Mardi, 26 Octobre 2021
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Mali : le conseil de sécurité crée un régime de sanctions


Le conseil de sécurité indique de cette résolution qui a une durée initiale d'un an est une demande du gouvernement malien. Envoyant ainsi un message politique du conseil aux signataires de l'accord de paix en vue de donner un nouvel élan à sa mise œuvre, selon François Delattre, chef de la mission permanente de la France auprès des Nations unies. Lire la suite »

Obama's final advice to Trump revealed


More specifically the FoI request asked for " All warrant applications or other records requesting a court to institute an intercept of telecommunications or a pen register trap and trace on electronic communications or telecommunications in connection with presidential candidate Donald Trump , Trump Tower (located at 725 5th Avenue, New York, NY), entities housed in Trump Tower, or any person affiliated with Mr. Lire la suite »

Vladimir Putin says Donald Trump is `not my bride'


The 29-nation USA -led alliance expressed full solidarity with Japan and South Korea , North Korea's neighbors. Putin said that the situation in Syria is developing with the Syrian Army's achieving victories in its war against terrorism, pointing out that terrorism is a complicated global matter and the main problem is that some sides continue to provide aid to the extremist terrorist organizations, SANA reported. Lire la suite »

U.S. defends Russian Federation posts closure after Kremlin vows to sue


There is no other way to solve the North Korean nuclear issue, save that of peaceful dialogue."He warned that if "they do not feel safe" in North Korea , they will not curb their weapons program". The drills came two days after North Korea claimed it had tested a hydrogen bomb that can be loaded onto an intercontinental ballistic missile. During BRICS summit in China, President Putin said, "The American decision to deprive Russian Federation of the use of its property is an obvious ... Lire la suite »

IPhone 8 Release Date Rumors

In a note to investors, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich and UBS associate analyst Benjamim Wilson said they "questioned the logic" of a $1,200 flagship iPhone, which is expected to come with no physical home button, a new nearly edge-to-edge OLED screen, and facial unlocking technology. Lire la suite »

Kasich on DACA: 'Reasonable Republicans and Democrats' should find solution


In fact, Kasich grew impassioned today when telling CBS This Morning that although Trump will wait six months before ending DACA , it should take Congress "no more than six hours to get this done, and the way I think they need to do it, they need reasonable Republicans and Democrats from the middle and build out a solution to this". Lire la suite »

Repeal of Protection for US Dreamers, in Their Own Words


In response to President Trump's announcement, the Council for Minority Student Affairs is hosting DACA Awareness week September 4 through September 8, from 12:30- 2:30 p.m. Curbelo says his bill gained a lot of momentum this week after news broke DACA will end in six months. Republicans defending the president have argued that immigration reform efforts should originate from Congress and that Obama's implementation of the program was illegal. Lire la suite »

Après Irma, la tempête José menace


Avec le puissant ouragan Irma, qui a ravagé les îles de Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthélémy dans les Antilles, il y a désormais trois ouragans qui sévissent simultanément mercredi après-midi dans l'océan Atlantique. Katia se trouve actuellement dans le Golfe du Mexique à 280 km au nord de Veracruz et ses vents sont de l'ordre de 75 km/h environ, précise le NHC . Lire la suite »

Hearthstone Patch 9.1 Nerfs Some of Its Oldest Cards


They might be staples of the class, but they were just too powerful and versatile. The changes seem reasonable enough to my uneducated mind, but comments on the post reveal wide-spread dissatisfaction from many players. We considered changing Spreading Plague to 7 mana rather than 6, since it is now the top performing card in Jade and Taunt Druid decks. Ultimate Infestation is widely regarded as being insanely powerful, even for a 10-cost card. Lire la suite »

Federation Internationale de Football Association to review ranking after report says WC seedings are being gamed


Teams who have qualified: Russia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Belgium, Mexico and Saudi Arabia . RUSSIA: Russia gets automatic qualification for being the host country. IRAN: Iran , who drew against Syria 2-2 last night, made it to their fifth yet second consecutive World Cup. What is more, if England had won all these friendlies (instead of drawing one and losing two) their ranking points would be lower than if they had avoided playing them altogether. Lire la suite »

Hurricane Harvey recovery cost estimated at $180bn: Texas gov.


