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Add in the country's No. 9 team , with a lockdown defense and an offense that scored 59 points (albeit against Utah State ) a week ago, and that's a foolproof recipe for some severe mental anguish. Each back had a couple that they just didn't hit where it is created to go. The Badgers punted both times . We had a couple mental mistakes that just didn't give us a chance at all. Lire la suite »

Trump says military action is not his 'first choice' on North Korea


Seoul has hardened its stance against Pyongyang after its torrent of arms tests, the latest on Sunday being a detonation of what North Korea said was a thermonuclear weapon built for missiles capable of reaching the U.S. "We had a very, very frank and very strong phone call", Trump said. Heightened allied military preparations will alarm Beijing and Moscow, where Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov "urged against giving in to emotions" in a call to his United States counterpart Rex Tillerson. Lire la suite »

India SC wants to know govt stance on Rohingya deportation


He defended his statement in Parliament where he had said the central government had directed state authorities to identify and deport illegal immigrants , including Rohingyas. Bhushan said the Indian constitution's Article 21, on the protection of life and personal liberty, applied to non-citizens. Rijiju did not elaborate about the process of deportation but said all the states have been asked to identifying their respective Rohingya populations. Lire la suite »

Fusillade à Noyon : quatre membres d'une même famille tués


La piste terroriste n'est pas privilégiée dans le cadre de cette fusillade qui a tué quatre membres d'une même famille. "Il y a quatre décès confirmés, ils ont été tués par balle". On ne s'oriente pas vers la piste terroriste ", a dit un porte-parole de la préfecture, précisant que le périmètre de la gare était bouclé. J'ai alors pris une petite fille avec moi pour la mettre en sécurité. Lire la suite »

Wizards of the Coast announce Magic the Gathering: Arena


Magic: The Gathering Arena is the first title developed by Wizards of the Coast's in-house Digital Games Studio and promises the original card game's full rules with ongoing support for new cards. "We want Kenji Egashira's [professional gamer] MTG Arena stream to one day get as many viewers as the Pro Tour does today", Steefel explained "We want players to eagerly anticipate MTG Arena draft nights with their friends around the world". Lire la suite »

PCB announces umpires for World XI series

Aleem Dar of ICC Umpires' Elite Panel and Ahsan Raza of International Panel are to officiate when Pakistani players face World XI. According to the schedule, Aleem with Ahsan will stand in the first match on Sept 12 as on-field umpires with Shozab acting as the TV umpire. Lire la suite »

Le club de Calais va disparaître — Justice


La décision judiciaire sera rendue le 21 septembre. Déjà relégué administrativement en juillet dernier en Régionale 4 et croulant sous les dettes, le CRUFC est sur le point d'être liquidé judiciairement ce jeudi au tribunal de grande instance de Boulogne-sur-Mer. Lire la suite »

YouTube Adds Support For HDR Playback On Select Mobile Devices


It seems like the latest update to the application brings this support as someone in the /r/GalaxyS8 subreddit shared a screenshot of their quality options for a video labeled "The World in HDR in 4K (Ultra HD)". Though the HDR technology is getting popular, the HDR content is still hard to find. This HDR feature was rolled out in HRD television sets in previous year. Lire la suite »

Bison Football Throttles Eastern Washington


Last year, when NDSU beat the Eagles 50-44 early in the season, both teams lost in the semifinals. Eagles quarterback Gage Gubrud was just 10 of 30 for 134 yards. We had balls that were put on receivers and we just have to execute better. "We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and find a way - any way - to win next week (at Fordham)". Lire la suite »

10 sharks found in home's basement pool


Ten sharks, seven alive and three dead, were seized from a basement pool in a NY home last month. Some of the sharks that were discovered in the pool. The live sharks were taken to the Riverhead aquarium, where they will be held until the case, which is now under investigation, is closed. The seven found alive were transferred to the Long Island Aquarium, which will be their new home. Lire la suite »

