Jeudi, 21 Octobre 2021
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Asian shares gain, shrug off cyberattack, North Korea missile launch

The U.S. Pacific Command said that "the flight is not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile", a technology the North is believed to have tested clandestinely by launching rockets to put satellites in orbit. On Monday, North Korean state media showed photos of Kim Jong Un laughing and hugging his rocket scientists after the launch, which he personally oversaw, the report said. Lire la suite »

Microsoft says cyberattack should be wake up call for governments

The hackers exploited software code from the National Security Agency that leaked online. "This is one reason we called in February for a new " Digital Geneva Convention " to govern these issues, including a new requirement for governments to report vulnerabilities to vendors, rather than stockpile, sell, or exploit them". Lire la suite »

Melissa McCarthy motors through NY dressed as Sean Spicer

Kadonaga says she figured a few people might get a laugh out of it and was "shocked" to soon find her Spicer in the bush cutout trending on sites such as Twitter as well as appearing in mainstream media across North America and beyond. "It this like 'The Godfather , ' where you kiss me and no one ever sees me again?" "I'm going to New York", Spicer declared before jetting off on his motorized podium. Lire la suite »

Merkel's party wins vote in rivals' German heartland

Yesterday's vote saw Merkel's party seize the state from the Social Democrat (SPD) opposition and delivered her fresh momentum as she gears up to make her bid for a fourth term as leader of Europe " s biggest economy in September " s national election. Lire la suite »

La "grande muette" n'est plus muette — Côte d'Ivoire


Joint par la BBC un habitant corrobore les agitations de ce matin mais affirme que "le calme est revenu" dans la ville. Selon notre correspondant, les mutins "sont en discussion" avec le gouvernement. Un mutin exhibe fièrement un lance-roquette, un autre porte une mitrailleuse avec une impressionnante ceinture de balles sur l'épaule, rappelant le célèbre film "Rambo". Lire la suite »

Putin says ready to help resolve N. Korea nuclear issue

Some analysts believe North Korea refrained from major provocations recently so as to not hurt Moon's chances in Tuesday's South Korean election. But ties have plummeted. In short, Moon talks the talk, and today he'll become the leader of South Korea. Instead, he only told Abe that there are "cautious opinions" circulating in public about the accord, which was signed to put the issue of comfort women to rest "finally and irreversibly", the official said. Lire la suite »

Freed Chibok School Girls To Unite With Parents Friday


Tsambido said the decision was taken after the Federal Government gave some representatives of the Chibok community photographs of the girls for identification last week. I have received word from parents in Chibok that the government asked them to come on Friday. In an interview with Punch, Tsambido said, "Many of the parents have identified their children through the photos and I was told that they are coming on Friday". Lire la suite »

China's President Pledged $124 Billion For A New Silk Road

China plans to import US$2 trillion of products from countries participating in its Belt and Road initiative over the next five years, said Commerce Minister Zhong Shan. North Korea, which considers China its sole major diplomatic ally and economic benefactor, raised eyebrows when it chose to send a delegation to the summit. Lire la suite »

Video Proves 8-Year-Old Was Bullied Before Killing Himself

Gabe hanged himself with a necktie in the bedroom of his Cincinnati home two days later. A USA school surveillance video shows other students nudging or poking Gabriel with their feet as the 8-year-old lay motionless. Gabriel didn't show signs of medical or mental health issues, and was an "adorable" and "happy-go-lucky" child, Branch said. "It is my obligation to make sure that this will never happen again", she said. Lire la suite »

Trump's lawyer defends posting photo of daughter in lingerie


Cohen responded by calling the Twitter user a "hater", adding, "Beauty and brains you a-hole!" Sedgwick, the fashion icon and party girl from California, died in 1971. "It's a modeling shot remake from an old Edie Sedgwick photo". Cohen is a former Trump Organization executive who served as a cable television surrogate for the Republican during the presidential campaign. Lire la suite »

Projections: Merkel's party wins vote in German state


The result brings to an end the Social Democrat-led government of state Premier Hannelore Kraft with the vote for the centre-left SPD dropping from 39.1 percent in the last election in 2012 to just 30.5 percent on Sunday, according to the ZDF projections. Lire la suite »

Conservative drops out of Iran election to back hard-liner


Rouhani won just over 50 percent, averting a second round. Karoubi asked all Iranians to participate in the election and to protect the democratic process by choosing their preferred candidate, but said: "I will vote for Rouhani", Saham News, the official website of his political party reported on Monday. Lire la suite »

Poutine nie la responsabilité de la Russie — Cyberattaque mondiale

La Russie et la Chine sont "préoccupées par l'escalade des tensions" dans la péninsule coréenne après le tir d'un missile par la Corée du Nord en violation des résolutions de l'ONU, a indiqué dimanche le Kremlin. Libre à elle d'étendre son influence, mais encore faut-il qu'elle laisse les entreprises étrangères accéder pleinement à ses marchés. Au passage, la Chine tente de cimenter sa stature au sommet de la géopolitique mondiale, face aux velléités isolationnistes d'un Donald Trump. Lire la suite »

Don't politicise CPEC, Sharif says

The summit was attended by leaders of 29 countries and delegation of over 100 countries. India skipped the meeting due to its sovereignty concerns over the Dollars 50 billion CPEC, which passes through PoK. India claims Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and says allowing a road to be laid through the region will compromise its sovereignty. Most of Kashmir has been divvied up between the two South Asian nations, but the Himalayan region still remains a hotly contested issue between New Delhi and ... Lire la suite »

La Toile a été intraitable avec Marine Le Pen — Présidentielle


Concernant les relations qu'entretiendrait la France avec le reste du monde, les deux candidats semblaient relativement d'accord dans les termes pour prôner une France indépendante. Emmanuel Macron et Marine Le Pen se sont affrontés pendant un peu plus de deux heures. Quand j'ai passé quatre ans dans la sphère privée, étant un esprit prévoyant, je me suis gardé d'avoir quelques conflits d'intérêt que ce soit, et d'avoir quelques pratiques de ce type que ce soit . Lire la suite »

Former WH official: Obama did not record private meetings


Flynn's conduct that we knew to be untrue", said Yates during her hearing on Monday. Krishnamoorthi said the White House tapes could accelerate current investigations as previous tapes have aided past inquiries. "The President has nothing further to add on that", Spicer said. "That's what I promised you I would do, and that's what I did". ".So this hearing indicated that the Trump White House protected a national security adviser who lied and who could be compromised by Moscow, that ... Lire la suite »