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Trudeau-Italian PM show bond in wake of Trump protectionism, closed borders

President Trump on Thursday reaffirmed his criticism of the Iran nuclear deal and pledged not to expand the United States' role in Libya beyond fighting the Islamic State. Gentiloni, who has been Italy's premier since December, stressed the need for burden-sharing in the refugee crisis, given Italy's proximity to Libya, where large numbers of foreigners undertake a risky voyage across the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. Read More »

Jurors deliberate case of fatal shooting near NAU campus


Jones has contended that he fired his handgun in self-defense after being punched in the face by intoxicated people during a confrontation in October 2015 near the university's campus in Flagstaff. Closing arguments are scheduled Tuesday at the trial of a former Northern Arizona University student charged with murder and assault for fatally shooting one student and wounding three others. Read More »

Skype Update Download Available for Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft today indicated that "millions of customers" now have the creators update, although Microsoft is blocking its arrival for some users. Microsoft is working on the Windows 10 UI refresh, named Project Neon, with the primary focus being on the redesign of the Start Menu for Windows 10. Read More »

The 4 Russia investigations in Congress, explained

The committee has yet to issue a single subpoena for documents or interview any key witnesses who are central to the probe, the sources said. Katko, R-Camillus, said he rejects the idea touted in local radio ads from a Democratic super PAC that the investigation should go straight to a special commission outside of Congress, bypassing the committees. Read More »

Venezuelan President Endorses Local Elections, not Presidential

Tear gas was reportedly fired on protesters next to the Lider shopping center, and opposition activists on social media also claimed that demonstrators were shot at with pellets, leading to a number of injuries. The court's reversal of the ruling was not enough to stop a wave of demonstrations, with opposition supporters calling for immediate elections. "Let me tell them straight: we're not going , Nicolas (Maduro) is not going". Read More »

Arkansas Carries Out First Double Executions in US Since 2000


The supplier McKesson Corp. has said it sold Arkansas the drug for use in inmate health care, not executions. Williams argued that he would likely experience severe pain during the execution because of his medical conditions, and that the lethal injection amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. Read More »

All proposed Wells Fargo board members elected

A big item at the meeting will be whether shareholders oust the board. "It is time that we hold those that financially back those who oppress the Indigenous People of the world accountable", said Krystal Two Bulls, Oglala Lakota, Northern/Cheyenne, with the NoDAPL Global Solidarity Campaign. Read More »

Le Pen's Hopes Of Becoming President Come Down To One Factor

French far-right leader and presidential candidate Marine le Pen waits before a national homage to slain police officer Xavier Jugele, in the courtyard of the Paris Police headquarters, Tuesday, April 25, 2017. This included expelling her father from the party in August 2015 after he made controversial comments about the Holocaust - describing it as a "detail of history" - and defended Philippe Pétain, the leader of France's Nazi collaborationist Vichy regime in the 1940s. Read More »

Trump hopes US, Russia can get along amid tensions


However, this appears impossible with the recent confrontations between the countries over Syria, and the ongoing investigations of Russia's alleged interference in the U.S. Tillerson is in Moscow , meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other Russian officials to discuss Ukraine, counterterrorism efforts, bilateral relations and other issues, including the North Korea (D.P.R.K.) and Syria. Read More »

Les premiers éléments du bouclier anti-missiles arrivent sur zone


Avec cet arsenal, le gouvernement sud-coréen, appuyé par les États-Unis, espère contrer la menace des missiles balistiques nord-coréens que le régime de Kim Jong-Un persiste à développer malgré les condamnations de la communauté internationale et l'application sanctions de plus en plus sévères. Read More »

Des œufs de dinosaures de 70 millions d'années découverts en Chine


Ils étaient enterrés à environ huit mètres sous terre, où ils sont restés cachés -et protégés- depuis des millions d'années, expliquent les scientifiques. Il n'y a en revanche que peu de doute sur le fait que ces fossiles soient bien des oeufs de dinosaures. Ce n'est pas la première fois qu'une découverte préhistorique est annoncée dans la région. Read More »

