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New York Times fact-checks Trump's claim that it's 'failing'


He dismissed the media's ongoing Russian collusion narrative as a distraction from the good news of his presidency, including record stock market gains, border security, jobs, his Supreme Court pick, and deregulation. In Iowa, a Des Moines Register poll from mid-July showed that 52% disapprove of the job he is doing, while only 43% approved-the first time that poll had found a majority disapproving. Lire la suite »

China urged to abide by United Nations ruling on sea


The South China Sea has always been the most thorny issue for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), with different opinions among its 10 members on how to address China's assertiveness and its building and heavy arming of its artificial islands in disputed waters. Lire la suite »

Second tornado in Ontario cottage country confirmed


Environment Canada says it still has some work to do before it can say whether it was a second tornado. Officials estimate the initial twister had speeds of 130 km/h to 150 km/h, but its successor was more powerful, moving at nearly 200 km/h. Lire la suite »

USDA to employees: Don't mention climate change


The February email from Director of Soil Health Bianca Moebius-Clune detailing the change contained a list of terms that staff should avoid going forward, as well as suggestions for what to say instead. The memo is further evidence of the Trump administration's shift away from climate change as a focus. "Climate change" is in the "avoid" category, to be replaced by "weather extremes". Lire la suite »

Parked cars flip over during possible tornado in Salisbury


DeRosa said that a team from the National Weather Service will come to Delmarva tomorrow to a evaluate the damage in Salisbury . The police Twitter account showed a large tree into a home. Stormy weather conditions affected much of the mid-Atlantic Monday as an area of low pressure rippled along a cold front, according to meteorologist Chris Dolce. Lire la suite »

Spotify for Xbox One Revealed by Microsoft

Although the Windows application is nearly identical to the one that many can download through Spotify's wonderful website, there has been some pleasant updates to the added support that the Windows Store delivers. This first step of Microsoft's Fall Creators Update will focus nearly exclusively on the user interface (UI) with a major redesign to how console gamers view content and get around. Lire la suite »

Maroc: Ilyas Elomari démissionne du secrétariat général du PAM


Ilyas El Omari n'est plus secrétaire général du PAM . Devant l'insistance du président de la région Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma, le bureau a décidé de se référer au conseil national du parti. La démission d'El Omari intervient quelques jours après le discours prononcé par le roi Mohammed VI à l'occasion de la fête du Trône, dans lequel le souverain a vertement critiqué les partis politiques et leurs dirigeants. Lire la suite »

Flash flood warning for New Orleans, Jefferson


WWL-TV's weather center says three inches of rain fell in a short time in Mid-City and Chalmette, Gentilly and downtown got 2.5 inches and just about two inches fell in Metairie. Some residents in Lakeview, however, said all the flooding we saw this weekend seems to be a new problem. "It is not going to be able to pump that in an hour". Lire la suite »

Christie: Everybody knows now Trump Jr.'s meeting was a 'bad idea'


As the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, they've set up a grand jury , which can subpoena witnesses and documents and, if need be, indict people. Chris Coons said Monday that his bipartisan bill would take current Justice Department rules on the president's ability over the special counsel and put them into law. Lire la suite »

GOP senator: I wish Republicans had stood up to birtherism


While he thinks he personally did enough to stand up against the bogus claims, Republicans as a whole should have done more. Mr Flake said on cable channel MSNBC: "If we ascribe the worst motives to our opponents and demean them and call them clowns or losers, you just lose the ability to sit down and solve the big issues and actually enact conservative policy". Lire la suite »

John Oliver torches White House 'Minion' over Lady Liberty crack


All the renovations are expected to be completed before the president's return later this month. On this week's edition of "Last Week Tonight", host John Oliver lambasted White House spokesman Stephen Miller , who Oliver marveled is actually the same age as the Olsen twins, but much, much more repulsive. Lire la suite »

Cisco's Meraki Admits Losing Customer Data After Misconfiguration


On Friday, last week, Cisco admitted that an engineering gaffe caused the company to lose customer data uploaded before a certain configuration was applied to one of its cloud services. Cisco is due to update customers by the end of today and notify them what resources it will be making available to help restore functionality. Cisco also confirmed that the engineering team would be working on the issue to gather any data that can be recovered, as well as the development of any tools that ... Lire la suite »

L'épave de l'avion de la défense américaine disparu a été retrouvée — Australie


Retrouver les corps . Vingt-trois des 26 occupants de l'avion ont été rapidement secourus mais trois ont été portés disparus. L'un d'entre eux était âgé de 19 ans, les deux autres étaient caporal et lieutenant. Les recherches portent désormais sur " la récupération " des corps et d'éléments de l'appareil, ont dit les Marines dans un communiqué. Une enquête a été lancée pour déterminer l'origine de sa chute. Lire la suite »

Une employée de banque défigurée à coups de machette

Un homme seul s'est introduit dans les locaux de l'agence et l'a blessée au bras et au visage . Il s'est approché du guichet et a porté plusieurs coups à l'employée qui s'y trouvait à l'aide d'une arme s'apparentant à une machette , a indiqué la police. Lire la suite »

The UK government has issued new cybersecurity guidelines for smart cars


He warned: "We must make sure the public is protected". There are also concerns that sensors could be jammed and personal information stripped. It said it was concerned that smart vehicles could be targeted by hackers to access personal data , steal cars that use key-less entry systems, or take control of technology for malicious reasons. Lire la suite »

ASEAN communique a message to China


In a joint statement, the three expressed serious concerns over the long-seething sea disputes and "voiced their strong opposition to coercive unilateral actions that could alter the status quo and increase tensions". As mentioned above, ASEAN's statement on the South China Sea was much softer, in part because the ASEAN nations ended up in a diplomatic impasse over how strong the wording should be. Lire la suite »

ASEAN, China agree on disputed sea framework


The penalties, approved unanimously Saturday by the Security Council, aim to cut off roughly one-third of North Korea's estimated $3 billion in annual exports, ostensibly starving Kim Jong Un's government of funds for its weapons programs. Lavrov said he believed the United States was ready to continue dialogue on complex issues, despite tension. The sweeping measures were the first of that scope to be imposed on North Korea since US President Donald Trump took office and highlighted China's ... Lire la suite »

ASEAN ministers endorse framework code in South China Sea


This is after Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Pham Binh Minh met at the sidelines of the 50th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) in Manila. The framework only commits China and ASEAN to begin "consultations" - not even negotiations - on a code of conduct. MONITORING Meanwhile, Police Director for National Capitol Region Police Office (NCRPO) Oscar D. Lire la suite »