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Israel to replace metal detectors in Jerusalem with less obtrusive surveillance

Muslims believe the hilltop compound, which they call the Noble Sanctuary, marks the spot from which Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. Crews removed the detectors and installed cameras early yesterday. Jordan is the official custodian of the Muslim holy sites there. A top aide to US President Donald Trump also arrived in Jerusalem for talks on the crisis on Monday. Lire la suite »

Taliban killed in Afghan special force operation


The Ministry of Defense said at least 26 soldiers lost their lives in the attack and more than 10 others were wounded. The Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility behind the attack and claimed that scores of soldiers were killed or wounded. Lire la suite »

Motive in Swiss chainsaw attack remains unclear


Swiss police say a man who injured five people with a chainsaw is still on the loose and a massive manhunt is underway on the Swiss-German border. Monday's attack unfolded shortly after 10:30 (08:30 GMT), when two workers were attacked and wounded by a chainsaw at the CSS insurance office. Lire la suite »

Le 2 août, nous aurons consommé toutes les ressources de la planète


Grâce aux dernières données scientifiques, Global Footprint recalcule chaque année la date du " jour du dépassement " pour les années passées depuis que ce "déficit écologique" a commencé à se creuser au début des années 1970. " Des signes encourageants " indiquent cependant qu'il est "possible d'inverser la tendance" , tempèrent les ONG. Par ailleurs, la Conférence de Paris sur le climat pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique ... Lire la suite »

Case Against Mark Redwine 'Going To Be Difficult'


Justice is finally being done for 13-year-old Dylan Redwine now that his father is going to court in connection with the boy's 2012 murder, Colorado law enforcement officials said Tuesday. According to state statute, Redwine faces 16 to 48 years in prison if convicted of either charge. Smith said TV shows such as "CSI" make investigations appear to progress quickly. Lire la suite »

NSW police shoot man at Sydney's Central Station, witnesses say


He had attempted to rob the florist before the shooting. "I heard a noise - three shots - but I only realised what it was after I heard someone screaming", he said. Ms Aryal said the police seemed "really worried" about the man, who she could not see moving or shouting after he was shot. Police expanded the crime scene to take in more of the concourse just before 9pm and forensic police are examining the scene. Lire la suite »

25000 evacuated after flood fury hits Gujarat, Rajasthan; Army joins rescue efforts


As many as 22,000 people have been evacuated from Banskantha, the worst affected region of the state. In Rajasthan, rescue operations are being carried out in flood-hit Jalore, Sirohi and Pali districts. Over 1,000 people, including 40 stranded on roofs of their houses in Banaskantha , have been evacuated. In recent days, emergency teams have rescued many people but have also found six bodies. Lire la suite »

Wallonie : voici le nouveau gouvernement MR-cdH


Toutes ces compétences seront réunies dans les mains de quatre ministres libéraux . La ministre-présidence de ce gouvernement, dont le casting sera dévoilé ce mercredi, reviendra au Mouvement Réformateur. Ce dernier, qui a crié à "la trahison", a vu depuis le début de l'année plusieurs de ses mandataires mis en cause. Après avoir annoncé un nouvel accord de gouvernement en Wallonie, le cdH et le MR n'ont pas donné plus de pistes quant à une éventuelle solution pour une nouvelle majorité en ... Lire la suite »

UE : Bruxelles prête à lancer la plus lourde procédure de sanction contre la Pologne


La Commission europénne se dit " prête à déclencher immédiatement " la procédure pouvant suspendre ses droits de vote dans l'UE. "Il est temps de rétablir l'indépendance du Tribunal constitutionnel, et soit d'abroger les lois réformant le pouvoir judiciaire, soit de les rendre conformes à la Constitution polonaise et aux normes européennes en matière d'indépendance de la justice", a souligné le vice-président de la Commission, Frans Timmermans . Lire la suite »

President Trump: Transgender individuals not allowed to serve in US Military


Joshua Block, the ACLU's senior staff attorney, quickly followed up with tweets asking transgender service members to contact him. The House voted down that amendment on July 14, with Republicans joining Democrats to tank the proposal. As a candidate, Trump cast himself as a supporter of LGBT rights and indicated he would uphold certain Obama-era policies created to protect transgender people. Lire la suite »

USB 3.2 Promises "Double Speed" With Same Cable


When it arrived, USB Type-C brought goodies for the tech world in the form of a reversible connector that allows people to connect peripherals to their machines without looking at the port. In any case, USB 3 .2 offers really good data transfer speeds at 20Gbps, which is twice what USB 3 .1 Gen 2 offers at 10Gbps. If your USB-C cables can do 10Gbps (thats USB 3 .1 Gen 2), then those cables will be compatible with USB 3 .2. Lire la suite »

