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Leftist Activist Group "Celebrates" End Of Trump business advisory Councils


After the conference call, Trump announced on Twitter that he was shutting down the manufacturing council and the Schwarzman-led Strategic and Policy Forum to avoid "putting pressure on the businesspeople". Kevin Madden, a Republican strategist who was a senior adviser to Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential campaign, said all is not lost for Trump and his relations with corporate America. Lire la suite »

Iran says can quit nuclear deal if United States keeps adding sanctions


The trip is part of a policy review ordered by President Donald Trump in April to evaluate Iran's adherence to the 2015 agreement. "I hope that the U.S. He highlighted Trump's decisions to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and global trade deals. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has ramped up pressure on Iran ahead of a trip to Vienna next week, where she will meet with worldwide atomic watchdog officials concerning Tehran's nuclear activities. Lire la suite »

Trump to rally supporters next Tuesday in Phoenix


My message to Trump: Don't bring your circus of hate to Arizona. Trump has said he's considering a pardon for Arpaio, a deeply divisive figure in Phoenix. Trump has recently been visiting states where he has strong support. But perhaps he should listen to Mayor Stanton. A delay until the memory of Charlottesville fades won't guarantee a peaceful night in Phoenix. Lire la suite »

Man and woman killed in Dublin shooting


The Laois Fine Gael TD says he utterly deplores the fatal shooting of a mother of six in her forties and a man in his thirties in Ballymun yesterday evening. A silver Opel Zafira with 08 LS plates was found partially burnt out a short distance from the scene, which has been sealed off for the Garda Scenes of Crime Examiners. Lire la suite »

North Korea begins events to sing praises of ruling Kim family


News agencies quoted him as saying he would observe the "foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees" a little more before deciding whether to order a test launch. "The (South Korean) government and the US government don't have a different position on this". The office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said military options would be used if diplomatic and economic sanctions fail. Lire la suite »

CPI: Al Mahdi doit payer 2,7 millions d'euros de dommages


On lui reproche d'avoir causé des dégâts à neuf mausolées et à une porte de mosquée autour du 30 juin et du 11 juillet 2012. Son procès était le premier organisé à la CPI pour destruction de biens culturels. Le tribunal a ordonné des réparations pour les victimes. Dans un document remis récemment à la Cour qui siège à La Haye, le Fonds a d'ailleurs appelé les juges à la vigilance quant à une éventuelle publicité dans le cas d'une compensation financière. Lire la suite »

Eighth CEO resigns from Trump's manufacturing council


However, he shocked many on Tuesday when he delivered an unscripted speech in NY that blamed the violence on more than the supremacy groups that convened in Charlottesville and said there were "nice" people on both sides. And if they do, are new CEOs going to be eager to step in? "We can not sit on a council for a president who tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism". Lire la suite »

Bungie says Destiny silver appeared on Steam 'in error'

Activision , Bungie and NVIDIA have been working closely together to ensure gamers get the best possible visuals and performance with Destiny 2 on PC. Gameplay wise it looks great too. Supers and grenades were also mentioned, and whilst they recharge faster than the beta, it seems we'll be encouraged to recharge them more quickly through aggressive play: an example given was a Warlock exotic chest that lets you hover in the air (sounding a little like Empyrrean Bellicose) where kills ... Lire la suite »

María Eugenia Vidal: "Estar y hacer es lo que nos define"

Luego, agradeció a su equipo, al presidente Mauricio Macri " que ha sido incondicional con los bonaerenses en las peleas que hemos dado ", a los intendentes "que han trabajado" desde la gestión, al vicegobernador Daniel Salvador y a los candidatos "que han dado todo". Lire la suite »

DERNIÈRE HEURE - Accident mortel à l'Ange-Gardien : Le Murano a été localisé


Le Murano et son conducteur ont été localisés grâce à des informations reçues du public. Des accusations pourraient être portées contre lui. Le 31 juillet dernier, Audrey-Anne Bourgoin, une adolescente de 17 ans de Beauport, est décédée dans des circonstances troublantes, après que deux véhicules lui eurent littéralement roulé dessus à L'Ange-Gardien en pleine nuit. Lire la suite »

