouard Philippe a fait son année préparatoire au lycée Janson-de-Sailly, dans le 16e arrondissement de Paris. Cette nouvelle surveillance avait entraîné en septembre 2014 la démission du secrétaire d'Etat Thomas Thévenoud quelques jours après sa nomination, pour cause d'arriérés fiscaux. Lire la suite »

Government seeks answers on cyber-attack


In China, the world's second-largest economy, energy giant PetroChina said payment systems at some of its petrol stations were hit, although it had been able to restore most of the systems. Asia reported thousands of new cases but no large-scale breakdowns as workers started the week by booting up their computers. Auto manufacturer Renault said one of its plants, which employs 3,500 people in Douai, northern France, wasn't reopening Monday as technicians dealt with the cyberattack's ... Lire la suite »

Tehran mayor Qalibaf quits presidential race to back cleric Raisi

Qalibaf's allies had argued that he had more recognition in the capital Tehran and among young voters, and offered a more coherent economic plan than some other conservative candidates. "Not all of Qalibaf's supporters will move to Raisi, but he does provide some capacity for conservatives to unite", said Suzanne Maloney, an Iran scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington. Lire la suite »

Woodward on Trump firing Comey: 'This is not yet Watergate'

However, he didn't think that asking loyalty from Comey would be inappropriate - not to him, but to the nation at large. Even if he has something embarrassing on tape, releasing it now only adds more fuel to the already blazing speculation about why Trump fired Comey in the first place. Lire la suite »

Buffett: Berkshire Stock to Gain the Day After I Die

The investors convene each year at the Buffett-fest, filled with small shrines to the companies Berkshire Hathaway invests in and to the man himself, worth nearly $ 75 billion . Apple is today one of the Berkshire's biggest equity holdings. Buffett was answering an investor's inquiry on whether Berkshire would repurchase stock if the shares fell after the billionaire and his 93-year-old vice chairman, Charles Munger, were to move on. Lire la suite »

One in England, one in Michigan - help twart global cyberattack


After taking computers over, the virus displayed messages demanding a payment of $300 in virtual currency Bitcoin to unlock files and return them to the user. The 22-year-old Britain-based researcher, identified online only as MalwareTech , explained Saturday how he registered a garbled domain name he spotted in the code. Lire la suite »

Mike Smyth: B.C.'s voters have spoken. Now what?


Christy Clark says the results of Tuesday's British Columbia election that produced a minority government for the first time in 65 years is "the beginning of something very different". The results saw the NDP form government with 60 seats. It is important to note that absentee ballots have not been counted. On the West Shore, the NDP showed their support remains strong, with party leader John Horgan racing to a huge victory over challengers Cathy Noel of the Liberals and Brendan Ralfs of ... Lire la suite »

Eight Aussie companies hit in global cyber attack

A statement by the York NHS trust said appointments today have been cancelled for X-ray bone scans at Scarborough hospital, as well as all outpatient appointments at Selby Hospital except for blood-taking and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Lire la suite »

Trump pushes religious freedom during Liberty University commencement speech

Members of the Class of 2017 stand as they wait for the arrival of President Donald Trump to give the commencement address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va ., on Saturday. Founded in 1971 by Jerry Falwell, a Southern Baptist pastor and a co-founder of the Moral Majority , Liberty University is now helmed by Jerry Falwell, Jr., also a prominent evangelical leader and a Trump supporter. Lire la suite »

White House still refuses to say whether Trump taped conversations

In the 72 hours since that Trump tweet , the White House has provided absolutely zero guidance as to whether it was meant in jest or is, in fact, a reflection of what Trump is actually doing. "The president has nothing further to add on that". This is supported by Gallup's Daily Tracking Poll , which has Trump's job approval rating at 39 percent, down a point from 40 percent on Tuesday, the day Comey was sacked. Lire la suite »

Edouard Philippe named as Prime Minister of France


Macron needs to win a majority in the 577-seat National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament, which goes to the polls next month. The naming of a new prime minister has been Mr Macron's first big appointment following hours of restless speculation in France. Lire la suite »

McCarthy's Spicer embraces Baldwin's Trump on 'SNL'

The Post initially described the scenario as Spicer standing "in the bushes" but later issued a clarification stating he was "among the bushes". Donning her now-famous Spicer drag, McCarthy yelled at cars to get out of her way as she sped along - to the delight of dozens of onlookers that captured the skit on their phones. Lire la suite »

Lawmakers want info on Trump sharing intel with Russian Federation


McMaster also attended the meeting. According to multiple reports, the intelligence was shared with USA officials by an unnamed American ally. White House officials disputed the report, saying Trump did not disclose intelligence sources or methods with the Russians, though they did not deny that classified information was disclosed in the May 10 meeting. Lire la suite »

Six things to watch as Senate takes up GOP health care bill


In this May 4, 2017 , photo, President Donald Trump talks to House Speaker Paul Ryan of the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, after the House pushed through a health care bill. The House vote to pass the AHCA is the biggest policy win for Trump's early presidency. It was then sent to the Senate, which had been working on its own amendments to the bill, and dealing with a shifting headcount that came after Sen. Lire la suite »

Party chairman, anti-abortion Democratic group plan to meet


According to Day, Democrats for Life met with past DNC chairs, including Terry McAuliffe, Howard Dean, and Tim Kaine, adding that the group made attempts to meet with former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but was not granted a meeting. "I think he thinks it was a mistake to put out that statement", Day said. Perez quickly backtracked, pledging that if anti-abortion Democrats "try to legislate or govern that way, we will take them on". Lire la suite »