Your Survival Guide To This Week's Potential Government Shutdown

Donald Trump and USA lawmakers inched closer to a deal on Tuesday avoiding a government shutdown, as the president, eager to showcase a win marking his first 100 days, retreated from a demand to fund a border wall. Trump campaigned throughout the country past year promising a wall across the entire 2,200 mile southern border, promising that Mexico would pay for it. Read More »

German court orders trial over 2010 Love Parade deaths


The organisers of the "Love Parade" festival will stand trial in connection with the deaths of 21 people in a crush in 2010, a German court has ruled. Directly following the tragedy, a court in Germany had dropped the case, but now that decision has been overturned due to a possible conviction being "proven with sufficient probability". Read More »

America's 'Mother of all Bombs' kills 90 IS terrorists

The Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) - nicknamed the "mother of all bombs"- was used in an attempt to target an ISIS cave and tunnel complex which the terrorist group had mined with explosives, and marked the first time the bomb had ever been used in combat since it was first tested in 2003. Read More »

Periods of rain today, moderate to heavy rain tonight into Wednesday


Wichita will likely see wet weather through Wednesday morning but the activity will not be severe. Highs are forecast to only reach the mid to upper 50s, upwards of 10 degrees below normal for late April. Though the next few days might be rough, Storm Team 4 expects the latter half of the work week to be a stunner. Skies will turn sunny on Thursday as south winds continue to pump warm air north. Read More »

Miami passport office closed because of water damage


Officials did not say whether any personal information was lost as a result of the damage or how soon the office would reopen. Those customers, as well as those scheduled to pick up a passport or needing an expedited passport should call the National Passport Information Center at 877-487-2778 or 888-874-7793 (TTY/TTD). Read More »

" N'ayant plus la légitimité ", Fillon ne mènera pas les Républicains aux législatives


Il en est de même pour le président du Sénat, Gérard Larcher, ainsi que les deux présidents de région élus après un retrait du PS, Xavier Bertrand (Hauts-de-France) et Christian Estrosi (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur). "Malgré tous mes efforts, malgré ma détermination, je n'ai pas réussi à vous convaincre". Un déjeuner pour reconstruire une droite sonnée par la défaite et mettre le cap sur les législatives. Read More »

Ann Coulter called off by Barkeleys

Ann Coulter launched an unusual broadside against Matt Drudge on Twitter, Thursday night, for posting "fake news" about her disputed appearance at the University of California, Berkeley . It appears UC Berkeley is in for another political brawl, this time with Ann Coulter , who tells The Hollywood Reporter that she'll speak at the famously progressive campus even though administrators are trying to prevent her from doing so. Read More »

Documents: Tad Cummins Had a Destination in Mind

The girl was apparently healthy and unharmed, and authorities said their main concern was her emotional and mental state. "It was more important to have her back". Kat Bozeman told WJBF's sister station, News 2, that her 15-year-old sister still isn't quite home. "Number two, she left her dog behind". So much so, that Rebecca would call her mommy. Read More »

Russia blocks UN condemnation of N.Korea missile test

North Korea attempted but failed to launch a ballistic missile on its east coast last Sunday, the latest sign of rising tensions in Asia. "It hasn't quite sunk in for many of us just how close to nuclear war we might be, but civil society is mobilising to demand a de-escalation of this crisis because the consequences of a war don't bear thinking about". Read More »

Markets Right Now: US stocks open sharply higher

After many years of high unemployment and a steady drumbeat of political scandals, voters turned their backs on the establishment and instead backed a political newcomer in Macron and a far-right candidate in Le Pen . markets improved due to news that President Trump plans to act on a corporate tax reform plan this week. The EU legislature lifted Le Pen's immunity in March in relation to a another French investigation over her posting of pictures of Islamic State violence on social media, ... Read More »