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UK, Japan to pace up sanctions against North Korea: Theresa May


The United States flew some of its most advanced warplanes in bombing drills with ally South Korea on Thursday, a clear warning after North Korea launched a midrange ballistic missile created to carry nuclear bombs over Japan earlier this week, the US and South Korean militaries said. Lire la suite »

Seoul condemns NK's threat to execute S. Korean reporters

The Central Court has ordered the execution of the journalists, Son Hyo-rim of the Dong-A Ilbo and Yang Ji-ho of the Chosun Ilbo , and the publishers of the newspapers. "We will track down to the end those who masterminded and manipulated ugly provocations of slandering and insulting the dignity of the DPRK and mete out death to them". Lire la suite »

Sinn Féin and SDLP reject Arlene Foster's devolution plans


But if Sinn Fein takes Mrs Foster up on her suggestion, what she has set out represents a potentially fundamental compromise for the DUP. She said that the executive should be restored immediately so that ministers can deal with ongoing pressures in areas such as health and education. Lire la suite »

Lille: un homme écrasé à plusieurs reprises sur le périphérique


Son corps a été trainé sur plusieurs dizaines de mètres par des véhicules qui lui ont roulé dessus. 12 pompiers ont été mobilisés. La victime a en effet été retrouvée à proximité de celui de la porte de Douai (rue Armand-Carrel). Il s'agirait d'un homme " de type caucasien, entièrement vêtu de noir (jean, baskets et sweat )". Si vous avez été témoin ou pouvez apporter des renseignements utiles à l'enquête, vous pouvez contacter les enquêteurs au 03 20 19 49 40 . Lire la suite »

United Kingdom could stay in single market permanently, Labour's deputy leader says


His comments seem at odds with Mr Corbyn, who said as recently as July that Britain was leaving the single market because it was "inextricably linked" to European Union membership. He also left open the possibility of it being a permanent arrangement. Pressed on whether people were trying to get rid of him, Mr Watson said: "Well, there is always someone trying to get rid of you in politics, But, no, I don't actually see any move to remove me from my position". Lire la suite »

Charlie Hebdo cover casts Harvey victims as neo-Nazis


Some were killed in the cars when they couldn't pass flood water or were swept away, while others were trapped in their homes. The new issue of inflammatory French magazine Charlie Hebdo appears to mock the death and utter devastation wrought by Tropical Storm Harvey . Lire la suite »

Cave-in at East Delhi's Ghazipur landfill; two dead


Police officer Omvir Singh said the falling garbage pushed several vehicles into a nearby canal in Ghazipur area. According to reports, a vehicle and three two-wheelers were pushed down into a nullah nearby due to the collapse of garbage dump and many are also believed to have been trapped under the debris. Lire la suite »

Le prochain sommet mettra l'accent sur la jeunesse — UE/Afrique


Le Président de la République, S.E.M. Alassane OUATTARA, s'est entretenu, ce jeudi 31 août 2017, au Palais de l'Elysée, à Paris (France), avec son homologue français, S.E.M. Cette infrastructure, a-t-il ajouté, permettra de décongestionner la ville d'Abidjan. Après un séjour de quelques jours en France, le président ivoirien, Alassane Ouattara, a regagné Abidjan jeudi soir, selon une note d'information de la présidence parvenue vendredi à l'AIP. Lire la suite »

Le geste de la mère infanticide reste inexpliqué


Fouad, qui revenait du travail, a découvert ses enfants égorgés, dans le salon. grièvement blessés mais en vie. Le feu s'était déclaré dans un garage mais, à l'arrivée des pompiers, les flammes s'étaient déjà propagées à l'habitation. Enfin, selon le premier substitut du procureur du Roi de Liège: " D'après les premiers éléments de l'enquête c'était un couple sans histoire, avec une maman qui était quelqu'un qualifiée de normale et très gentille ." . Lire la suite »

MINI concept vehicle previews first all-electric production model


About 600 Mini E cars were used for the goal across the world. The Electric Mini Concept will be British-built at BMW's enormous Oxford plant and is created to be 'a window on the future of urban electric mobility, which is easily the least sexy way of describing how we will get around in years to come. Lire la suite »

Nissan tweaks 370Z for 2018


Newly designed 19-inch alloy wheels and the option of a new Red Metallic paint colour round off the revised exterior look. The headlights go dark alongside the now-standard rear combination lights, which trickle down from the Nismo model. Lire la suite »