ND receiving federal dollars for DAPL protest reimbursement


Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., previously said the state shouldn't expect the federal government to cover the entire bill, and Gov. Doug Burgum's request to President Donald Trump for a major disaster declaration was denied earlier this year. North Dakota hasn't yet ruled that offer out. "I'm fine with them providing some reimbursement", he said. "It's an encouraging step forward that our state is now getting much of what it is due so our law enforcement can continue to do their jobs and serve ... Lire la suite »

Donald Trump scandalise jusque dans son propre camp — Charlottesville


Donald Trump a clairement exprimé son opposition aux destructions et suppressions de monuments Confédérés. Une déclaration similaire prononcée samedi, peu de temps après l'éclatement des violences, avait suscité des accusations de mollesse et de complaisance face aux groupes nationalistes, suprémacistes et néonazis. Lire la suite »

Fire crews 'to spend most of day' tackling Glasgow fruit market blaze


Up to 90 percent of the building is thought to have caught fire. A spokesman said: "The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crews are using high powered hoses to tackle and contain the flames". A large plume of smoke from the building led to speed restrictions put in place for drivers on the nearby M8 motorway, although this was later lifted. Lire la suite »

Nash latest MP caught up in dual-citizenship saga


Like the dual nationality case of Barnaby Joyce , Senator Nash's case will be referred to the High Court . I had very little contact with my father throughout his life and he died nine years ago. Joyce subsequently renounced his New Zealand citizenship, but section 44 of the Constitution bars people with citizenship in a country other than Australia from standing for election, which potentially puts all three Coalition politicians in breach. Lire la suite »

Does Pakistan love controversy? Umar Akmal claims coach Mickey Arthur abused him


Akmal made these strong statements against Arthur in a press conference on Wednesday. Giving the background of his conversation and meeting with Arthur, Akmal said, "First, I met the trainer and other members of the foreign staff of the national team management who refused to work with me, saying they will only work with [PCB's] centrally-contracted players". Lire la suite »

Trump's veterans secretary calls for challenging neo-Nazis


Shulkin said Wednesday that he could not speak for the president, but told reporters that Trump was outraged by the violence during the Saturday demonstrations that left a woman dead and at least 19 injured. "He's denounced hatred, bigotry, violence, Nazis, white supremacists, and I think he can speak for himself". When asked for a second time, Shulkin admitted that he didn't "look at the tapes" in order to make that kind of assessment, and then repeated his condemnation of Nazis and white ... Lire la suite »

US, China sign strategic military dialogue pact

The South Korean leader has warned that Pyongyang completing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and weaponizing it with miniaturized nuclear weapon is "nearing" a red line. In response, the Chinese government used a strongly worded editorial in state run China Daily newspaper accused Mr. Trump of "exploiting trade as a bargaining chip" - one that will "poison the overall China-U.S. Lire la suite »

Clarksville police join Labor Day drunk driving enforcement campaign


WisDOT offers a free Drive Sober mobile app, which includes a blood alcohol estimator, designated driver selector, find-a-ride feature (which uses a smart phone's Global Positioning System to locate alternative transportation), along with interactive games that help determine whether drivers should give up their keys. Lire la suite »

UN Refugee Chief urges global recognition and support for Sudan


In June, The UN's World Food Programme had to slash food rations for refugees in the country, while doctors, nurses and medicines are in short supply, it said. The UN Refugee Chief visited Al-Nimir refugee camp in East Darfur during his visit, hosting over 5,000 South Sudanese refugees who arrived at the camp in April, and praised the solidarity of the local Sudanese hosts. Lire la suite »

PM Modi's Kashmir outreach welcomed in Jammu and Kashmir


On Modi's call for embracing strife-hit Kashmiris , senior Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma said, "We have never stopped him from embracing Kashmiris". "The Prime Minister did not tell you on August 15, that today the rate of unemployment is highest in eight years". In last three years Modi Government has created problems with friendly nations. Lire la suite »

La "Marine Le Pen" locale en burqa au Sénat


Si quelqu'un se présente devant une banque ou un autre bâtiment vêtu d'une cagoule ou d'un casque, on lui demandera de l'enlever. Elle demande alors si le gouvernement va interdire la burqa, eu égard aux récentes menaces et attaques terroristes en Australie. Lire la suite »

United States cities step up removal of Confederate statues


According to Pugh, the nighttime operation was created to prevent violence similar to that in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. The city's decision follows a mass hate rally in Virginia last weekend that left one counter-protester dead and almost 20 others injured when a vehicle barreled down a narrow street into anti-racist demonstrators. Lire la suite »