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Suspensions de séances, insultes, "exfiltration"... Que s'est-il passé à l'Assemblée nationale?


Dès l'ouverture de la séance, le ton a été donné: la socialiste Cécile Untermaier a déploré des débats lundi soir "pas de la nature et de la qualité que nous attendions, s'agissant d'un droit d'expression de l'opposition". Dans un brouhaha généralisé, une suspension de séance a dû être décidée. Après la reprise des débats, d'autres députés ont fait part de leur mécontentement, le tout dans une grande confusion . Lire la suite »

Mother of Halamish terrorist arrested for 'incitement'


His father said he believes his son was motivated by a desire to protect the "honor" of the Jerusalem holy site. More ministers supported Naftali's call like Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Intelligence Minister Israeli Katz. Three Palestinians were killed and several dozen wounded in some of the worst street clashes in two years. Following the attack, al-Abed's mother Ibtisam al-Abed appeared in a video that was widely shared on social media, in which she praised her son for ... Lire la suite »

Two men taken to hospital after suspected noxious substance attack


BBC journalist Neil Brennan, who lives in the area, said the attack happened outside a corner shop, about two minutes from the Tube station and near police and fire stations. Police have said that no arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing. London Ambulance Service attended the scene, where paramedics were filmed dousing one man with liquid. Lire la suite »

UN Security Council to Meet Over Jerusalem Violence


The move led to widespread anger among Muslims, who boycotted praying at the site in protest of the metal detectors, and sparked a series of violent clashes with Israeli security forces, during which five Palestinians were killed, including one who died when his Molotov cocktail exploded prematurely. Lire la suite »

Israel to remove metal detectors outside Al Aqsa mosque

Israel began Tuesday to dismantle metal detectors it installed a week earlier at a contested Jerusalem shrine, hoping to defuse a crisis with the Muslim world, including security ally Jordan, the Muslim custodian of the holy site. US envoy Jason Greenblatt, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman will be assisting Kushner in these efforts and they have been actively speaking to all parties involved to calm the crisis. Lire la suite »

Israel To Replace Temple Mount Metal Detectors With Less Obtrusive Surveillance

Here are some answers to questions on the issue. The metal detectors have become a symbol of the broader struggle over ownership and control of the contested compound. Israel frequently razes or seals attackers' homes as a deterrent, although rights groups say this amounts to collective punishment. A similar wave of violence broke out in September 2015 over Palestinian claims of Israeli encroachment on the holy site. Lire la suite »

Israel Dismantles Controversial Metal Detectors At Jerusalem Holy Site

Palestinians allege they are an Israeli attempt to control the site and have launched mass protests. On Monday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan's King Abdullah II spoke by phone. The government says they will be implemented in less than six months, and plans to beef up police presence at the site in the meantime. Linvi told Israel's Army Radio on Monday that "we are a step away from turning our conflict with the Palestinians, and cooperation with Jordan and ... Lire la suite »

Millennium tortoise returned after being traded in CT


According to police, Millennium was found in CT, after the person who stole him traded tortoises. The new owner then notified police. Police announced the cold-blooded beast's return Tuesday on Twitter, proclaiming "great police work done by 111 precinct detective squad". Lire la suite »

Trudeau: NAFTA dispute resolution system is essential


President Trump has threatened to withdraw from the free trade agreement if a better deal for the United States can not be achieved. He also said Mexico would be willing to review rules of origin determining how much content has to come from within North America for the product to still be eligible for duty-free benefits. Lire la suite »

Jerusalem holy site crisis must be resolved by Friday:UN envoy

The metal detectors angered Palestinians, who said the devices were installed not for their safety but to increase Israel's control over access to the mosque. "But worshippers are still praying outside the holy site and refusing to enter". The Palestinians say that their fury - manifested in mass protests and the killing of three Israelis at a Jewish settlement on Friday - is driven by fear that their sacred mosque is under threat. Lire la suite »

Jordan shooting : Two killed, one wounded at Israeli embassy


The Jordan-based Islamic Waqf is the administrator of the Temple Mount. Israel thanked Jordan for its "close cooperation" over the last 24 hours. Here's a look at the Israeli-Jordanian relationship. The detectors also triggered protests and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, which claimed the lives of at least four Palestinians. Lire la suite »