Duminy's career in doldrums after being dropped from squad


Stokes is already on the International Cricket Council's demerit register, the same totting-up procedure which resulted in Rabada's one-match suspension. "You have to learn lessons". "This is an opportunity for us to do so". "It wasn't an ideal performance from us as a team and we know that". Farbrace agreed: "There is a fine line between being positive and being reckless". Lire la suite »

Belgique : un nouveau ministre-président pour la Wallonie, Willy Borsus


Le président du cdH, Benoît Lutgen, l'a confirmé sur La Prem1ère : le gouvernement comptera moins de ministres, de huit on passerait à sept ministres, quatre pour le MR et trois pour le cdH. L'actuelle ministre de la Culture en FWB, Alda Greoli sera Vice-Présidente du gouvernement - une première pour une femme - et ministre de l'Action sociale, de la Santé, de l'Egalité des Chances, de la Fonction publique. Lire la suite »

La vidéo d'un cheval traîné par un van alerte la police — Calvados


L'animal était tiré par le véhicule qui roulait à 25 km/h, sans que le conducteur se soucie des ruades et des hennissements protestateurs de l'équidé. "Il a dit que le cheval allait s'habituer ". L'éducatrice canine, qui n'a retenu ni le nom de l'écurie ni la plaque d'immatriculation du véhicule, sera entendue mercredi 26 juillet pour authentifier la vidéo et identifier le conducteur. Lire la suite »

Hurricane Hilary locked in 'dance of death' with Irwin


Ever since, it has steadily intensified. Storm Irwin and Hurricane Hilary. In most seasons, eastern Pacific storms form off the west coast of Mexico and travel west, affecting only the shipping lanes. Moving west-northwest at 12 mph, Hilary is 515 miles south of the southern tip of Baja California. Instead, the storm is moving west away from the North American coastline. Lire la suite »

Chinese, Russian warships conduct exercises in the Baltic Sea


China , whose leader, Xi Jinping, has established close ties with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russian Federation, has not endorsed Russia's annexation of Crimea. Last year, the two countries held a joint naval exercise in the South China Sea, which China claims in its entirety, including all the islands, islets and reefs in it, in defiance of rival claims by other countries in the region and opposition from the United States. Lire la suite »

Une voiture s'encastre dans un Burger King et cause un incendie majeur


Le périmètre s'étend du Walmart jusqu'à la 1re Avenue sur la 107e Rue et de la station-service Canadian Tire jusqu'au dépanneur Couche-Tard sur le boulevard Lacroix. Le Burger King avait fermé ses portes à 22h. Les pompiers ont toutefois procédé à des vérifications à l'intérieur de la voiture ainsi que dans le commerce afin de s'assurer qu'aucune victime ne s'y trouvait. Lire la suite »

Nazri: No tourism tax for Malaysians at all hotels


He was responding to a question from Anthony Loke (DAP ― Seremban) on plans to standardise the tourism tax rate and whether locals would be exempted from paying it. In comparison, Malaysia's hotel room rates are considered reasonable among those in Singapore and Indonesia, Nazri said. It was then moved to Aug 1, and later postponed indefinitely, as the ministry wanted to give hotels a chance to develop the mechanism for the collection in conjunction with the customs department. Lire la suite »

What's Behind Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value Index Fund (IVOV)'s Movement

Then the "price" is smoothed using a mofidied Wilders' smoothing algorithm. On the flip side, a reading below -100 may signal a downtrend reflecting weak price action. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is an often employed momentum oscillator that is used to measure the speed and change of stock price movements. The RSI operates in a range-bound area with values between 0 and 100. Lire la suite »

Israeli deaths part of Palestinian status quo | Letters

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered that every visitor to Temple Mount be checked individually using a hand-held metal detector. It followed a phone conversation between Netanyahu and King Abdullah, who reiterated Jordan's demand that Israel remove all the recent security measures at the Al-Aqsa compound, an official Jordanian statement said. Lire la suite »

Rescued Alive As Many Trapped in Lagos Building Collapse


According to him, another 11-year-old boy was pulled out of the debris alive at about 4.00 a.m on Wednesday. The increase in death toll was confirmed by the spokesman of the National Emergency Management Agency, Ibrahim Farinloye. "Others includes Civil Defence, Red Cross Police", he said. Just last Saturday, a woman and her daughter died when a building collapsed in a Lagos suburb. Lire la suite »

European Commission keeping door open to sanctions on Poland


President Duda will veto a bill redefining procedures and nominations to the National Judicial Council (KRS) as well as a bill similarly managing the Supreme Court. Under these procedures to be debated on Wednesday, EU states can be hauled before the bloc's highest court and eventually given stiff fines for the breaches. Lire la suite »