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US Open to Dialogue Despite N. Korea's Provocation


Appearing on "Fox News Sunday", Tillerson said that that the firing of ballistic missile is a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and the US considers it as a provocative act against its allies and itself. The North routinely says it will never give up its weapons programmes, saying they are necessary to counter perceived United States hostility. Earlier this month, Washington's top diplomat suggested a diplomatic opening might be close after North Korea reacted to a new round ... Lire la suite »

Dominique Bussereau : "Juppé, c'est la droite modérée, humaniste, libérale et européenne"


C'est ça le défi. Les interrogations d'Alain Juppé résonnent d'une façon particulière au moment où le parti fait sa rentrée en ordre dispersé et prépare les élections pour désigner le président des Républicains . "On est dans une situation d'attente, parce que c'est bien difficile de juger pour l'instant, surtout que les effets politiques qui se font sentir, notamment la hausse du chômage, annoncée hier, on ne peut pas en donner la responsabilité à Emmanuel Macron , mais plutôt aux ... Lire la suite »

China Bans New Business with North Korea


The first and second missiles "failed in flight" and the third "appears to have blown up nearly immediately". North Korea launched a number of short-range missiles from an east coastal launching site on Saturday, even as the United States and South Korea were in the midst of war games preparing for an attack. Lire la suite »

Breakthrough in Doklam stand-off, India and China agree to disengage troops


The Chinese spokesperson was referring to the stand-off between the armies of the two countries in the disputed Doklam region, where India is protesting the construction of a road by China. India claimed to have acted on behalf of Bhutan, with which it has a "special relationship". This move is surprising as only on Thursday, China had said that India had " slapped its own face " by deciding to build a road near Pangong Lake in Ladakh and it would only worsen the Doka La dispute. Lire la suite »

North Korea is reported to have launched several missiles, heightening tensions

The South Korean and United States militaries are in the midst of the annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills involving computer simulations of a war to test readiness and run until Aug 31. Pacific Command in Hawaii, which monitors North Korean missiles. It said they flew more than 250km (155 mile) into the Sea of Japan or East Sea from the northeastern direction. Lire la suite »

Shorten's seat eyed by gangland widow Roberta Williams


Ms Roberts' candidacy profile states the mother of five is "a charitable person" with a "great understanding" of the needs of the homeless, troubled youth, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues and those experiencing financial difficulties. Lire la suite »

Broncos' Menelik Watson pulls off surprise proposal during Saturday's game


In the second half, after Watson had exited the game , he went to a knee and proposed to his girlfriend , Azania Stewart, who was sitting in the first row of the stands. Former Utah offensive tackle Garett Bolles and former BYU running back Jamaal Williams each showed off parts of their games for the Broncos and Packers , respectively, while former Utah State wide receiver Hunter Sharp had a strong drive in the third quarter in a game that features teams with a combined 10 Utah ties ... Lire la suite »

Verdict expected in Ibrahim Halawa trial today


Ahead of today's verdict, Ibrahim's sister Nosaybathanks those who have been supporting her brother. "His health, psychological and social requirements must be assessed as a priority and support offered", said the minister. "The Egyptian government has always said that it can not interfere in a trial in the same way that an Irish government can not interfere in the court process". Lire la suite »

USA president raises stakes on Mexico border wall project


Specifically, the president suggested that he might veto any spending bill that failed to include funds for his monument to American xenophobia, thereby allowing the government to shut down (and, nearly certainly, his approval rating and that of his party to fall). Lire la suite »

FX market awaits Yellen, Draghi speeches at Jackson Hole symposium

For want of answers from Ms Yellen on the direction of monetary policy , investors sent the United States dollar tumbling, leaving it down 0.8 per cent against a basket of currencies shortly after 2000 GMT. In Europe, Britain's FTSE 100 rose 0.5 percent to 7,420. -Gold futures fell 0.2 percent to settle at $1,292 an ounce, set to rise for the second month in a row. Lire la suite »

Finnish police release man arrested over knife attack


He was shot in the leg by a police officer and hospitalized. "His identity has now been confirmed, so we know who we are dealing with", Detective Chief Inspector Crista Granroth of the National Bureau of Investigation told the Reuters news agency. Lire la suite »

