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United States and China Intensify Pressure on North Korea

The Trump administration has warned that all options, including a military strike, are on the table to stop North Korea from developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the US mainland. US President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping chat as they walk along the front patio of the Mar-a-Lago estate after a bilateral meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, US. Read More »

Lockerbie bomber's family launches new bid to clear his name


The family of the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing are to launch a fresh attempt to clear his name. Aamer Anwar, a lawyer representing Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi's family, confirmed files would be handed to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) within the next two weeks. Read More »

U.S. rejects Exxon Mobil bid for Russian Federation waiver

The refusal of that waiver came Friday in the form of a one-sentence press release from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who added that no U.S. companies will be given a waiver from Russian sanctions. The United States and European Union imposed economic sanctions on Russian Federation over its annexation of the Crimea region in 2014 and its role in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Read More »

Euro jumps as Macron emerges as favorite to lead France


Nearly 70 per cent of voters had cast their ballots by late Sunday afternoon in the first round of a French presidential election that is being watched eagerly across Europe and further afield. Macron, 39, a former Economy Minister, is vying to become France's youngest-ever president, while Le Pen, 48, the leader of National Front is intent on becoming the first woman to lead France. Read More »

Backgrounder: Two candidates in French election runoff

Le Pen, in a chest-thumping speech to cheering supporters, declared that she embodies "the great alternative" for French voters. Macron, who had never before stood for election and only started his grassroots centrist movement 12 months ago, will go into the run-off as the clear frontrunner. Read More »

Dortmund bus attack suspect arrested

However, in the days following the incident, a suspect with ties to Islamic movements was arrested and the local prosecutors added that a letter had been found in the area claiming responsibility for the attack, though it did not state which body or organization was taking responsibility. Read More »

Donald Moskowitz: Work with China to change North Korea


The Trump administration has signaled a forceful USA stance on North Korea's recent actions, dispatching Pence to the Demilitarized Zone dividing North and South Korea on Monday in a show of American resolve. But, "we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response". The Obama administration's basic policy of "strategic patience" held that the USA government would not engage in dialogue unless North Korea took ... Read More »

Le Pen: "Ce résultat est historique, la première étape est franchie"


Un nouveau sondage mené par la société Harris Interactive donne Emmanuel Macron largement vainqueur au second tour de la présidentielle avec 64 % des voix contre 36 % pour Marine Le Pen. La députée européenne a également décoché ses premières flèches vers son futur adversaire lors du second tour, Emmanuel Macron , " l'héritier de François Hollande ". Read More »

Marine Le Pen repart en campagne et attaque Macron — Présidentielle

Marine Le Pen est assurée de dépasser le record historique jamais enregistré par le Front national lors d'une élection. Je mesure l'honneur qui m'est fait, avec humilité et reconnaissance. La candidate du Front national a lancé "un appel" aux " patriotes sincères" pour "sortir des querelles périmées, des a priori et des ressentiments". Read More »

Polls show huge lead for Tories


In the latest election polls, a Comres poll for Sunday Mirror found that 50% of people would vote Conservative, 25% would vote Labour, 11% would vote Liberal Democrat and 7% UKIP. "But I would also argue that the bombing campaign has killed a large number of civilians who are virtually prisoners of Isis, so you have got to think about these things". Read More »

Trump 'optimistic' at Neil Gorsuch's swearing-in after weeks of tumult

In remarks in the Rose Garden, Gorsuch said he was humbled by his ascendance to the nation's high court and thanked his former law clerks, saying of his former law clerks, "your names are etched in my heart forever". McConnell previous year refused to consider the nomination of President Barack Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland , and then worked to discard with the custom of 60 votes needed to break a Democratic filibuster . Read More »

Dortmund player injured in bus blasts before Champions League match


The explosives appear to have been hidden in a hedge and were set off as the bus passed. "That's accurate", Frauke Koehler, a spokeswoman for the federal public prosecutor's office, said when asked to comment on the ARD report. Borussia Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke has said he briefly considered withdrawing the team from the Champions League after the attack on their team bus. Read More »

European stocks soar on French election result

With most of their voters expected to back Mr Macron over Ms Le Pen, polling and analysts suggest he should score a comfortable 60-40 victory in the second round run-off in a fortnight. "Now, we have an enormous responsibility to defend the French culture", she told supporters. "You took your own national destiny into your hands", he said. Read More »

