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20 morts dans des manifestations conte le président Maduro — Venezuela

Réunie dans une coalition appelée la Table pour l'unité démocratique (MUD), l'opposition galvanise la population depuis plusieurs semaines, la conviant à prendre les rues d'assaut pour exiger le départ du président Maduro. Maduro s'accroche donc en s'appuyant sur l'armée, qui jusqu'à présent lui est loyale; sur les forces de police qui répriment, parfois avec zèle, les manifestations; sur la Cour Suprême, qui a malgré tout été obligée de reculer lorsqu'elle a tenté le mois dernier de ... Read More »

Euro Rallies Against Dollar on Early Results of French Vote 1st Round

Declaring "the left is not dead!" he urged supporters to back Macron. "We will win!" Le Pen supporters chanted in her election day headquarters in the northern French town of Henin-Beaumont. The proof of that is the fate of those who ran for the traditional parties. The seven other candidates, including the ruling Socialist Party's Benoit Hamon, lag behind in opinion polls. Read More »

Secret UK tomb found to contain remains of 5 archbishops


The Garden Museum reported on Sunday that a cache of 30 lead coffins that had been undisturbed for centuries was found a year ago during a refurbishment project, with a closer inspection now revealing the metal plates bearing the names of five former leaders of the Church of England. Read More »

Euro scales five-month peak on French election relief

Polls suggest and many analysts predict that Macron enjoys a steep advantage going into a head-to-head race with Le Pen. USA stock index futures rose sharply on Sunday on relief that centrist Emmanuel Macron took the first round of voting in the French presidential election, reducing the prospect of an anti-establishment market shock. Read More »

Mélenchon et Macron en tête dans les territoires d'outre-mer — EN DIRECT

En Guadeloupe, il est par contre devancé par Emmanuel Macron et est au coude-à-coude avec Marine Le Pen en Guyane. En Martinique, Mélenchon récolte 27,36% des voix. Il est suivi par Marine Le Pen, avec 18,16% et Macron (17,97%). François Fillon est loin derrière avec seulement 13,50%. Mélenchon le suit avec 23,99%. Read More »

With North Korea, we do have cards to play

In the report from Pyongyang, the North Korean ministry spokesman accused the Australian government of "blindly and zealously toeing the USA line". Australia and New Zealand stiffened their rhetoric against North Korea Sunday after the isolated communist dictatorship threatened Canberra with a nuclear strike, urging it to think twice before "blindly and zealously toeing the United States line". Read More »

Rajon Rondo fined $25000 for attempted trip in Bull's Game 3 loss


The league announced the five-figure fine just hours before Game 4 tips off Sunday evening in Chicago. They found another gear in Chicago. "Isaiah Thomas is a hell of a player". The Bulls took their first lead with a Robin Lopez duck-in hook shot at 65-63 before Thomas sliced inside for two layups on consecutive possessions. Read More »

Élection présidentielle : une page se tourne

François Fillon (Les Républicains ) arrive en troisième place avec 19,9% des suffrages, suivi par le candidat de France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon avec 19,3% des voix, selon les estimations. Mélenchon a refusé de reconnaître sa défaite, n'a pas donné de consigne de vote et laissera décider les militants de son mouvement. Mais il devrait dire "oui, à 95%", selon un proche. Read More »

Durbin: Trump's 'Outlandish' Border Wall a 'Political Stunt'

However, he reiterated that a final plan won't be ready until perhaps June and said he didn't know whether the proposed cuts would add to the debt. Senator Richard Durbin, a Democrat from IL, said: "To think he would consider shutting down the government over this outlandish proposal of a wall, that would be the height of irresponsibility". Read More »

Turquie: Trump félicite Erdogan pour sa victoire au référendum


Une telle mesure signerait la fin des efforts de la Turquie pour rejoindre l'UE. "Des universitaires tels que Larry Diamond soutiennent que la démocratie est en déclin dans le monde ", a-t-il ajouté, bien que les déclins démocratiques dans un régime démocratique sont difficilement visibles, s'ils n'ont pas lieu de manière violente, comme un coup d'Etat. Read More »

Evacuation order lifted as landslide fears subside near Salmon Arm, BC


A geotechnical assessment is scheduled to be completed Sunday. The affected properties are at 1605, 1615, 1618, 1626, 1629, 1635, 1648, 1652, 1655 and 1656 Salmon River Road. The public is being advised to avoid the area. Plans are being made to send engineers up in a helicopter to fly over the area and assess the situation tomorrow. Read More »