Putin says he believes United States willing to defuse Korea tensions

South Korean President Moon Jae-In said Thursday that he was in discussion with leaders from Russian Federation, the USA and Japan about how to resolve the crisis. The Soseong-ri residents say they do not have a political motive but are against the deployment of THAAD as their lives have been disrupted by the dozens of military helicopters, buses, trucks that travel through the small melon-farming town of 80 residents. Lire la suite »

Expect 'more gift packages' - North Korea warns US


Sanctions have done little to stop North Korea boosting its nuclear and missile capacity as it faces off with U.S. President Donald Trump who has vowed to stop Pyongyang from being able to hit the mainland United States with a nuclear weapon. Lire la suite »

European Union court dismisses action over refugee quotas


Viktor Orban said Hungary, which is refusing to take part in the European Union scheme to temporarily relocate refugees from Greece and Italy, is not an "immigrant country" nor does it want to be one. "Hungary on the other hand. does not want to become an immigrant country and can not accept being forced to change this". Under the policy, Hungary is required to take in 1,294 refugees and Slovakia 902. Lire la suite »

Bhubaneswar: Under-construction flyover collapses; 1 killed, 11 injured, 4 trapped


One person was killed and 11 injured after a portion of an under construction flyover collapsed in Odisha's capital Bhubaneswar on Sunday. One of the deceased has been identified as one 40-year-old Satya Patnaik from Bhubaneswar . "After getting a report from the engineers, action will be taken against those found responsible for any negligence", Pradhan added. A report quotes an injured labourer as saying that the flyover caved in while they were engaged in plastering its roof. Lire la suite »

Macron ne cédera " ni aux fainéants ni aux cyniques, ni aux extrêmes "


Christophe Castaner a estimé que "les Français sont favorables à une transformation profonde de notre pays ". Le porte-parole du gouvernement, Christophe Castaner, a eu beau teneré, ce matin sur Europe 1, de déminer la polémique née après les propos d'Emmanuel Macron sur les " fainéants , les cyniques, les extrêmes", en assurant qu'ils visaient "ceux qui n'ont pas eu le courage de faire les réformes nécessaires", les réactions courroucées de la classe politique ne faiblissent pas. Lire la suite »

Turkey's Erdogan slams USA over ex-minister's indictment


Erdogan called on USA authorities to "review" the decision to indict Caglayan, saying the ex-minister had not engaged in any wrongdoing since Turkey had not imposed sanctions on Iran , an important trade partner. As part of that scheme, Zarrab and others used front companies and fake invoices to trick USA banks into processing transactions disguised to appear as though they involved food, and thus were exempt from the sanctions , prosecutors have said. Lire la suite »

Korea braces for another possible N. Korea missile test


North Korea had said the latest test was an advanced hydrogen bomb. "We will not be putting up with what's happening in North Korea". He pointed to the Iran nuclear deal, which was negotiated successfully by the Obama administration but has looked fragile under Trump, saying "if the United States had spent even one fifth of the time and effort on the North Korean issue compared with the Iranian case, then the North Korean nuclear issue could have been resolved". Lire la suite »

South Korea warns North Korea may fire another ICBM

Putin said there are "many reasonable people in the current administration" who are experienced and who have dealt with similar crises. He has also publicly weighed scrapping a U.S. Washington removed all tactical nuclear weapons from South Korea in September 1991, when both countries jointly declared their vision for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Lire la suite »

Swap Prosecution for Therapy to Bring Down Ethnic Minority Prison Population


Lammy's 18-month investigation concludes that BAME individuals still face "overt discrimination" and calls for a major overhaul of the criminal justice system. "Now is the time to stop talking and take action". Mr Lammy said many BAME defendants simply do not believe that the justice system will deliver less punitive treatment if they plead guilty. Lire la suite »

Putin Says Relationship With Trump Is Casual: 'He's Not My Bride'


Six police officers and 32 other people were injured, none seriously, in the clashes, said a fire department official in Seongju who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing office rules. The United States wants the Security Council to impose an oil embargo on North Korea, ban the country's exports of textiles and the hiring of North Korean laborers overseas and subject leader Kim Jong Un to an asset freeze and travel ban, according to a draft resolution seen by Reuters on Wednesday. Lire la suite »