The president said families expressed to him that they are "happy" with the recovery efforts. A spokesman for the local chapter of the American Red Cross said they sent a crew of 106 to Texas and they have been in touch with crew leaders to make plans to return them to North Carolina , though they said they would not remove all 106 people from Houston at once. Lire la suite »

David Davis: 'Significant Differences' Between EU And UK Over Brexit Divorce Bill


The next round of Brexit had been scheduled to start on 18 September , but Verhofstadt said it would be "a bit stupid" to run the talks during May's announcement, so they could be delayed until the following week. Mr Elphicke, an ERG officer, said: "The EU is trying to blackmail Britain into handing over billions of pounds". Referring to Davis, he said: "He has just said that nobody was pretending it would be easy". Lire la suite »

US House passes bill to speed up self-driving vehicles development


According to a statement from the Alliance of Automotive Manufacturers, "Self-driving vehicle technology holds great promise to improve safety and transform mobility in the United States ". The legislation would allow for as many as 50,000 vehicles to be exempted from current safety standards as technology was being developed over the course of two years, as long as it was found to be toward the development of "a feature ... Lire la suite »

Pourquoi on craint le pire ouragan de l'histoire — Irma


La ministre des Outre-mer Annick Girardin avait reconnu auparavant "penser au pire" et se "préparer au pire" après le passage de l'ouragan , quelques heures avant de décoller pour la Guadeloupe pour faire un point de situation. Midi: Voilà 30 heures qu'Irma est entré en catégorie 5 , en maintenant des vents supérieurs à 251 km/h, un record. Arbres déracinés, toitures envolées, maisons détruites, envahissement de la mer sur les côtes exposées, glissements de terrain, poteaux ... Lire la suite »

Air freshener causes vehicle to explode outside Essex B&Q


The roof and doors were blown off the Ford Focus in Fossetts Drive, Southend, earlier as the Southend Echo reported . The spokesman said the accidental explosion set fire to the 51-reg vehicle which suffered 'significant damage'. Staff at the DIY store in Essex helped the casualty, who was taken to hospital with minor injuries. 'We strongly advise that you not to use an aerosol in a confined space and also you should not smoking during or shortly after use'. Lire la suite »

Deeper ties with Myanmar a priority for India: Modi


Yousafzai, who survived an attack by the Taliban in Pakistan in 2012, called on Myanmar's leader and fellow Nobel Prize victor Aung San Suu Kyi to resolve the crisis. Newly arrived Myanmar's Rohingya ethnic minority refugees scuffle for food rations distributed by Bangladeshi volunteers. Suu Kyi told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a phone call on Tuesday that her government is defending "all the people" in western Rakhine state, according to a government statement. Lire la suite »

There is a lack of interest for the new iPhone!

One the size of the iPhone 7 , one the size of a 7 plus and an even larger phone Apple will call the iPhone 8 . At the event, Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones alongside a new version of the Apple Watch , a new version of Apple TV that has 4K resolution, and new iOS 11 software for iPhone and iPads. Lire la suite »

Miami cancels all weekend athletic events ahead of Hurricane Irma


According to sources, the issue wasn't getting to Jonesboro for the game, the problem would be getting back to Miami, and that uncertainty led to Miami erring on the side of caution. 6 through and Friday, Sept. 8. "As we have seen from the tragic impact of Hurricane Harvey - and from South Florida's own experiences - the impacts of hurricanes can be devastating and long-lasting, and can make travel extremely hard and unsafe". Lire la suite »

Charlottesville City Council unanimously votes to move 'Stonewall' Jackson statue


The poll of 503 registered Dallas voters, conducted Thursday through Sunday, began with a preamble: "A group of Dallas leaders are proposing an alternative plan that would keep the General Robert E. "They should be in a museum". An August rally organized by white nationalists to protest the planned removal of the Lee statue turned deadly, when counter-protester Heather Heyer, 32, was killed by a vehicle driven into a crowd. Lire la suite »

At least 60 deaths attributed to Harvey, officials say


I think even for the country to watch and for the world to watch. It has been done very efficiently, very well. He says he wants to handle it "better than ever before". "Most of all, Mr. President, we thank you for acknowledging that ultimately it is God who is the source of our unity as Americans, and I thank you for issuing this proclamation", he said. Lire la suite »

Military hysteria over N.Korea could lead to catastrophe: Putin

Early on Sunday, the world was alerted to Pyongyang successfully carrying out its largest ever nuclear missile test in the mountains in northern North Korea when observers detected up an 6.3-magnitude natural disaster. "The Russian government's accusations that USA officials broke doors at these facilities, and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted searches there, don't correspond to reality", the official said. Lire la suite »

Incendie spectaculaire au nord de Montpellier — Hérault


Un centre opérationnel départemental a été activé par la préfecture de l'Hérault. La commune de Grabels a ouvert les portes de la mairie et de la salle polyvalente pour offrir refuge aux habitants. Selon cette seconde source, 250 sapeurs pompiers et 70 gendarmes sont mobilisés sur ce sinistre, qui a bloqué au moins deux routes départementales. A noter que l'Hérault est en alerte "risque feux de forêt sévère" pendant 48h en raison notamment de la sécheresse et du vent fort. Lire la suite »

Hurricane Katia forms in Gulf of Mexico


The National Hurricane Center said that Jose is expected to become a hurricane by Wednesday night. "University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy says Irma "could easily be the most costly storm in US history, which is saying a lot considering what just happened two weeks ago" in Texas". Lire la suite »