Une brume irritante signalée sur la côte du Sussex


Des vomissements, une irritation de la gorge et des yeux. En raison d'une brume chimique qui a balayé la côte d'Eastbourne à Birling Gap, au sud de l'Angleterre, plus de 230 personnes se trouvant dans cette zone ont demandé une aide médicale. Lire la suite »

Renewable energy capable of powering majority of Aussie homes


Nearly 150,000 small-scale rooftop solar systems were installed during the year to June, which will deliver about $1.6 billion in power bill savings over the next decade, or nearly $10,000 per system. "Back in 2008, generation from solar was little more than a rounding error", he said. "Meanwhile these solar systems will also save consumers $1.5 billion off their electricity bills over the next 10 years". Lire la suite »

Disparition de Maelys, 9 ans, lors d'un mariage — Isère


La petite Maëlys De Arujo, neuf ans, a disparu depuis la nuit de samedi 26 à dimanche 27, à Pont-de-Beauvoisin en Isère. Un important dispositif de recherches, avec l'appui d'un hélicoptère , a été déployé et suspendu dimanche au soir. La dernière fois qu'elle a été vue, elle portait une robe blanche sans manches ainsi que des sandales blanches. Sa mère, présente au mariage, a été prise en charge psychologiquement ainsi que des proches et les mariés. Lire la suite »

North Korea Reportedly Launches Another Missile Into The Sea

North Korea launched several unidentified projectiles into sea on Saturday morning, South Korea's military reported . North Korea launched three ballistic missile last night after a week of military exercises on both sides of the Korean border raised tensions in the region. Lire la suite »

North Korea tests short-range missiles as South Korea

According to office of South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, the projectiles flew in a northeasterly direction for about 250 kilometers into the sea. The missile tests came shortly after Tillerson praised North Korea for showing restraint and suggested that dialogue could take place soon. North Korea has accelerated its missile testing programme. Lire la suite »

Body of missing Fargo woman found


Family members were immediately notified. 'We just want Savanna to come home. They were both arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, a class A felony, according to Fargo police. Todd had previously said his department was receiving help from outside agencies and that officers used aircraft, watercraft and police dogs in order to try to find her. Lire la suite »

North Korea Fires Missiles Into Sea Of Japan

Three North Korea short range ballistic missiles failed on Saturday, a temporary blow to Pyongyang's rapid nuclear and missile expansion, USA military officials said. Japan has previously deployed missile interceptors after North Korea threatened to fire projectiles over Japan toward the US territory of Guam. The US ban on American citizens traveling to North Korea takes effect September 1. Lire la suite »

Les corps des 10 marins de l'USS John S. McCain enfin retrouvés


Le destroyer lanceur de missiles USS John S. McCain est entré en collision la semaine dernière avec le pétrolier Alnic MC alors qu'il se dirigeait vers Singapour pour une escale de routine. La collision entre le navire de guerre américain et un pétrolier battant pavillon du Liberia avait fait également cinq blessés. Il s'agissait de la deuxième collision impliquant un destroyer de la septième flotte des Etats-Unis en deux mois. Lire la suite »

Abbas confidante: Americans provided no clarity on two-state solution or settlements


Netanyahu, meeting Kushner in Tel Aviv, said they had "a lot of things to talk about - how to advance peace, stability and security in our region, prosperity too". No mention was made of the row between Riyadh and Doha. Cairo's foreign ministry slammed the decision, calling it a "a misjudgment of the nature of the strategic relations that binds the two countries over decades". Lire la suite »

Hundreds trapped in '500-year flood' after Harvey dumps rain on Texas


People trapped by rising floodwaters in Texas have been told to stand on their roofs and wait for rescue as emergency services deal with thousands of desperate calls for help. Meanwhile, officials in Dallas say they'll open the city's convention center to about 5,000 people who are fleeing from the hurricane-ravaged southern part of the state. Lire la suite »

Red Cross volunteers from Central Virginia headed to Texas


Nebraska has sent five emergency response vehicles to the devastated areas. Greg Abbott has declared numerous affected counties disaster areas and President Donald Trump is expected to visit the area in the coming days. They are also using the page to share information about the storm. Red cross volunteers from across the country are heading down the hardest hit communities, including the 16 volunteers from Nebraska. Lire la suite »