Japan Wakes to a Text Message: Missile Approaching


May met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday evening, the discussions dominated by the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU) and North Korea's launch of a missile which flew over Japan on Tuesday. Tuesday's projectile travelled around 2,700 kilometres (1,700 miles) from its launch site near Pyongyang before crashing into the ocean, around 1,200 kilometres off Japan's northern Hokkaido island. Lire la suite »

Hungary asks European Union to pay half of cost of anti-migrant fence


Orban said Europe needed to show solidarity with Hungary's border protection efforts, not just with Greece and Italy, the countries which have received the brunt of the migration influx. In 2015, Hungary built a razor-wire fence patrolled by soldiers and dogs at its southern border with Serbia in response to a wave of refugees and migrants crossing its border. Lire la suite »

Calgary's air quality plummets as warm temperatures combine with wildfire smoke


Southern Saskatchewan was expected to see smoke continue moving in from southern Alberta. Mark expects the air quality will sit at about 6 or moderate risk on the scale for much of Thursday. Children, seniors and people with cardiovascular or lung conditions were especially at risk. AHS says if you can taste or smell smoke, you should be careful to monitor your symptoms, consider exercising indoors, stay indoors with the windows closed and, if you drive anywhere, turn the air off and use ... Lire la suite »

Man Arrested Over Brutal Attack on Helpless Kangaroo in Australia


The video was viewed more than 3 million times, sparking outrage among social media users. He faces a fine of Aus$38,000 (£23,000) and up to two years in prison. "If we can reach back to that same number of people with the message of a person has been arrested, a person is facing charges and this is illegal to do, then that would be even better". Lire la suite »

North Korea warns Japan of 'imminent self-destruction'

However, the US-drafted statement, which was agreed by consensus, does not threaten new sanctions on North Korea . Some companies have also said that they are sounding out options to move elsewhere in Europe in order to maintain access to the single market. Lire la suite »

Jill Meagher's killer stabbed in Australian prison


In the course of the altercation Bayley was stabbed with a fork, resulting in minor injuries. Bayley's injuries were treated at the prison. Adrian Bayley was found guilty of the rape and murder of Meagher in 2013 and was sentenced to 35 years without parole. Lire la suite »

Donald Trump confuses two Finnish reporters


Trump also said the USA stands in solidarity with Finland after a man stabbed eight people in the city of Turku earlier this month, killing two, before police shot and detained him. "GOOD! I don't want them". Donald Trump has boasted that " no one has more respect for women " than he does-but he sure seems to have trouble telling them apart. Lire la suite »

U.S. conducts computer war games in response to North Korea missile launch

He agreed with US President Donald Trump to increase pressure on North Korea-which has so far been mainly through sanctions-to abandon its nuclear weapon and missile development programs. Today, as we stand in solidarity with victims of enforced disappearance, the world should remember that North Korea is ruled by a government that has made enforced disappearances a matter of state policy. Lire la suite »

Ruby Rose defends Hurricane Harvey LGBTQ centre donation after backlash


The actress volunteered to match the donation of Jack Antonoff , who also donated $10,000 to the Montrose LGBT Center. She also shared screenshots of the comments surrounding the nature of the centre's mission, and explained: "I don't agree with the wording or personal attacks but I can understand the confusion if you are not aware of what these centres do". Lire la suite »

12 morts dans l'effondrement d'un immeuble à Bombay — Inde


Une dizaine d'autres se trouvent encore prises au piège. Quatorze secouristes ont par ailleurs été blessés, a-t-il ajouté. En 2005, des inondations à Bombay avaient fait plus de 500 morts, en grande majorité dans les bidonvilles. "Il y a eu un énorme bruit et nous avons tous accouru", a raconté à l'AFP Naseem Mogradia, qui habite à deux rues de là. La zone de Bhendi Bazaar fait l'objet d'un important plan de réhabilitation urbaine pour remplacer ses immeubles âgés de plusieurs décennies. Lire la suite »

Vincent Covers The Beatles For Tiffany & Co, Premieres "New York" Music Video


If St. Vincent moves - to raise a phone to her ear or point at the camera - her motions are deliberate and tightly controlled. If you've ever lived in Lower Manhattan, it's pretty much guaranteed you're going to feel some type of way when Clark sings " New York isn't NY without you, love/Too few of our old crew left on Astor" while pushing around the Astor Place Cube. Lire la suite »