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Policeman, attacker killed in Champs-lyses terror attack


Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen led the presidential campaign but it has tightened in recent weeks and polls indicate that any two of the four frontrunners, including hard-left contender Jean-Luc Melenchon, could reach the second round on May 7. "We don't understand why Islamic State has identified the wrong person", said a police source . "To express our sadness and anger facing this new attack in which one of our own has died for France, serving the French population". Read More »

Texas House OKs 'sanctuary city' ban with tough jail penalty


Senate Bill 4 will require all law enforcement honor ICE detainers which are voluntary requests to hold someone while their immigration status is investigated. "This is what everybody's afraid of", said Rep. Cesar Blanco, a Democrat from the border city of El Paso. The bill has been softened slightly in the Texas House, but Neave doesn't sound optimistic about preventing it's passing, telling the Morning News , "At this point, we're hoping for a miracle". Read More »

North Korea carries out live-fire drills as USA warships gather


The U.S. Navy says aircraft from a carrier strike group headed for the Korean Peninsula are conducting a joint exercise with Japan's Air Self Defense Forces in waters south of Japan. The work to set up the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, within this year has angered North Korea, China and Russian Federation, which see the system's powerful radars as a security threat. Read More »

Plan to limit North Korean fishing rights


Harris said the Thaad system "will be operational in the coming days, and able to better defend South Korea against the growing North Korean threat". South Korea's defense ministry announced Thursday that an advanced American missile defense system here will soon be put into "actual operation", enabling the allies to reinforce their capability to thwart North Korea's ballistic missile attacks. Read More »

Marine Le Pen: Ban halal and all ritual slaughter


Le Pen brought the anti-establishment FN party into the country's political mainstream in Sunday's first round to elect a new President for the next five years. "The people will reserve a major surprise for the oligarchy", she said. Since securing her berth in the run-off, Le Pen has turbo-charged her campaign with a string of appearances and statements , leaving her opponent on the back foot. Read More »

China floats first aircraft carrier

Self-ruled Taiwan, claimed by Beijing as its own, has said China is actually building two new aircraft carriers , but China has not officially confirmed the existence of another carrier. India's sole operational carrier, the Vikramaditya, is a refitted Russian carrier of 1980s vintage, formerly known as the Admiral Gorshkov. With a 1,033-foot gray hull, the ship is based on the earlier Liaoning carrier. Read More »

Arabie Saoudite : Mbayang Diop condamnée à mort


Mbayang Diop a été arrêtée quelques semaines après son arrivée en Arabie Saoudite, après une dispute l'ayant opposée à la femme de son employeur. Car la sentence ne sera pas automatiquement exécutée; ses enfants étant encore mineurs. Read More »

Ossoff into runoff with Handel


Cedrick Gulley, a 25-year-old Georgia State University student from Sandy Springs, compared Ossoff to President Barack Obama and U.S. Sen. I would be fundraising like insane, and I'd be building up my network to make sure that when the time comes, my people are going to be mobilized to go out and vote. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron repart en campagne sur le terrain — France


Mais en revanche, ses électeurs savent plus ou moins pour lequel des deux candidats ils voteront lors du second tour de la présidentielle. M. Macron, qui a aussi assuré n'avoir "aucun regret" d'avoir célébré son résultat dimanche à la brasserie parisienne La Rotonde, a essuyé une nouvelle salve de critiques mercredi pour son début de campagne d'entre-deux-tours. Read More »

U.S. Announces Sanctions On 271 Syrians Over April 4 Chemical Attack


The sanctions will freeze all assets in the United States belonging to the 271 individuals on the blacklist, and block any American person or business from dealing with them. "The UK welcomes U.S. action to sanction individuals connected to the use of chemical weapons in Syria", Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said. Assad's claim to AFP news agency on April 13 that the attack was fabricated, was "not credible" given the mass flows of casualties in a short space of time arriving in Syrian and ... Read More »

Facebook Moves The Camera Front And Center For AR At F8

Zuckerberg calls these applications primitive at the moment, but he's betting they'll take off by inviting developers to create apps for Facebook's in-app camera-rather than headsets or spectacles. Even in the early form demonstrated at F8, it's a powerful tool - and one that Facebook clearly intends to ride head first straight toward the augmented future. Read More »

Trump Influence on US High Court Begins as Gorsuch Hears Arguments


Gorsuch restored the conservative majority on the court. Scalia was widely known for being an originalist - meaning that he believed in interpreting the constitution as the founders originally intended. As the court was called into session this morning, Chief Justice John Roberts welcomed the former 10th Circuit judge, and wished him "a long and happy career in our common call". Read More »