Le chef de la diplomatie allemande "sûr" que Macron deviendra président — France


Un peu plus tôt dans la soirée, c'est le chef de la diplomatie allemande, le social-démocrate Sigmar Gabriel, qui s'est dit "sûr" que le centriste Emmanuel Macron serait élu président au second tour en "balayant" l'extrême droite. Le porte-parole du gouvernement d'Angela Merkel a jugé que la qualification du candidat d'En Marche! était une " bonne nouvelle ". Dans le même temps, a-t-il ajouté, les scores combinés de Marine Le Pen, qui affrontera l'ancien ministre de l'Économie au ... Read More »

Turkey's election board rejects appeals to annul referendum


What little remains of Turkey's once-thriving democracy has already become a sham, especially since the failed coup attempt last July. But the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has formally requested that the Supreme Election Board (YSK) cancel the result over to alleged violations which the opposition says swung the result. Read More »

Charleston church shooter on federal death row in Indiana


This allowed federal authorities to take him into custody. Roof also pleaded guilty to nine counts of murder in state court and received life sentences without parole. Some other inmates at the Terre Haute facility have been on death row since 1993. Before being sentenced in federal court, Roof was unrepentant, saying "I felt like I had to do it and I still feel like I had to do it". Read More »

Turkish activists post videos of alleged poll fraud in referendum


Thousands have protested in Istanbul and Ankara since Sunday's referendum, which has set into motion the transformation of Turkey's system of government from a parliamentary into a presidential one. He claims his extended powers have not changed him, and had called out European Union officials who he says have broken promises when it comes to Turkey's membership. Read More »

Ivanka Got Chinese Trademarks, Ate With Chinese President

There has been a spike in the sales this year and in 2016 the brand's US imports mainly from China jumped 1.66%, according to data from the trade tracking firm Panjiva, AP reported . Riebling looked into all trademark applications filed in China by Ivanka Trump's company. Trademarks can be used to expand a business or defend against copycats. Read More »

China urges Korea peninsula denuclearisation

But he did not believe conflict on the Korean peninsula was particularly likely and backed the approach the U.S. has taken on North Korea. "At this stage, the support we are providing is at the level of diplomacy (and) is of critical importance", he said. Read More »

Palestinian Intifada Leader Announces Hunger Strike Via the New York Times

Zomlot also handed Ratney a document summarizing these claims, which Ratney, according to the Palestinian reports , said he will pass to the senior ranks of the administration. "It is to be emphasized that the (prison service) does not negotiate with prisoners". The hunger strike was launched as the approaching half-century milestone of Israeli rule over Palestinians appeared to generate new interest in the long-running conflict, which in recent years was often overshadowed by war and ... Read More »

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation chief: Trump has been 'very consistent' in support of alliance


In response to a question, he said, "It's certainly possible" that Syria carried out the attack without its ally Russia's knowledge, but added, "I think it's probably unlikely". However, President Trump did not fail to describe the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, as a "butcher" following the use of chemical weapons. Stoltenberg said he was of the same mind as Trump on terrorism, a problem toward which North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has sought to adapt itself to address, and ... Read More »

Labour leader Corbyn backs May's call for early election


Last week analysis of the impact of Brexit by former Tory donor Lord Ashcroft found Mrs May had a 37-point lead over the Labour leader, as 55% of respondents preferred Mrs May as prime minister compared to Mr Corbyn (18%). Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry insisted Labour should not be written off, despite polls recording Tory leads of as much as 21%. "And I want to lead a government that will transform this country, give real hope to everybody and above all bring about a principle ... Read More »

Mélenchon refuse de donner une consigne de vote — Election présentielle

Des résultats différents de la tendance vendéenne, où les électeurs du département ont placé François Fillon dans le duo de tête. Selon les premières estimations des instituts de sondage, Jean-Luc Mélenchon est éliminé du premier tour avec un score compris entre 19 et 20%, presque au même niveau que François Fillon (19-20,3%). Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour MPs he can win snap election, despite polls


Jeremy Corbyn's Labour could emerge from the forthcoming general election in third place behind the Liberal Democrats in terms of vote share, according to one of the UK's leading political scientists. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said there was a "great atmosphere" in the packed meeting, while deputy leader Tom Watson described it as "very buoyant". Read More »

Élection présidentielle : Macron et Le Pen seront au second tour

Je sais vos attentes. Je souhaite dans quinze jours devenir votre président . Selon les estimations, le candidat des Républicains François Fillon (19,8-20,1%) et le candidat de la France insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon (19,2-20,1%) sont éliminés, au coude-à-coude pour la troisième place. Read More »