Seth Meyers Takes "A Closer Look" at "Experienced Schmoozer" Anthony Scaramucci


From Emmy-winning executive producer Lorne Michaels (" Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", "Saturday Night Live") comes the next generation of Late Night jabs, laughs and unforgettable moments on " Late Night with Seth Meyers ". "He is the human embodiment of a double-parked BMW". Colbert responded to his comments on a woman's looks: "Oh, he's going to fit in with the Trump administration just fine". Lire la suite »

Ukraine Government 'Didn't Help Any Candidate' in 2016 US Election - Embassy


Tweeting on Tuesday morning, Trump attempted to flip the tide of allegations that his campaign had improper contact with Russian Federation, questioning his rival Hillary Clinton's campaign and Ukraine. Ukraine's government Twitter account shared the statement promptly and in response to Newsweek's further questions, referred to a letter by the ambassador from January, addressing past reports of a Ukrainian-American Trump opponent seeking the embassy's help. Lire la suite »

Loon's new soccer stadium will be Allianz Field


It is now being built in St. Paul's Midway neighborhood. Allianz Field will have 19,400 seats when it opens, with the ability to expand to a capacity approaching 25,000 in the future. The earlier estimate of the new stadium was reported as $150 million, but a Minnesota United spokesman says "costs went up as we continued to develop the project, interior amenities, development of the exterior grounds". Lire la suite »

Russia Could Be Arming Taliban In Afghanistan


Taliban militants appear to be sporting newly obtained weapons they say are supplied by the Russian government in a videos released by CNN . The videos obtained by CNN show sniper rifles, Kalashnikov variants and other weapons which experts say have been stripped of any means of identifying their origin. Lire la suite »

Modi displeased over BJP members' absence from houses


The Prime Minister also asked party MPs during the parliamentary party meeting, to be present in full attendance for the vice- presidential election on August 5. Claiming "unprecedented" support from people for measures like demonetisation and the GST, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said soft economic policy decisions aimed at winning elections would not do the country good. Lire la suite »

Authorities hold 2 judges appointed by Venezuelan opposition


But security forces blocked them with armored cars and riot shields. Defying pressure from overseas and at home, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday that a controversial election would go ahead next weekend for a new congress his foes fear will institutionalize dictatorship. Lire la suite »

Israel removes metal detectors from holy site entrance

Authorities said they were needed because the attackers smuggled the weapons, BBC reports. "In light of the report, a decision will be taken regarding entering Al Aqsa mosque and dismantling the sit-in strike that began ten days ago". Why, Where and When Were the Metal Detectors Installed? In line with inflamed public opinion, Mr Abbas has ordered a freeze in "all contacts" with Israel, including co-ordination on security matters with the Israeli army. Lire la suite »

Trump, Lebanese leader pledge solidarity against terrorism


President Donald Trump and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri will hold a joint news conference at 3 p.m. ET at the White House . Trump praised Hariri for his nation's effort in hosting Syrian refugees. The U.S. has provided billions of dollars in humanitarian assistance to help supply displaced and other Syrians with clean water, food, shelter and health care since the civil war broke out in early 2011. Lire la suite »

Person injured in shooting overnight in Lexington


Derrick Nashion Reid, 22, of Lexington has been charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, Lexington police said. An officer near the scene heard the gunshots and was able to chase the suspect down. The victim was in the passenger seat of a auto parked near a liquor store at East Third Street and Eastern Avenue when two men pulled up and began yelling at them for blocking traffic, according to WKYT, the Herald-Leader's news partner. Lire la suite »

An interesting comparison on health care


McCain's office announced his decision to return late Monday, improving McConnell's odds. President Trump leaned hard earlier Monday into senators not willing to vote to begin voting on an ObamaCare replacement, saying that "any senator who votes against starting debate is telling America that you are fine with the ObamaCare nightmare". Lire la suite »

Hunter Found Dead After Threats From Animal Activists


A BIG game hunter reportedly took her own life after being targeted by "animal terrorists". But some of her tone-deaf missives angered animal rights activists with many leaving angry messages, the Daily Mail reports . Following Capitan's death, many readers felt as though she got what she deserved for being cruel to animals. Her death has sparked further calls for the law to be changed to include online bullying as a "hate crime", reported . Lire la suite »

Cabinet votes to remove metal detectors from holy site in Jerusalem

Israel is in fact in efforts to establish a de facto occupation in the al-Aqsa mosque by restricting Muslims to use the holy site, Erdoğan said , describing the Israeli government's move as "the final straw". "If Israel will not help the [Jordanian] king, I have been told, Jordan will collapse, and into that vacuum will enter Islamist factions who will sit on our eastern border". Lire la suite »