Nebraska Lawmakers show support for new Secretary of Agriculture


On April 24, the U.S. Senate confirmed former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture by a vote of 87 to 11 and on April 25, 2017 he became the 31 United States Secretary of Agriculture . Perdue's biggest task will be his department's input on the five-year farm bill, which expires next year. In a statement before the vote, Tiffany Finck-Haynes of the group Friends of the Earth said Perdue's "long-standing ties to major agribusiness and chemical companies" ... Read More »

Vivo V5s with 20MP front camera launched in India


At this price, the Vivo V5s comes with a more storage i.e. 64GB instead of the 32GB on the Vivo V5. It also has some new modes for the selfie including a group selfie mode. Other features will include a 5-inch HD display , MediaTek MT6750 SoC, 4GB of RAM. Powering the Vivo V5s is an octa-core Mediatek 6750 processor . Of course, there is a memory expansion slot which supports microSD cards of up to 256 GB. Read More »

Netanyahu gives German FM 'ultimatum' over meeting with NGOs


Responding to the ultimatum, Gabriel said it would be "regrettable" if Netanyahu cancels the meeting. In 2016, Israel passed a law requiring non-government organizations that receive more than half their funding from foreign governments or bodies to provide details of their donations. Read More »

BJP sweeps Delhi civic polls


But the fact remains that the AAP on the ground on Sunday was not the same as it was in 2013 or 2015.Booth management is key for winning any election. Parties contest elections all the time, they win and they lose as well, it should not be too worrisome for them. After Congress retained the second position in Rajouri Garden bypoll, the major blow came from former DPCC chief Lovely, who joined BJP. Read More »

European ride service Gett buys U.S. rival Juno for $200 million


As part of the deal, as reported by TechCrunch , Gett will get access to all of Juno's existing business, which includes drivers, employees and the founding team. Lyft experienced the greatest bump, but in New York City, riders had access to Juno and Gett as well. The company has raised over $500 million (£390 million), according to Crunchbase . Read More »

New Orleans Removes First of 4 Confederate Statues

In December 2015 , the City Council voted 6-1 to take the statues down. Supporters say the monuments are part of the city's history. The Monumental Task Committee issued a statement ahead of a press conference called by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu scheduled for 8 a.m. Read More »

Trump calls Nafta the 'single worst trade deal' - but here's the truth


But the latest American action still raises fresh concerns. "If lumber is not resolved (before NAFTA) the atmosphere will be so polluted", he said in an interview. Automobiles are the largest export from Mexico to the USA - so large, in fact, that if trade in this sector were excluded, the United States trade deficit with Mexico would disappear. Read More »

'The Bachelor' Star Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Hit-and-Run Crash in Iowa

Mosher was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Soules abandoned his truck in the ditch and left the scene on foot, the report said. This is about 15 miles south of Soules' farm in Arlington. Court documents revealed that he was allegedly in possession of alcoholic beverages and containers at the time of the accident. Read More »

Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise

Of the 2016 incidents, nearly 30 percent (396) occurred in November and December. The 2017 incidents include 380 for harassment, including the 161 bomb threats, an increase of 127 percent over the first quarter of '16; 155 for vandalism, including three cemetery desecrations, an increase of 36 percent, and six physical assaults, a decrease of 40 percent. Read More »

Macron and Le Pen neck-and-neck ahead of vote


Le Pen has denounced legal proceedings against her as political interference. "I am not from the far left", he told newspaper La Parisien Sunday. At a rival rally held by centrist candidate Manuel Macron, who is projected to emerge as Le Pen's main opponent on Sunday and in the potential runoff on May 7, the sentiment could be described as the entire opposite. Read More »

Google expands self-driving fleet


Waymo announced at the Detroit auto show this year that it would develop its self-driving technology with multiple partners, positioning itself as an automotive supplier. The company will look at how passengers communicate with the autonomous vehicles, and what information and controls they want to see inside. Alphabet's Waymo self-driving vehicle company is looking for people to test their technology. Read More »

New issue in executions: Should the death chamber be silent?


Supreme Court rejected Williams' last appeals, but a federal judge temporarily halted the proceedings due to an emergency filing from Williams' attorneys. Jack Jones received a lethal injection earlier Monday evening that lasted 14 minutes. It is the first double execution for the state since 1999. Jack Jones, left, and Marcel Williams. Read More »