Macron largement vainqueur au second tour, selon des sondages — Présidentielles françaises


Quinze ans après la qualification surprise de son père, Jean-Marie Le Pen, qu'elle a mis à la retraite, Marine Le Pen, l'héritière ambitieuse, accède donc au second tour dès sa deuxième campagne présidentielle. "En une année, nous avons changé le visage de la politique française". Ils appellent à voter pour Emmanuel Macron . Pour le secrétaire d'État aux Affaires européennes, Harlem Désir, le rassemblement du second tour doit également se faire au nom des " valeurs européennes ". Read More »

Korea detains US citizen; 3rd American being held


The embassy represents USA interests in North Korea, since Washington and Pyongyang do not have direct diplomatic relations. PUST opened as a sister school to China's Yanbian University of Science and Technology, where the now-detained Kim had previously taught , according to CBS News. Read More »

Over 100 soldiers dead as Taliban hits Afghan army base

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Afghanistan's army chief and defense minister resigned on Monday, following a Taliban attack over the weekend that struck a northern army base, killing more than 100 military and other personnel, officials said. The slaughter lasted around six hours. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani declared Sunday to be a national day of mourning in honor of the Afghan forces killed. Read More »

North Korea cranks the heat, threatens to sink US ship


US President Donald Trump ordered the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group to sail to waters off the Korean peninsula in response to rising tension over the North's nuclear and missile tests, and its threats to attack the United States and its Asian allies. Read More »

China ups calls for calm after tense weekend on Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang has ramped up its rhetoric in recent weeks, threatening to hit back against any provocation. The editorial said China would "sound its own alarms and ramp up their military immediately" if USA and South Korean forces advance through the demilitarized zone with a clear mission to dethrone North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and overthrow his regime. Read More »

France elections: Macron and Le Pen through to run-off


Speaking from Henin-Beaumont, in northern France, one of the towns were the mayor is from her National Front (FN) party, Le Pen said that the vote was "an act of French pride". No one was killed in the 1976 attack but it proved a pivotal moment for the young Marine Le Pen. Kalifat said he was "worried to see National Front making it to the main event of French democracy", but "satisfied to see a republican in the lead" - a term which means a person who is attached to the French nation's ... Read More »

Aujourdhui, lundi, commence la campagne du second tour


Quel avenir pour ces formations au lendemain de ce scrutin dévastateur, plus encore pour le Parti socialiste que pour Les Républicains? Manuel Valls a souligné " la gravité du moment " avec la qualification de Marine Le Pen. - Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, candidat Debout la France à la présidentielle, a indiqué qu'il annoncerait son choix " en début de semaine ", après avoir réuni les instances de son parti. Read More »

'Next question!' Russell Westbrook in heated confrontation with journo defending Steven Adams

In April 2010, a super-young but super-talented Oklahoma City Thunder team - driven by Kevin Durant , Russell Westbrook and James Harden - made its first National Basketball Association playoff appearance. There are no injuries to report for the Oklahoma City Thunder. And when Westbrook is on the bench, Oklahoma City is a much worse team. Butler connected on just seven of his 21 shots from the floor and didn't get to the free throw line. Read More »

South Korea Develops New Artillery Detection Radar To Counter North

The mobile radar system, called "counter-artillery detection radar-II", will be operational starting in 2018, according to the country's arms procurement agency. This device can detect enemy artillery positions more than 60 km away, against the 40 kms range of Arthur-K. "With the successful development of the counter-battery radar, our military has laid the groundwork for destroying the origin of the enemy's provocations, if carried out, in the early stage of combat, through immediate ... Read More »

Présidentielle : à Bagnols, Marine Le Pen arrive en première position

Historique! Pour la première fois sous la Ve République, les deux partis qui structurent la vie politique depuis une soixantaine d'années, la droite et le PS, sont éliminés dès le premier tour d'une élection présidentielle. Sans indiquer s'il serait aux côtés de sa fille pour la campagne d'entre deux tours, le fondateur du Front national a précisé sur BFMTV qu'il serait "à sa place de citoyen au nom d'un certain nombre de milliers de Français, pour les rallier à la candidature de Marine Le ... Read More »